U.S. Christian convert from Islam faces death penalty in Iran

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WASHINGTON — A Tehran court will next week put on trial an Iranian American Christian on charges that could carry the death penalty, his wife said Thursday, in a case that has raised concern among US officials.

Saeed Abedini, a naturalized US citizen who converted to Christianity, was arrested in September on a return visit to Iran and in a recent letter said he suffered beatings in prison, his wife and his US-based lawyer said.

His wife said that the 32-year-old will face charges of harming national security starting Monday at a trial under Abbas Pir-Abassi, a revolutionary court judge who has been criticized overseas for harsh verdicts.

Naghmeh Abedini voiced hope that international pressure would benefit her husband but said it was “highly possible that put under pressure (by Iran’s leadership) they would give a very long sentence and possibly the death penalty.”

State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland recently said the United States had “serious concerns” over the case and urged Iran to grant Abedini access to an attorney. His wife said he has not seen a lawyer since his arrest.

Iran’s constitution following the 1979 Islamic revolution recognizes the rights of several religious minorities including Christians, but the regime has targeted former Muslims for leaving the faith.

Continue reading via AFP: US Christian faces death in Iran trial: family.

15 thoughts on “U.S. Christian convert from Islam faces death penalty in Iran

  1. “the United States had “serious concerns” over the case and urged Iran to grant Abedini access to an attorney”

    What?? The United States “urged” Iran to let Saeed have an attorney? Why are we not DEMANDING his immediate release as a U.S. citizen? Why are there not threats made to Iran should they not release this citizen? I don’t understand why our government is allowing this abuse of one of ours!!

      • Obama couldn’t care less, but if it was a muslim in any non muslim country being imprisoned and tortured he would get in front of the UN and declare ” there is no future for those who slander the prophet of islam. and his rage would be followed by demanding their ” yuman rights” !!

    • Shawn, you are out of line here. Pastor Saeed was from Iran and went back there to visit family. There was no spying going on and in fact he is not accused of spying. He is accused of leading Muslims to Christianity. I don’t know who you are, Shawn, but you should be ashamed for saying what you did.

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  3. To ‘Marianne Lordl’ – Let me tell you who ‘Shawn’ is…. He’s a wannabe “moderate” muslim who thinks he should rule the universe with his brand of brain washed, self-righteous islamist rubbish!!!!! I have personally tried to reach him with the TRUTH OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST and he twisted everything I had to say to him!!!!! He lives to see folks like you and I pay the ultimate price b/c, of course, they KNOW IT ALL!!! We, after all, are mere dhimmis and infidels–akin to pigs and apes!!!!! SOME FOLKS’ MINDS ARE JUST LIKE CEMENT–ALL MIXED UP AND SET IN STONE!!!!!

    HEY ‘Shawn’, just for nothin’, have you tried praying to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, like I suggested to you, to find out what his real NAME is????? I PROMISE YOU HE WILL NOT ANSWER YOU BACK THAT HE IS allah!!!!! JESUS CHRIST IS LORD OF ALL–NOT BECAUSE I SAY SO, BUT BECAUSE GOD’S WORD SAYS SO!!!!! YOUR OWN koran EVEN TELLS YOU THAT HE WAS BORN OF A VIRGIN. Hmmmm….. LET’S SEE OLD mo COMPETE WITH THAT ONE!!!!!

    By the way, Brother Saeed is the epitome of a former muslim who has been set free from the CHAINS of allah and mohammed by the GRACE AND MERCY OF JESUS CHRIST–AND YOU WANT TO KILL HIM!!!!! Well, if that’s righteousness in God’s sight then who needs any further proof of a devil?????

    • @dapreach1, Shawn typifies the lost of this world. He is a pawn for satan and he doesn’t even know it or doesn’t care. The bible says that the truth of Jesus Christ is foolishness to those who are perishing. Shawn is perishing and headed for destruction. He can say and think what he wants, one day his knew SHALL bow to Christ but by then, it will be too late.

      • To ‘Marianne Lordi’ – I actually gave Shawn my personal email address so that we could debate the claims of God’s Word. I’m still praying for him. Of course we are all so well aware that whenever a muslim converts to the salvation of the Gospel of Christ, he is jeoparizing his very life.

        SHAWN, I KNOW YOU’RE HEART IS HUNGRY FOR THE TRUTH–STOP PUSHING GOD AWAY!!!!! The difference btw Christ and mohammed is that the One tells us to “LAY OUR LIVES DOWN (TO DIE) FOR THE BRETHREN”. The other says that you shall “KILL THE INFIDEL WHEREVER YOU FIND HIM”! Christ demonstrated his love in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for the ungodly! WHO WOULD YOU RATHER SERVE–SOMEONE WHO LOVES YOU SO MUCH THAT HE IS WILLING TO GIVE UP HIS VERY LIFE FOR YOU, OR A VICIOUS PSYCHOPATHIC MURDERER????

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