Illinois School District adding Muslim holiday, considers dropping Veterans & Presidents Days

via Skokie School District 68 adding Muslim holiday this fall – Skokie Review. h/t halalporkshop

Skokie School District 68’s 2013-14 calendar for the first time calls for a day off on Eid ul Adha, a major Muslim holiday.

Not long ago, adopting a school calendar for the following year was perfunctory for Niles Township school districts, but not anymore. The village’s growing ethnic diversity has inspired more districts to break away from old patterns.

The township used to be heavily Jewish and many of its schools closed down only for high Jewish holidays and a few others like Good Friday.

Neighboring Skokie School District 73.5, though, was one of the first township districts to recognize the area’s demographic change in deciding on its calendar. That district’s school board made the controversial decision — at least at the time — to remain open for all religious holidays, sparking an annual lively debate.

More districts have followed District 73.5’s lead, even if remaining open on all religious holidays results in certain heavy non-attendance days.

District 68, the largest elementary school district in Skokie, has not yet taken that path, but naming Eid ul Adha a day off signals a big change.

“This was the first year I’ve been approached by a parent as to why we take two Jewish days off and no Muslim day off,” District 68 Superintendent Frances McTague said.

A change for one parent?

The latest school report card from the state shows that nearly 73 percent of District 68 students are not white, and more than 32 percent are Asian.

The color of the students skin is irrelevant. And what does being Asian have to do with a religious holiday for Muslims? In the real world – nothing. In the world of forced immigration and diversity division by central planners, they have hijacked “Asian” to mean Muslim. The Skokie paper is quick to add a sidebar describing the Muslim holiday but can’t even tell readers how many Muslim students attend the school or live in the district?

Under the approved district calendar for next school year, classes will begin Aug. 21 and end June 3, 2014 if no mak-up days are needed. In addition to Eid ul Adha on Oct. 15, the district will close for Rosh Hashanah Sept. 5 and Good Friday April 18, 2014.

District 68 for the first time is also considering adopting a 2014-15 calendar soon, thereby beginning a pattern of planning two-year calendars at a time.

“Lots of school districts are adopting two-year calendars now,” McTague said. “This next year though will be a little more challenging.”

That’s because more religious holidays fall on school days and Niles Township High School District 219 is beginning its calendar in 2014-15 earlier than before. The feeder elementary school districts have always taken into account the high school district’s calendar.

The District 68 Board last week discussed waiving three usual days off in the 2014-15 calendar: Veterans Day, Presidents Day and Casimir Pulaski Day. The state allows districts to get waivers to stay open for those holidays although District 68 has never done so before.

The District 68 School Board could vote on a 2014-15 calendar in February.

111 thoughts on “Illinois School District adding Muslim holiday, considers dropping Veterans & Presidents Days

  1. Sickening! Kids off to celebrate the special “Religion of Hate Day”. How wonderful. Will they also get to try on suicide bomber vests too?

      • Muslems are not the most hated.Blacks and Jews are.This is America,why we wouldn’t even be allowed to put Easter or Christmas on a Muslim calendar, so why are we catering to them?

          • I agree! Whites have become the most hated!!! Everything is handed out to every other ethnic group, but not us!! We are blamed for everything!! I am law abiding, and NOT racist (have black friends, Jewish friends, hispanic friends, etc…..dated other races in college), yet am accused of it all the time…..because I am white. Stop it , people!!

    • Just because a small group who happens to be Muslim are terrorist doesn’t mean all of them are. The Taliban tortured the people of their own religion long before 9/11. There are terrorists from every race, that small group does not define every member of the religion.

      • Yes, Danni you are right, but we should not cater to the muslims. Definitely a school should not be considering to take out President’s day as a free day or any other day that relates to American Heritage. Also, I do hope that the Parents of all students were informed and all student were informed that they could take time out to pray in the Library. Things are changing but our schools must not sacrifice our American Heritage regarding any situation….our American Heritage should be treasured and acted upon always.

