Cornell Muslim student group latest in whitewash jihad campaigns

Nothing could make jihadists happier than multiple dawah deception campaigns by Muslims – striving in the way of Allah – to deceive non-Muslims, all in defense of Islam. via Campus Student Group Promotes Jihad As a Moral Struggle. h/t


The Islamic Alliance for Justice campus club at Cornell University has launched an “awareness campaign” to alter and redefine the controversial word “jihad,” likening the term typically associated with terrorist acts to instead mean moral struggle.

“Jihad is a human experience of internal struggle,” argues the student organization’s website highlighting the campaign. “It holds a very sacred meaning in Islam, often associated with bettering oneself, achieving patience or finding balance.”

In contrast, the U.S. Department of Justice uses a more accurate notion of the term when referring to Muslim extremists and their terrorist acts, conducted under the guise of “jihad” or Holy War.

Actually, in contrast to the Koran, hadith, sunnah. (see links below)

Yet students at Cornell chide the “Western media” for using the word jihad “in the context of terror, portraying the word in a politicized and terrifying manner.” The Islamic Alliance for Justice describes its campaign as a struggle against “Islamophobia” and the alleged misappropriation of the word “jihad.”

The campaign recently culminated in “Cornell’s 161 Faces of Jihad,” a Tumblr photomontage that shows students posing with a small whiteboard on which they have written their own interpretation of jihad.

In one picture, a young woman sits on a concrete step, and smiles as she displays a whiteboard on which she has written: “My jihad is to stop trying to change the cards I was dealt, and rather the way I play my hand.”


Easy mark: Hooray for jihad

In another photo, a young man smiles as he holds up his definition of the word: “To keep things light and happy, like whipped cream!”

Other student definitions include: “finding my voice in politics,” “being a role model to my little brother,” and “reconciling who I am with who I want to be.”

Another student offers up his definition as: “My jihad is against social injustice and apartheid. Free Palestine!”

The group notes on its Tumblr website that it was inspired to undertake the campaign in part because of recent subway ads that state: “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.”

The mission statement of Islamic Alliance for Justice, officially described as a secular student organization, is to “raise awareness and coordinate effective response to local, national, and global issues of social, economic and political justice.”

There is nothing secular about an Islamic group, unless you use John “Kill List” Brennan’s Muslim Brotherhood interpretation of secular (video). But even Brennan recognizes  jihad is a holy struggle” and Defends Jihad as ‘Legitimate Tenet of Islam’.

“The Alliance engages in informational outreach activities as well as advocacy and discourse,” its official campus description states. “This club intends to both provide a way for students interested in the Muslim world to become active in the political realm, and to raise awareness of issues of injustice across campus and around the globe.”

Aka dawah and what Westerner’s refer to as Islamists – or Muslims who use the political system to achieve sharia.

But through social media, the group primarily focuses on denouncing the western conception of human rights, American intervention in the Middle East, media bias, and above all, the academic freedom to criticize religious beliefs.

In other words, the group primarily focuses on sharia.

Meanwhile, many students and professors have lauded its jihad campaign. It has also received the support of several on and off-campus groups advocating Palestine’s independence Israel. Underscoring that, in November, the Cornell group Students for Justice in Palestine organized the “Solidarity from Ithaca to Gaza” rally.

161 faces of jihad at Cornell go to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Aceh, Somalia, Mali, etc. and tell Muslims that the Koran and sunnah have the meaning of jihad all wrong.

12 thoughts on “Cornell Muslim student group latest in whitewash jihad campaigns

  1. true idiots believe everything islam says; hate to be them with their head lopped off in the floor; then it will be to late for them to realize lies, hate, and deception are root of islam

  2. Duh, uh, my jihad is to be a stupid, gullible college student, huh, huh, huh …
    Light and happy, you know, like his Beavis/Butthead brain …
    Am I missing something? Isn’t college where people go to become smarter and more educated?
    Islam is poison.

  3. Where have these students been for the past eleven years? It’s like wanting to join the Nazi party after the concentration camps were discovered, and then claiming the world just doesn’t understand the poor peaceful Nazis. Give me a break!

  4. ji·had
    [ji-hahd] Show IPA

    a holy war undertaken as a sacred duty by Muslims.

    any vigorous, emotional crusade for an idea or principle.

  5. Mayer’s book ‘Jihad and Human Rights’ explains the extreme views are easy to address; the difficulty are the shades or meaning in between. This exercise at this school is where it should be if you think Cardinal Newman is right. Students need too test ideas and explore meanings. But not in a vacuum or under the dome of a mosque. What is lacking is dialogue and debate from all points of view in an environment where there is no threat of violence to those who disagree. This is not happening here in America. Like there are comparative religion courses, there should be comparative politics courses addressing why there is such a vast distance between what the moslems make the koran say and the way its followers behave in the world.

  6. If you have a Twitter account you can add the tag #myJihad – to combat their disinformation campaign- AND obviously these students are either LYING or being DUPED- ALL Islamic scholars agree that the BEST JIHAD is in violent overthrow of non Muslims- yes there are other Jihad methods but all are meant to make you and me disappear or live UNDER their thumbs as dhimmis

    If the goal is PERSONAL, changing oneself to the better, why so much is about POLITICAL???

    “…………..become active in the political realm, and to raise awareness of issues of injustice across campus”

    By awareness they mean convince Americans that Muslims are right about killing JEWS and to convert to ISLAM-convince kids Fakestinians are really refugees or oppressed or other nonsense-

    Injustice= the made up ISLAMOPHOBIA, Muzzies trying to co-opt civil rights as if ISLAM is race- to steal the WINS made by black people in their struggle- to equate themselves with victims of racial discrimination- to make your kids feel sorry for them (and it does work)

    and OPPRESSION? a MUSLIM can legally make war (kill you) if he feels he has been oppressed!! note not actually oppressed just “feels” oppressed- they are about honor/shame and if their sharia law does not dominate a nation they feel oppressed and thus justified to make WAR on you…

  7. CAIR’s Nihad Awad is in Canada promoting changing the definition of the word “jihad” with bus ads in Toronto and other metro areas across Canada. They’ll never stop! I just saw the blurb on a Canadian TV station, CTV.

    • Language is one of the ‘frontline battles’ being waged by islamists. Just as soon as influential people in the non-moslem world use definitions in printed islamic sources, apologists for mohammad’s god allah spring into action with their now more than shopworn phease about non-moslems understanding moslem words. So, jihad is something other than the definition moslem scholars use. Robert Spencer is past master in untwisting moslem rhetoric. His You Tube stuff is well worth watching. How far can/does he get under their skin? Read the ‘Lies About Huhammad’ by Zayed.

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