New ‘Muslim Patrol’ Video – Targeting Homosexuals In London

A second sharia patrol video out of Londonistan, the first here. h/t kafircrusaders

Muslims in the U.S. target those they think are gay too:

Video: Muslim leaders agree, death penalty for gays
NYC: Muslim cabbie kicks gay couple to the curb
Video: ‘Islam on Capitol Hill’: “Homosexuals Must Be Killed”
Video: Somali Muslim kids in Minnesota assault gay guy
Video: Gay man injured in new D.C. bias attack by Muslims
Cali: Muslims who shot gay w/ BB gun re-arrested, 11 more attacks videotaped
Muslims videotaped themselves shooting at San Fran gays get just 6 months jail

9 thoughts on “New ‘Muslim Patrol’ Video – Targeting Homosexuals In London

  1. Wait for it to begin in the US. Obama wants to have all our guns first,
    Funny, he is arming muslims all over the world, and disarming Americans here. Anyone see the jesse ventura gun video?
    THe second amendment is there to protect us from our government.

  2. When they get close to finished ,SEND them to us We have a HOMOSEXUAL MUSLIM setting in the Oval Office we need to get rid of.
    And a lot of his Staff, you will have a field day and it would be a job you can be PROUD OF.
    We have a lot of them in our GOVENMENT and we will join forces if you can accomplish this.
    We have a Man in our Senate that is a known Pedophile his name is HARRY REID,
    In fact you can pretty much do a clean sweep in the White House to get all the TRASH out.Including Michelle she is trashy as they come in expensive cloths that was bought with tax payers money.

  3. “And see how I am not scared at all?” Really? Two police walked right by you, and followers of Islam hang gays.

    Gays have been quiet on this. Certain death from Sharia people if they remain quiet. Why don’t you stand up for your Iranian brothers hanged on a crane?

  4. Wow, and all Obama does is talk about how we have to do more and more for the Muslims. Do Democrats realize that this is characteristic, video #1, in the Muslim diaspora? Obama just gave a billion go Egypt yet they persecute Christians, and this is the new fascism you see in the streets, the new brownshirts harassing gay people. Open your eyes to the hate, Democrats.

  5. The Democrats are making an unholy alliance for money with the Muslim Brotherhood elements in the US, and we are just not supposed to say anything, since it would not be polite.

    We all saw how the anti-Israel the Democratic Convention was. A plank of support for Israel was almost removed, and likely will be removed in the next Democratic Convention. Next it will be the Muslim faction removing support for gay rights at the Convention.

  6. I’ll go over there and pee on the wall of their mosque. They talk crap about an accident, they have no idea if alcohol was involved or not. They talk about homosexuality but a Saudi Air Force military man training in the U.S. was just charged with raping a boy in Las Vegas. It would be fist fight time if I were approached like that. I would carry a billy club and bust some heads. It is all a matter of how much crap we are all willing to take from these scumbags before we have had enough and start putting some of them in the hospital. Religion of Peace? Not today and tomorrow isn’t looking too good either.

  7. Extremism and Facism comes from the Left just as it comes from the Right…Stalin was a lef-wing Facist Hilter on the other Hand was a Right-Wing Facist…Stalin Killed more Gays and Jews than Hilter Did…..The Gay Movement did it to itself……

    • Sorry you are confused about left/right (and you are not alone)- NATIONAL Democratic SOCIALIST PARTY- Hitler was a socialist- LEFTIST as was Mussolini – to the right of Stalin who called them right- but to anyone else a leftist- anti capitalist- you are correct about them being murdering swine- both totalitarian and both socialists:
      “We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions.” –Adolf Hitler (Speech of May 1, 1927. Quoted by Toland, “Adolf Hitler: Vol. 1,” p. 306. 1976)

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