          • Do you actually know what made this country? The United States is well known and widely accepted as the melting pot of the world. Tons of people from around the globe with different traditions and religions have come to this country, and to this day their traditions are apart of our every day lives. We took a country from a Native American peoples and over the course of time have French, Chinese, Japanese, Irish and Spanish settlers and MANY more shape our country to what it is today. Spew your ugly hatred somewhere else.

    • islam is a religion of peace and love to those who know it well and to mine understanding u are not one of these people “It’s morally wrong and intellectually reprehensible to blame an entire group for the actions of few” like you are a muslim student in high school and i have to face people like you i want u to imagin this being u…not a good felling right? Mine is not even the worst because am from “Nigeria” and i will love to see this happen because this is the issue am writing abouth for the Four-Way Test Speech…we need to learn how to practice how to stand side by side. May God Bless all!!!

  2. Even the voodoo practices of slaughtering animals is prohibited. Why is it that the practice of the moslem’s slaughter of animals on this holiday ok? They do not do it humanely – they do it like they slaughter non-moslems.

    • They do it like that to steel themselves for using the method on apostates to islam, Christians and Jews. And they really appear to enjoy themselves in the practice.

  3. Ship all school administrators and teachers to Saudi Arabia to get Christmas Day added to the madrassa calendars.

  4. When did this happen!? Skokie has a lot of elderly Jewish Holocaust survivors and their families. That’s why the Neo Nazis picked Skokie to hold their parade that became a Supreme Court case back in the 1970s for their First Amendment Speech rights.

    Right in the faces of these people who had been through the Nazi death camps and survived. Disgusting.

    I wonder if the Muslims are moving into a different area of Skokie or something, or if the Jewish residents are just moving out. The elderly Holocaust survivors, their numbers are smaller every year and the kids probably don’t stay.

    • You should also ask yourself the question – why did 70% of the Jews vote for ovomit – a guy who has shown us who he supports and it isn’t Israel.

      I do not think that the majority of Jews are that great in history – sorry, but I just do not. Then of course, I do not think most people are that great in history AND do not learn from history. They just keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Bst Ye’or wrote a book about how our own sell us out and academia, our religious leaders, politicians continue to keep selling us out while useful idiots abound!

  5. Well said: ‘…they hijacked ‘Asian” to mean Muslim. ‘ I wrote about that in the past.

    They continue to hijacking our culture and holidays.

    Nothing can stop them except Jesus,Christ Almighty.

    • such a big stench has been made over the last 10 to 15 years about separation of school and ANY religion and the campaign has been successful. We no longer have Christmas break or Easter break, now we have winter and spring break. The campaign has taken the Pledge Allegiance to Our Flag and morning Prayer out of the schools as well. We used to have Christmas programs in the last week of school before Christmas were the Children enjoyed singing Christmas songs (and the songs were not necessarily religious) dressing up as snowmen, Santa, Elves, etc., Art projects lined the hallway walls, windows of the classrooms were also decorated with Seasonal art work, class parties with small gift exchange and refreshments brought in by the children or their family members. ALL OF THAT IS GONE!!! NOW THEY WANT TO TAKE AWAY OUR DAY OF TRIBUTE TO OUR VETS/PRESIDENTS TO ADD ANOTHER RELIGIONS HOLIDAY’S??? i DO NOT EVEN CARE WHAT RELIGION IT IS TRYING TO GET INTO OUR SCHOOLS, BUT ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! PLEASE STOP DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY’S HERITAGE AND REPLACE IT WITH STUFF FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE!! THIS SABOTAGE ISN’T EVEN ABOUT THE OTHER PEOPLE HAVING EQUAL SIDE BY SIDE CELEBRATIONS. THE PLOY IS TO ERADICATE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND TO CREATE ANOTHER MUSLIM COUNTRY!! leave US ALONE AND GO BACK TO YOUR OWN COUNTRY! OBAMA AND EVERYONE ELSE ON THE HILL ARE BREAKING OBSTACLES AND HOLDING THE DOORS OPEN FOR THIS INVASION AND TAKEOVER. JUST TO HELP OUT AND ENSURE THEIR SUCCESS WE HAVE ALSO GIVEN MILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO THEM, WEAPONS, FIGHTER JETS, TANKS, YOU NAME IT. I REALLY CAN NOT BELIEVE THAT THIS IS HAPPENING AND THE CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY ARE SITTING HERE TWIDDLING OUR THUMBS.

