Arctic Circle Islamic Community Visited By Controversial Imam

Yes, it’s creeping in the Arctic t00. via Arctic Circle Islamic Community Visited By Controversial Imam; Has Described Jews As “Filthy”.

In the northern most sighting of the Global Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic website is reporting that the Muslim community in Iqaluit, close to the Arctic Circle, were visited by  Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick. According to the report:

Seeking to fulfil their religious duties in the Northern Hemisphere, Muslims in the far-flung Canadian city of Iqaluit, close to the Arctic Circle, are looking to build their first mosque. ‘We are a small community of about 80 to 100 Muslims,’ Syed Asif Ali, President of the Islamic Society of Nunavut, told ‘Iqaluit is the territorial capital of Nunavut and has a population of about 8,000 people.’ Nunavut is a vast territory in northern Canada that stretches across most of the Canadian Arctic and has a population of 33,000. Eighty-five percent of the inhabitants of Nunavut are Inuit, an indigenous people of Canada. According to census information, Inuktitut is the dominant language in Nunavut with 60 percent speaking it at home compared with 35 percent speaking English. ‘Most Muslims came here from the South for jobs,’ says Ali. ‘Many came in as taxi drivers hired by a company owned by a Muslim but most of them are educated so they eventually found a job with the government or with a private company.’ Canada is the world’s second largest country by area and is made up of ten provinces and three territories. Nunavut, which makes up about 20 percent of Canada’s land mass, is one of the three territories, all of which are primarily north of 60 degree latitude. There are no roads into Nunavut. Iqaluit is only accessible by aircraft and, subject to ice conditions, by boat. The average winter temperature is around -30 Celsius and the only months with average temperatures above zero are June to September. Iqaluit experiences 24 hours of daylight per day in June and early July, and six hours per day in December. ‘We started off praying in one of the houses but over the last few years the number of Muslims increased,’ says Ali. ‘We decided after one Friday prayers in 2009 to establish the Islamic Society of Nunavut and we registered the organization with the government in October 2009.

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The report goes on to identify Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick as a visitor to the Muslim community in Iqaluit.

In March 2010 a post reported that Dr. Quick, who had described Jews as “filthy” and advocates the execution of homosexuals, had been invited to speak before a Swedish Muslim youth organization. According to his bio:

Dr Abdullah Hakim Quick is a historian, social activist and religious leader of African and Native American descent. He has travelled to over 58 countries doing research and delivering lectures to various communities. His qualification in Islamic Studies comes from a BA from the Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia and his history background is shaped by an MA and PhD from the History Department of the University of Toronto, Canada…. For over ten years, Dr Quick was Director of the Islamic Social Services and Resources Association, one of Canada’s first recognized Islamic social service agencies. There he counseled hundreds people from all walks of life and various religions and developed one of Canada’s first Muslim food banks. He has often spoken out against “gay bashing” and vigilantism. He has participated in interviews as an expert on African History and Islamic issues with major Canadian, Caribbean and South African media organizations, such as CBC TV, City TV, CFRB, Channel 47 (Canada) and the SABC, 702 Cape Talk, Voice of the Cape, Radio 786, Channel Islam, Radio Ansar (Durban, South Africa). He has a number of scholarly presentations and publications but his recent focus has been on documentary films such as Timbuktu, the Empire of Knowledge, Untold Ethiopia and Reflections from the Western Sunrise (Quick Answers) that all aired on national television in South Africa. Presently, Dr Abdullah is the Director of the Discover Islam Centre of Cape Town , South Africa and a special advisor to the Ministry of Islamic Affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain.”

Dr. Quick has various ties to the global Muslim Brotherhood including serving as a trustee of IBERR, a little known organization headquartered in South Africa. IBERR was founded by Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) and distributes Islamic educational material around the world. An IBERR website identifies IBERR members including some prominent names from the global Muslim Brotherhood.

Read it all at The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report »

7 thoughts on “Arctic Circle Islamic Community Visited By Controversial Imam

  1. I cannot believe Cat Stevens, even as Yusaf Islam, is involved in any way with the Muslim Brotherhood. I saw a few years ago he did come out in public when he was accused of being agreeable with the Fatwa that was issued against Rushdie, and he denied it emphatically.

    You know, for any ANY other Muslim I’d say he was lying, but this is Cat Stevens of Moonshadow fame, of Tea for the Tillerman, etc. He’s a peaceful soul.

    What does he say when asked publicly about the Muslim Brotherhood connection to his IBERR organization?

    • why can’t you believe it? Islam is enforced social collectivity- a highly conformist society those who dare “break ranks” especially publicly are at great risk (socially isolated or death) Headbanging is REQUIRED – if you don’t show up to mosque everyone knows and rats you out–ditto if you don’t publicly declare allegiance to their imams and fatwas- why do you think we see so much yelling and demonstrating so many mobs

  2. ok, heres the deal: .for some reason muslims believe all oil fields in the world belong to THEM, hence the overdrive in nigeria, chad, sudan, one of the biggest fields in the world is at the north polar cap…only those countries which abutt the polar cap have rights to the oil underneath..since canada has a big play in this muslims are moving in to co-op the inuits or native tribes in that region, marry into them, create ownership of the region, OWN THE OIL…thats the game plan. i believe an earlier article on this site stated as much with muslims attempting to claim indiginous people status here in north america, whatever their convoluted logic tells them, they will go after breeding with natives as well….

    • Muslims believe that they are heirs to the whole world, because Allah created only Muslims, and Allah created the world, therefore it was Allah’s plan that only Muslims live in the world. Obviously, Allah created the world for Muslims.
      If anyone is not a Muslim, then that person is an apostate because he was born a Muslim, and he must revert to Islam or be killed.

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