Video: Celebrate Islam Awareness Week!

h/t SDAMatt2a

The MSA is a Muslim Brotherhood organization. Celebrate!

12 thoughts on “Video: Celebrate Islam Awareness Week!

  1. I wonder “IF” soneone wanted to celebrate the true religion of “death and destruction” by displaying the truth, if it would even be allowed? …. Probably not!

  2. i’m going to celebrate with a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs, ham and cheese sandwiches and beer for lunch, and pork barbacue for dinner. with more beer. dinner will be cooked on the outdoor grill so the neighborhood can enjoy the scent of roasting pig.

  3. “We’re a part of the society and this is just the way to say that, hey, we’re here, and we’re here to contribute positively….” RIGHT!!! AND DON’T FORGET ‘THE EMPEROR HAS A NEW SUIT OF CLOTHES’ AND, OH YEAH, DID I MENTION THAT THERE’S A BRIDGE UP IN BROOKLYN THAT’S FOR SALE–REAL CHEAP!!!!!

    To ‘gunner’ – YUMMM!!!! I hope you turn on the outdoor turbines and aim them in the direction of any mo-HAM-muddin creeps that may have infiltrated your neighborhood!!!!!

  4. Oh the perfect time to make sure others become ISLAM aware !! aware of the dawa, the lies, the deceptions, the evil plans for USA, the jewhate. YEAH time for TRUTH about ISLAM

  5. Some of those girls look so sweet and nice- they probably are- they are sincere in their belief in ISLAM as a faith of kindness- most converts are also led to believe this as well- I do not hate them – I feel sorry for them as I would feel for anyone. I think we should not attack them, but make sure they know we wish to SAVE them from the atrocity, the madness that is real ISLAM – to open their eyes to the danger of signing on or being born into this cult. I don;t care to switch them by selling a different religion. But to make sure they really know what they have signed onto- If you have a friend and you see them reach for a crack pipe, or drinking too much wouldn’t you try to tell them “HEY WAIT”? to at least open their eyes to the possible consequences of that (bad) decision?

    You lose many Jewish liberals, you lose credibility, civility, when you talk about smearing pork and using bacon – this did happen to Jews (starting with Greeks and mostly by Christians) through history. And it is just silly

  6. It makes no sense to me when I see American girls wanting to convert into ninth century second class citizens. College students who want to “answer questions” about an ideology that prevents women from getting an education? All this proves is these women need to be educated themselves.

    • Usually the girls are either fat, homely or have terrible self esteem. Then one of the tall dark and handsome Muslim comes and sweet talks them and tells them how wonderful Islam is and that women in Islam are protected and cherished and taken care of. These idiot girls fall for it because they have no idea about the truth and “all the Muslims they know are niiiiiiiiiice” so they convert and then are introduced to the truth about Islam. Imprisoned in their home, covered from head to toe in public and sometimes even beaten. It is very very similar to how an abusive man gets and keeps a woman.

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