    • We must keep praying that Obama’s eyes and heart is opened to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. I heard on the radio that the Muslims are into 23 years of a 25 yr plan to take over the USA from within, it looks like it’s working. As they are working to take the true God out of America the Muslim’s are working to indoctrinate the children and the work places with their belief’s. Remember the police officer who was fired for refusing to go when they were invite by the Muslims.

  6. celebrate the death cult which uses the “daily fatiha” – the prayers 5x daily – asking Allah to keep the muslims from the path of the cursed – THE JEWS AND CHRISTIANS AND UNBELIEVERS – 5 times a day they pray they are not like the kuffar – so we should celebrate a cult who curses others.

    Got zåbibbahs?

  7. My kids would be removed from that school & I would make it my life’s business to make sure that school closed. It’s not because of the addes Muslim holidays. It’s because of the total lack of respect for our country, its history & our miltary. Whoever came up with that idea should be fired!!

  8. Better muslim blood day. They cut themselves in a big parade. The Liberals who promote the holidays should participate in this pagan holiday. Disrespecting Veterans should be a hot button for the Legion and VFWs. Let them know where their tax money goes. Presidents day should be a muslim holiday because Muslim bro’s boy is president.

    • Unfortunately, too many so-called non-moslems asians are either blindly supporting moslems/islamic agenda or share too many similar characteristics with moslems in Asia. One just have be wary of most asians whether they are moslems or not..

  9. Regard these facts.

    These facts—as do countless verses and chapters out of the Qur’an—in brief, explain why Newtown.

    Disbelieve that is you wish too. Bit by bit, watch the Muslims make it clear, as they press we render to the “Prophet” and his teachings the honor Islam asserts is due the two.

    Who can blame them, really? When both parties rally to empower the imaginary Moderate Muslim?

  10. Regard these facts.

    These facts—as do countless verses and chapters out of the Qur’an—in brief, explain why Newtown.

    Disbelieve that is you wish too. Bit by bit, watch the Muslims make it clear, as they press we render to the “Prophet” and his teachings the honor Islam asserts is due the two.

    Who can blame them, really? When both parties rally to empower the imaginary Moderate Muslim?

  11. Americans Islamizing themselves. Well, what could go wrong? America, the home (to be) of the Islamized and the scared. What next? “Oh beautiful for spacious Sharia…?”

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  13. HOW DISGRACEFUL and disrespectful to US!!!! it is one thing to shut down if a majority of students would be missing- BUT it should be MANDATORY for the school getting FEDERAL MONEY to observe FEDERAL holidays, especially ones honoring those we have lost in WARS for USA freedom, our veterans- and our heroes the past presidents like Washington and Lincoln.

    Also Eid is a holiday that directly contradicts the Torah & Bible- it is slap in the face to EVERY person of the Book who takes it as truth- the Muslims have re-written the book to say ISHMAEL was the son God asked Abraham to sacrifice- their attempt to STEAL the covenant from Jews and Christians who KNOW it was ISSAC- a story written and predates PISSLAM by thousands of years.

    For Muzlims this holiday requires blood sacrifice- will the school be instructing the kids how to slit an animal’s throat??

