Chicago Muslim who plotted ‘India’s 9/11’ gets 35 years

via American who plotted ‘India’s 9/11’ gets 35 years in prison – Chicago Sun-Times.

Linda Ragsdale looked straight at David Coleman Headley Thursday and told him of the bloody destruction he helped unleash at a luxury hotel in Mumbai, leaving her with a bullet wound and “unbearable” emotional scars.

The Nashville, Tenn. woman was enjoying a meal with her meditation group when a “boy” no older than her own son sprayed The Oberoi hotel with bullets and grenades, killing a Virginia man, his teenage daughter, and countless others.

Headley on Thursday was sentenced to 35 years in prison for his role in the 2008 Mumbai attacks and a foiled plot targeting a Danish newspaper that published controversial cartoons of the prophet Muhammad.

Although U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber said Headley, 52, deserves life in prison, the judge said he had to take in account his extensive cooperation with U.S. authorities since pleading guilty following his 2009 arrest at O’Hare Airport.

Headley, who wore a gray sweat suit and black New Balance gym shoes, told the judge in a letter that he was “capable of change,” valued “American” ways and re-read the Islamic scriptures he said were taken out of context when he was swayed by Lashkar-e-Taiba — the Pakistan-based militant organization responsible for “India’s 9/11.”

Taken out of context? He is unrepentant.

But Leinenweber said he didn’t have “faith” that the former heroin addict had been transformed and said Headley should be “under lock and key.”

The damage that was done was “unfathomable to the people who survived. Perhaps the lucky ones were the ones who didn’t survive,” the judge said.

Ragsdale was the only victim who testified in court Thursday. She addressed Headley by his given name of Daood Gilani and “not the name he masqueraded” in as he plotted the South Asian attack.

Headley admitted acting as a scout for the Mumbai attack and the thwarted plot in Europe while posing as the emissary of Rana’s Chicago-based travel business. While on the stand, he also told tales of how he charmed the likes of extremists, members of the right wing Hindu group Shiv Sena and the son of a prominent Bollywood director while he did his scheming in India.

Though specifics of Headley’s help to U.S. and Indian investigators were detailed only in a sealed court filing, publicly available court papers state that he gave valuable information on Lakshar’s leadership, its planned future terror targets and top-ranking al-Qaida terrorist Ilyas Kashmiri, before Kashmiri’s 2011 death in a drone strike.

Headley and Rana grew up together in Pakistan and remained close, even after Rana moved to Canada and later Chicago, evidence showed.

Acting U.S. Attorney Gary Shapiro said U.S. and foreign officials hope to continually glean more from Headley so others can be prosecuted in the future. Should he refuse, the plea agreement that keeps Headley from being extradited to India would be voided, Shapiro said.

“The number of cooperators you get in terrorism cases is vanishingly small. The object of this exercise for us here in Chicago was to try to balance between the horrific nature of the crime and the future investigations we’re going to be conducting, . . .” Shapiro said.

“I don’t know whether Headley’s proclamations of remorse are sincere and quite frankly, I don’t care. What I care about is that he’s been telling us the truth, and it’s been really valuable and I hope in future cases, it’s a beacon.”

10 thoughts on “Chicago Muslim who plotted ‘India’s 9/11’ gets 35 years

  1. Well, well, well – ain’t it jus’ sompthin’ special!!!! HE’S REPENTANT AND SOOOO… COOPERATIVE!!!!! So let him start calling himself by his REAL NAME–“Daood Gilani” and let him PUBLICLY RENOUNCE ISLAM! Oh my, now he’s suddenly “capable of change” and now he values “American” ways. TOO LATE!!!!! WHO DOESN’T KNOW THAT THIS SCUM IS LYING THROUGH HIS TEETH JUST TO AVOID THE CONSEQUENCES OF HIS DAMNABLE COWARDLY ACTIONS AGAINST DEFENSELESS PEACE-LOVING MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN????? IT’S TOO LATE, DAOOD!!!!! If you’re so repentant then tell Jesus you’re willing to pay the ultimate price for your actions. He may forgive you, but WE THE PEOPLE demand retribution!!!!! You deserved to get the DEATH PENALTY–not just 35 years of living among your fellow jihadis and mass-murderers!!!!! I SAY EXTRADITE HIM BACK TO THE AUTHORITIES AND HIS VICTIMS IN MUMBAI!!!!!

  2. “Headley, who wore a gray sweat suit and black New Balance gym shoes, told the judge in a letter that he was “capable of change,” valued “American” ways and re-read the Islamic scriptures he said were taken out of context when he was swayed by Lashkar-e-Taiba — the Pakistan-based militant organization responsible for “India’s 9/11.”

    No, Headley was on the phone, cellphones directly with the idiotic young Muslims who were slaughtering everyone. He was directing them, specifically moment to moment. I’ve listened to the tapes.

    Not only that, but what his footsoldiers did especially to the young Rabbi and his 6 months pregnant wife was reprehensible. The Rabbi himself was raped and sodomized in front of his wife who was heard screaming throughout the night by the neighboring houses, sometimes words NO NO NOOO and her husband’s name. The young Rabbi was tortured, his genitals mutilated and cut, all in front of his pregnant wife.

    Then, they raped and sodomized the pregnant Rabbi’s wife, tortured her, ripped her genitals apart and her anus, as she screamed. Before her husband died of his torture, he witnessed what they did to his pregnant wife. He was somehow able to throw a prayer shawl over her dead body just before he himself died.

