Video: Are Americans fighting alongside jihadists in Syria? And Algeria?

We know Muslims in America have been given the green light by Obama to fund the Syrian jihad and we know Muslims from the U.S. are in Syria aiding the “rebels”. This video appears to show clips of an English-speaking man with jihadists and another clip you hear the voice commenting on an attack.

via Youtube h/t BNI

American or Canadian?

Update: In Algeria too?

Canada is investigating an allegation by the Algerian Prime Minister that one of its citizens co-ordinated the terror raid at the Saharan gas plant in which dozens of hostages were killed.

Westerners, including a man with blond hair and blue eyes, are believed to have been among the Islamist militants who launched last week’s attack on the Tigantourine complex near Algeria’s border with Libya.

A French jihadist, previously unknown to authorities, and two Canadians are suspected to have been involved in the hostage-taking, and reports also claim that a man with a Western accent was among the extremists who lured terrified gas workers from their rooms during the hostage crisis.

The Algerian authorities have declined to confirm whether the alleged Canadian co-ordinator was among the 29 militants who died.

One of the hostage takers was a North American who took part in the killing of numerous Japanese workers, the AFP agency reported. An Algerian employee of a Japanese engineering firm working at the site, identified as Riad said the Islamist attackers shot three Japanese who were in a bus, then went straight to the rooms occupied by the Japanese.

“One terrorist shouted ‘Open the door’ with a North American accent, then fired,” he told AFP. “Two other Japanese died and we found four other Japanese bodies inside the base.”

One of the kidnappers was tall, blond with blue or green eyes and spoke English, an Algerian military source told the Norwegian daily Aftenposten. Norway’s Statoil energy company was one of the two foreign firms operating at the gas complex.

But no pictures? No videos? No audio?

3 Responses

  1. That ain’t no Syrian accent!

  2. […] Looks like the same guy from this post, Video: Are Americans fighting alongside jihadists in Syria? And Algeria? […]

  3. […] If Fox News can find him, a drone could too. Will imam Obama and his top cleric John al-Brennan classify “The American” an imminent threat and exercise some of those extrajudicial executive powers? Not likely, he’s Muslim and fighting on their side – possibly funded, armed and trained with U.S. taxpayer dollars. We told you about Harroun here and here. […]

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