      • Bullcrap that I used to think as well- MUSLIMS have edited “the BOOK” claim their revised versionnis correct and YOURS is WRONG- read it- the stories of the OT and NT have been drastically changed by the illiterate Mohammed who could not read or write- the Quran was written by UMAR from bits and pieces of what his followers remembered about what Mo said 200 years earlier- according to those compilers a goat ate some parts of it- UMAR then BURNT any texts that did not match HIS version —

        get educated- learn some facts- I gave you a very concrete example of the ways in which Muslims distorted the real one and only true BIBLE the TORAH, handed down since MOSES (not a MUSLIM as they claim) A multitude witnessed SINAI – and no one witnessed Mohammed’s lies of Gabriel another idea he stole from JEWS & Chrisitans

  14. I can not believe we are entertaining this. If they want their holidays off go back to their home country. Completely amazed I fought for my country for this not to happen.

  15. So, I looked on Wiki and it said that the Muslim population of the US in 2010 was 0.8%. Now, why in TF do they deserve a holiday? Do we have official holidays for other groups that are 0.8% of the population? What in the Hell is happening to our country?!?!?!

  16. i really dont care how many people from other countries come over to the USA but IT IS STILLTHE US!!!! just because other people come here does not mean we change. Each country celebrates certain days. We should not and can NOT celebrate EVERYONES days! If it is important to you then celebrate it. But DO NOT expect AMERICA to change because you chose to leave your country. There is a reason You left. You may go back,Its okay.

    • “One Nation under God indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All”
      “In God We Trust”
      Must I go on? We are a great country because of our beliefs, our values, our contitution. We are America, that’s what we are. Lets not change what makes us the country we are. Why do people want to change what has made us what we are? I dont understand. Veterans are who has fought to keep us free! Do not take away Veterans day. They are the reason you have the choices you have today! Prevoius presidents are who has helped us stay who we are. If you dont like what we celabrate, what we honor, what we praise. We dont force you to agree. We dont force you to pray. We dont force beliefs upon you. This is America, believe and worship how you want. Just Do Not try to change us! “United States of AMERICA” Thank you!

      • Mark, you said, “We dont force you to agree. We dont force you to pray. We dont force beliefs upon you. This is America, believe and worship how you want. ”

        Unfortunately, that policy fails to line up with Islam. Hence the problem with allowing Islam to be practiced here in our nation.

        Islam only “happily” plays second fiddle in any nation for a time, until it sees opportunity to slid to ascendancy. Thus, one can say, if and when Islam plays second fiddle, it only does so as subterfuge.

        Wake up America, basic Islam is spelled out in its books and it accepts no second role. Unless it does so, as stated above, while in waiting.

        I restate, for the above reason, “Newtown.”

        • yes, I agree Debi.My main point is Not to change what has made America great, That goes for even our current president. We do not need government to “do” for us. Dont mean to stray off that way. But yes you are right!

          • Amen, Mark I hear you and agree. I hope you get this post.

            (Forgive the delay in my response; our internet went down Monday while I was responding to you; issue finally resolved just his morning; ATT provided no good reason for the outage … )

            However, I believe the facts attest, the sad truth is, America has already undergone that change.

            To your stated point and the problem that basic Islam practiced here in our nation poses to it: the Muslim is Allah charged to bid the fair forbid the unfair—in brief, translated, fair = that recognized as right by Shariah; unfair, that recognized as haram (forbidden) in Shariah.

            In fulfilling that Islamic obligation, each Muslim is to do so to the best of their ability, using the power of the hand, or of the pen, or at the minimum, of the heart—hating the “unfair” (the non-Shariah compliant). As we see provided in this Sahih (reliable)hadith:

            “Abu Sa ‘eed said …. I heard the Messenger of Allah saying: ‘Whomever (as in whomever [my added emphasis]) among you sees an evil, then let him stop it with his hand. Whomever is not able , then with his tongue, and whomever is not able, then with his heart.” (Tirmidhi)

            Said another way, the Muslims is Allah-obligated to influence their communities (Allah only recognizes two nations: one the Believers, the other, the unbeliever; so called nationality beyond that in Islam is just that, only so-called, thus meaningless) and bring them, bit by bit, as much as able when able in to societies that lineup with Allah’s limits.