    All of this went on for hours. And hours. And hours. And hours. It was a horrific way to die. There were other Jews in the house too, males and female travellers who had stopped there. The women were tied together and raped and tortured in the same ways, and the men also were raped and sodomized and tortured.
    For hours and hours.

    There are horrible pictures of what happened inside Nariman House, but most were not released to the public. Some were and are on the internet.

    It was different in the train tunnels and the hotels where these Arabs went to slaughter. That was quick for most of the Indians and non-Jewish population, a shot or two and they were dead, horrific as that is all in itself. But the Jews, they made special work of.

    Just like the Nazis. The only surviving Arab terrorist, a young adult Arab, had a short documentary done on him in the days that followed. He was an ignorant country Muslim caught up in the Lashkar e Taiba group, was promised at a young age that his family would be paid handsomely, was promised of course Allah’s whorehouse in heaven for his deeds, and was taught from an early age that Jews are the descendents of pigs and monkeys and are demons in human skin. Literally. LITERALLY. And they believe it. So they had no problem doing what they did to the Jews at Nariman House. The Indian police said they’d never seen anything like it, the horror of the torture that was done.

    Part of the documentary showed the kid, the surviving Arab terrorist, in the hospital bed. Shocked beyond belief that his fellow dead terrorist Muslims didn’t have shining faces and bodies as he had been taught would happen when they martyred themselves. He cried when he saw their dead bodies in the morgue weren’t anything more than dead rotting bodies. No Allah’s virgins. No nothing.

    In the documentary showing the part when they were in the hotel, I remember seeing them wandering around in awe looking at a television, a computer, all the glass and stainless steel and fancy garments and shops. They were stunned, shocked, and they began to receive directions from this David Headley to keep moving and where more trapped people were.

    This is what’s it seems is now being bred all over the world, including in the USA, I think. Ignorant, brainwashed, poverty stricken, uneducated Muslim kids being trained and brainwashed from a very young age. These young Muslim guys who did Mumbai, they really thought they were doing God’s will and would be rewarded with heaven. They really did think that. Not the ringleaders of course, like the guy in this article, but the stupid young Muslims who actually carried it out.

    Watch your asses people, and if you see them going after the Jews, as they always do first, you may want to think about standing up against them. Or else when the Jews are gone who do you think is next? Convert? or be tortured and killed?or live in Dhimmitude as a sub-human under Islamic rule?

    • good post- of course 0 admin can be lenient here, the raped tortured dead were only Jews- maybe the rest were just “workplace violence” eh?
      notice the pig also took the name DAVID- most of the internet Jihads do the same- pretend they are Jews- so waterboard of terrorists earns one lifelong scorn from media and dhimmicraps while actual torture & murder of many for ALLAH gets 35 years– want to bet early release

      • Nope of course the rest could never be categorized as “workplace violence”. The documentary with the actual voice of David Headley directing and encouraging the terrorists in Arabic translated to English, he told the Arab footsoldiers that special plans and special “merit” was promised to them, the BEST of Allah’s heaven for killing and torturing the Jews that way, above and beyond what they had done at the hotel and in the train stations to the others.

        Horribly enough, it seems to Muslims that there are levels and then there are LEVELS of holiness gained for murdering non-Jews, and Jews.

        The thing is, the Jews are on the frontlines already in the fight, as the Muslims seek to completely destroy Israel through all the means it does.

        Check what they did to the Fogel family, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s on the internet, the surviving family members even posted pictures of their dead, including their baby with the slit throat being held by the father also with the slit throat, in order to try to wake the world – but the world said “Eh, it’s just some Jews in Israel, who cares”.

        And that’s pretty much how it goes until it gets to the doors of everyone else.

        It’s just all got to be stopped.

        • I am well aware of the Fogel family massacre, the very little coverage it received – I am Jewish and I know all the history and current events – it’s hurts me to see my fellow Jews in USA so supremely duped by the 0 . I was being snarcastic :-) about workplace violence. The truth hurts too- I once was like they are- I thought Oh just a religion, oh all Abrahamic- but I did my homework and they haven’t – knowing what I know now shattered me at first, now I fight and speak out- I probably know more about Islam than Judaism, and it’s heart is blacker than the stone they kiss…

      • And yeah, I think they might eventually let him go early instead of the entire 35 years. It doesnt make a bit of difference really because Headley has an entire network at his disposal in jail or out of jail. Jail won’t even slow him down once all his trials in court are over and he becomes “just another prisoner” – with the speed Islam is taking over the jails just think what Headley can accomplish in there, the new footsoldiers he can recruit.

        But then look at Israel letting out thousands of convicted Muslim terrorists from its jails in “peace bids”, over and over again. Including one of the last times, they let out Samir Kuntar !! It makes any sane person think they must be living in a parallel universe or something, it can’t be real. But it is.

  3. To ‘YouKnowIt’sTrue’ – I’ve criticized you in the past b/c I thought you were pro-islam, but this current blog of yours speaks otherwise. These atrocities that you have related here are beyond being unspeakable.

    Can you please give us some info. so we can document your sources and/ or read the original transcripts of these vicious acts of barbarism? This info. needs to get out. I doubt if there are very many who have heard the whole story about this incident, considering the ‘poo poo’ attitude of our current pro-islamic media!!!

    • Dapreach1,,,,,You know its true is pro Muslim ,,and is a left wing red commie scum ,,don’t let him fool you,,,go with your first gut feeling ,,as you were right first time

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