            Said yet another way, the Muslim is Allah-obligated to either change the societies they live in or to leave them.

            What’s more, the Muslim is so charged at the threat of Allah, that, should he neglect that Islamic duty, then soon and suddenly, Allah’s punishment will not only seize the unbelievers but it will like wise seize the negligent Muslim, as this hadith asserts:

            “Abu Bakr As-Saddiq said: “O you people! … Take care of your selves! If you follow the guidance no harm shall come to you. I indeed heard the Messenger of Allah saying: ‘When the people see the wrongdoer and they do not take him by the hand, then soon Allah shall envelope you in a punishment from Him.’” (Ibid)

            And another hadith: “The Prophet said, ‘By the one in Whose Hand is my soul! Either you command good and forbid evil, or Allah will soon send upon you a punishment from Him.” (ibid.)

            Those that cross those limits, just like a child who cross boundaries set up by their superiors, are disciplined. That discipline Qur’anic terminology calls the “good news” of the painful punishment of Allah. What’s more, in administering that cited “good news,” often times, as a special blessing to the Ummah, Allah uses the hands of the believers to deliver that punishment. Hence the Islamic order to kill unbelievers.

            You see, it is actually Allah who is killing the offenders, but he is doing so with the hands of the believers.

            Thus, via their hands, Allah and Muhammad’s Ummah, the Muslim—if they are Muslims–train the communities and nations they are in just as “an animal is trained to curb bad character until it becomes docile.” (Qadi Iyad)

            Docile being, in this case, compliant to Shariah—compliant to Qur’anic, sunan, ijma (consensus) of the Ummah.

            In brief, those that perpetrated the 9/11 hit did so obeying Allah to the letter.

            They commandeered a few of our Airliners, then killed with them.

            Anyone that believes the same Believers will not, do not, have not, commandeered identities and the belongings of those identities (guns amongst those) and killed with the same fails to understand Islam and those that follow its teachings.

            For far too long, we have appointed and elected officials, form both sides of the isle asserting, we are not at war against Islam and never will be.

            Fact is, until we are pointedly at war against Islam it will continue to enjoy its steady trot to ascendency.

            This link and the links accessible via it attest to that fact, as well as to the fact, already, America has changed:

        • Debi, my friend, you have well and truly explicated the situation, but I retain significant doubt that your correspondent; Mark comprehends it.

          The National Treasure consists of two organic documents: Declaration of Independence & Constitution. Individualism is at the top of the list of doctrines therein enshrined. Freedom of religion & belief is included, but can never extend to a right to do evil to other citizens & legal resident aliens.

          The practice of Islam entails prohibited evils: conquest, terrorism, plunder, murder, enslavement and rape.

          Islam is inseverable: an all or nothing package deal, not a cafeteria from which believers can choose the strawberry shortcake and reject the conquest related actions. I refer doubters, deniers & dissenters to NQ 2:85 …Then do you believe in a part of the Scripture and reject the rest? Then what is the recompense of those who do so among you, except disgrace in the life of this world,…

          Allah must be obeyed Moe must be emulated: 8:1, 33:21

          Allah commanded war against Pagans until they become Muslims; war against Jews, Christians & Zoroastrians until we are subjugated and extorted. 8:39, 9:29.

          Believers are defined in 8:1-6, 9:111 & 48:15. What do believers do? They kill others and are killed fighting in Allah’s cause, which is world domination as per 9:33.

          It should become immediately obvious that Islamic institutions & believers can not be accepted, tolerated nor respected on our soil: they must be expelled and excluded. Expelling and excluding Islamic institutions and individuals no more violates our founding principles than does prosecuting and executing murderers, kidnappers & rapists.

          There is no peaceful practice of Islam and the practice of Islam can not possibly be a human right recognized by our charters of liberty.


          The referenced hadith collection can be accessed here:

          Ash-Shifa may be accessed here:

          Debi, I hope that you and others will emulate my habit of sharing sources.

          • Dajjal,

            Thank you for your comments.

            With respect to you final comment there (“Debi, I hope that you and others will emulate my habit of sharing sources”) : I cited the sources, Dajjal.

            I provide no links to the sources cited from because the sources I cited from are hard copy sources.

            The link you provided for Ash-Shifa of Qadi Iyad is for a copy that is less then complete. It has, seems, 279 pages whereas hard copy version I quoted from is over 500 pages.

            Thanks again for your comments and efforts in this arena.

  17. I thought in America we celebrated everyone no matter what your skin color is. Why are we singling out everyone these days? Why can’t we all just get along and accept each culture? If we are going to have open borders and let everyone come enjoy our Freedom then there needs to be respect for our country and how we got to where we are!

    • Yes we can repect everyone, but as far as Holidays that schools consider as off days we are founded on Christian beliefs, we can not and should not add or take away. This not able to call it Christmas break is foolish. We can acknowledge others but, we are not other countries and cant/shouldnt change who we are.

    • Where we ARE is in deep s**t, how we GOT there is by people like yourself. The fact that you opened your statement, Anonymous, with a comment about skin color proves that you haven’t a clue as to what this is about.

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  19. until this country gets on its knee and pray for God to take control and until we decide we are going back to what this country was founded on nothing will change we have to long kept quiet about what this nation stands for IN GOD WE TRUST every idoit in the world will take over. It is time we the people stood up for our own country

  20. These taxpayer-funded, politically correct, pension-for-life hacks in local school administrations will do ANYTHING to save their taxpayer-provided pensions.

    Let the muslims go to their own schools. And take their anti-Christian, anti-Semitic crap with them.

    It’s bad enough we have to put up with them in our midst, let alone change our habits just to please them.

    I spent FOUR YEARS in Saudi Arabia and no Saudi sheikh every provided a church for me to go to.

    Charter schools now. No muzzies allowed.

  21. There are so many other beliefs that dont get the day off! What makes anyone else special? Religion should be kept out of schools; and what makes me livid is the fact theyre taking away veterans day! Frankly that pisses me off because im in the military and im from the area so first off how dare you! Secondly it disgusts me because that is the day that we all have to pay repsect for our brothers and sisters who have given their life for ungrateful greedy people! ABSOLUTELY ABSURD! How dare them do that but thats fine because everyday we still continue to put on our uniform and give them the freedom they all have… and this is how they show their gratitude!

    • Okay, I can understand and agree with your feelings about veterans. We are able to have our freedom because of those that have served our country. But, gotta disagree about Religion. Christmas is the birthday of Jesus Christ. Everything we have was founded with this, Our country under God…..In God we trust. and many more. If someone doesnt believe in God that is something they have to deal with. We dont say you have to believe, just do not take away what those that do believe have always had, to satisfy other people from other countries. (Some of which we have fought to keep ours).

      • Actually, more than half of founding fathers were deists or agnostic. There was a fundamentalist evangelical Protestant faction in many state militias, but they kind of lost the debate w/Articles of Confed.

        • okay, caught me on my vocablary. Founded was not what I should have said, you are correct. to correct myself, Our National motto is In God We Trust, founded by our forefathers.

        • Name them… I have heard this claim so many times, but name these “deists and agnostics” for me and then back it up with their own words demonstrating this to be their beliefs.

        • Name them! Name these founders who supposedly were deists and agnostic. I’ve heard this claim so many times without supporting evidence. So.. name them and give documented evidence in their own words to prove this was their belief.

          • G Washington and many Founders were MASONS- Masons were considered heretics by the Church (of England) b/c they wanted people to be able to have G-d belief but not necessarily follow Him in the Church as State law -freedom from ONE Church/State law is the very reason many groups came to USA and the reason founders were so concerned with making sure USA as a nation would not have a state religion- though many colonies & states did.
            Our Constitution is almost verbatim lifted from the Masonic texts.

            And Masons were not Athiests

            I – Of GOD and RELIGION.

            A Mason is obliged, by his tenure, to obey the moral law; and if he rightly understand the art he will never be a stupid atheist nor an irreligious libertine. He, of all men, should best understand that God seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh at the outward appearance, but God looketh to the heart. A Mason is, therefore, particularly bound never to act against the dictates of his conscience. Let a man’s religion or mode of worship be what it may, he is not excluded from the order provided he believe in the glorious architect of heaven and earth, and practise the sacred duties of morality.

          • Masons did not deny that man should have a religion- just said men should have a CHOICE in which one and to get along with and not oppress the others who did not share your faith:

            according to WIKI
            Lambert (2003) has examined the religious affiliations and beliefs of the Founders.

            Of the 55 delegates to the 1787 Constitutional Convention, 49 were Protestants,

            and two were Roman Catholics (D. Carroll, and Fitzsimons).

            Among the Protestant delegates to the Constitutional Convention, 28 were Church of England (or Episcopalian, after the American Revolutionary War was won),

            eight were Presbyterians,

            seven were Congregationalists,

            two were Lutherans,
            two were Dutch Reformed,
            and two were Methodists.

            A few prominent Founding Fathers were anti-clerical Christians, such as Thomas Jefferson[18][19][20] (who created the so-called “Jefferson Bible”) and Benjamin Franklin.[21]

            Others (most notably Thomas Paine) were deists, or at least held beliefs very similar to those of deists.[22]

            Historian Gregg L. Frazer argues that the leading Founders (Adams, Jefferson, Franklin, Wilson, Morris, Madison, Hamilton, and Washington) were neither Christians nor Deists, but rather supporters of a hybrid “theistic rationalism”.[23]

          • Freemasonry requires a belief in deity. Franklin & Washington were asked in whom they put their trust and answered with two very short words.

            Washington was Worshipful Master of his Lodge while serving as President. He took his Constitutional oath of office on a Bible borrowed from a Masonic Lodge.

            The Fraternity is still alive, and, in Michigan, it is growing again, which is a good sign for America’s future.

            Freemasonry teaches universal benevolence; Islam teaches universal malevolence. The two are not compatible and Salafi’s hate the Fraternity, but there are some Muslim Masons in Israel and India.

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  23. Another group of educated idiots who won’t stand up for America and the Christian values it was founded upon. Keep appeasing these muslims, just another step in the fall of this great nation. 2Chronicles 7:14.

    • not as funny as the irony of liberals championing ISLAM, those who would love to stop free speech, repeal religious freedom, cut your head off for criticizing Mohammed, think rape was a fair action to women who dare to dress Western, and institute separate and UNEQUAL laws by gender and religion- read the history of French/Russian supporters in IRAN 1979- see what happened to those who were fooled and lied to by Khomeini- I would say ask them, but too late, they were the ones he HUNG BY THE NECK first……………………….Maybe ask the Arab spring supporters like Lara Logan (gang raped by a mob for being a blond and they called her JEW) or maybe the reporter Amanpour- oh I support you and they replied _WE HATE YOU WE HATE America– and guess what? after all his ass kissing and bowing and MONEY poured, ‘diplomatic promises” of Hillary- Egypt, Libya, Syria, Turkey and more all going to more extreme forms of USA hating ISLAMIC takeovers- the irony ?? yes that USA Dumbocraps can’t see they are digging their own graves for those who call you ENEMY

  24. This is a bunch of crap, Iam sick and tierd of these foreigners comming into this country and complaining about everything . If they dont like,it ship their asses back we sure don’t need them or want them here. And now they are getting special prayer time and christians have had thiers taken away.

  25. Residents – Fire the school board. This will get their attention. How dare they support a holiday for a cult (NOT RELIGION!!!) of hate. Who do they think they are wanting to take away Presidents’ Day and Veterans’ Day? They are patriotic holidays and this is still America. Knock off the PC crap. These board members shouldn’t be trusted with our children. They are complete morons!

  26. This post and all these comments make me sick. America is a melting pot. It is a country built on immigrants. The faces of those immigrants has changed over the years, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be welcome. Everyone should be accepted, and all religions should be celebrated. Everyone should have the right to celebrate whatever religious holiday they want. That is what this country is about. We don’t persecute people based on their religion, race, disability, or sexual orientation. We are all members of the human race and we are all AMERICANS!

    • A Christian is not going to celebrate other religions and if Christian prayer is excluded from schools then every religious observance and practice must be excluded as well! Funny how people like you become so defensive for Muslims but will bash Christians in a heartbeat. As for a melting pot….that means assimilation! Not that we become like the country they left but they adjust to this country! They can practice their religion in their houses of worship and homes. I am sick and tired of people coming here and expecting to be catered to! Mexicans waiving a Mexican flag here when they left their dump of a country because they had no opportunities and their government didn’t give a crap about? That’s an insult! And cultural practices are fine too… in their own homes or communities of same culture. But don’t tell me I have to jump in and participate! If you come here you melt in the pot and become American… not the other way around! And this country… like it or not… was founded on Christianity! This country is still three fourths Christian according to the 2010 census! So the other 25% should shut up and leave us alone. Prayer should be back in schools instead of catering to the minority! You are the sickening one!

  27. They live in America, not a Muslim country, if they want to celebrate their holiday, they should go back there..we don’t go over there and insist on changing what holidays they celebrate, we would probably be shot.

  28. This is the friggen US of A! We are not some Muslim country. If they don’t like the way we do things, they should all go home. Next thing Christmas and Easter will be outlawed. PEOPLE — WE HAVE SOME WORK TO DO!!!

    • lynnie, We DO have work to do. Have you not noticed schools have “Winter Holiday” not Christmas, Business owners tell employees Not to wish “Merry Christmas” and the latest is same sex marriages! I believe the time is Now. Before I start getting reaction to the marriage comment, I understand couples of same sex want the tax, medical, and other benefits. Thats understandable, but ITS NOT Marriage! That is a religious thing. Typically done in a church done by a minister, priest, preacher.Call it something new. But it is Not “Marriage”

  29. This is utterly disgusting. We live in America. We will honor our veterans and presidents. Can you see the direction our country is headed? We are being taken over slowly but surely.

  30. This is an OUTRAGE!!!! Our veterans FOUGHT AND DIED for this country!!! There should never be a MUSLIM HOLIDAY in American schools!!!!!!!!!!

    • Exactly- what should be taught is the history of aggression by ISLAM on USA- shores of Tripoli- ISLAM in USA today should be exposed for what it is- a 5th column of enemies- and WE did not define them as enemies, we welcomed them. It is ISLAM that defines YOU and ME as “OTHERS” to be changed and submitted -We do allow them religious freedom, just not in PUBLIC funded schools (as Christians must abide as well) ISLAM is the antithesis of our laws and freedoms- and we should NOT allow them to try and change it w/o being named TRAITORS – why allow those who wish us harm into our home?

    • you can easily identify a braindead libwhack by their avoidance of the topic & in their fantasies really think they have some authority as internet police. Ignore content and try to change subject- egotistical arrogant & rude

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  33. Muslims do suck. they believe in such crappy things. How can they believe in this stuff. it makes me sick to my stomach. but

  34. Separation church and state. No religious holidays. Not honoring the men and women that serve and protect this country sickens me. Honor one of the reasons why this country has become and remains great!!

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