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How the Term “Islamophobia” Got Shoved Down Your Throat

The ‘Islamophobia’ myth (and bonus AP removing “Islamophobia” from its Style Book)

Islamophobia: Thought Crime of the Totalitarian Future

7 thoughts on “Islamophobia by Dry Bones

  1. I have to say that 4 years ago I had no knowledge of what was happening in the world. My brother got me interested it the Sharia Law, and Islam. What an eye opener that was. Even the slaughters that are taking place in Africa are mostly between Mulim back rebels and Christians. Let alone whats happening in other parts of the world. I can say that its happening in every country in the World, Even ours.

    • Interesting site. But when Mr. Winslow holds up some of the Muslim beliefs for what appears to be sarcastic derision, he needs to first check to see who ELSE will be targeted for holding those beliefs too.

      For instance, just in the top part of his page, I saw these Islamic beliefs he was being sarcastic about:

      (Mohammed taught)….that
      1. “Those are *infidels* who say that Christ, the son of Mary is God” (Quran 5:17),
      2. and that God’s name is not the unpronounceable YHWH (all them y’s and j’s lead to Jewish names, right?),
      3. and that belief in Christ doesn’t save anybody,
      4. besides there isn’t any such a thing as original sin anyway,
      5. nor does the following of the complex Jewish code. . . .”

      So the first problem with all of that is that it’s not Muslim. Not originally anyway, it’s Jewish.

      Mohammed took those things from Judaism.

      This is why people who want to hold up some of the Islamic beliefs for derision might want to do their homework first. You dont want to be holding something up for derision that an entirely different group of people believe as well, that ol’ Mo stole it from in the first place.

      Point by point of just these 5 (although there were a LOT more):

      1. “They are infidels, those who say that Christ, the son of Mary is God”
      Again, this is Jewish first. There has never existed in the Jewish Torah or Judaism that the Jewish Messiah is born from the God of Israel impregnating a human virgin. This is pagan mythology older than dirt and incorporated into Christianity around the time of Constantine and the Nicene Councils (300’s CE).

      Ol’ Mo took on the Jewish beliefs rather than the Christian, here.

      2. “That God’s name is not the unpronouncable YHWH”
      The name YHVH was not unpronounceable at all, in the Jewish community. The exact pronunciation is forgotten now is all. It was used by the High Priest, it was used by the regular priests, it was used by every single Jewish male and female who ever said the prayers, and in fact it was even used as a greeting between Jews back then.

      As for the y’s and j’s, yes, ancient Hebrew did have those. Today in the Yemenite Jewish population they are still used. The Yemenite Jewish population is considered to have the oldest form of Hebrew still in use in our modern day. The G (the letter gimel in Hebrew) had/has the soft “g” which sounded like a “j” as well as the hard G sound.

      As for the “y” sound, I’m confused why he mentions it. The letter “yod” has always been in the Hebrew aleph-bet, ancient and modern both. It makes the “y” sound.

      3. “he belief in Christ doesnt save anyone”-
      This is Jewish. Being a human sacrifice has never existed for the Jewish Messiah, in Judaism. Human sacrifice is an abomination to the God of Israel in Judaism and that very kind of paganism is part of what Abraham took his people OUT of when he founded the new religion of Judaism.

      So again, we see that Ol’ Mo took the Jewish knowledge that the belief in Christ doesnt save anyone, and incorporated it into Islam.

      4. “and besides there isn’t any such thing as Original Sin anyway” Nope, there never has been, in Judaism. The Torah and Judaism teach that all humans are born clean and pure. It was mainly a Catholic invention, Original Sin, created by giving non-Jewish meanings to verses in Genesis.

      Once again, Mo took this from Judaism and incorporated it into Islam.

      5. “nor does following the complex Jewish code”…(save anyone). Well, there is certainly no such concept in Judaism as following the law in order to be “saved”. Never has been, since there isn’t any such concept as original sin, in Judaism.

      As for regular sin that people did and do every day, the means for forgiveness for those sins was, and is, the process of Tshuvah as described in the Torah. This is what has always been followed in Judaism to obtain forgiveness for sins. Not blood. Not human sacrifice.

      Mo took this from Judaism, as well. He refused the Christian human sacrifice thing, he refused the Catholic invention of Original Sin, and he incorporated the Jewish way of obtaining forgiveness from sin, by doing Tshuvah.

      I believe Christians also say that there is no being “saved” by following the Jewish codes of law, too. Which is also an uneduated thing to say since there has never existed in Judaism the belief that anyone needs to be “saved” in the first place.

      I also remember seeing something about a devil in Islamic belief on the guy’s website there. That is not Jewish as Judaism doesn’t have such a thing as a devil. That was basically invented by the Zoroastrians and adopted by Christianity and then by Islam, something Mo took from Christianity and incorporated into Islam. Judaism never had it.

      The point here being, that when holding up Muslim beliefs for derision like Mr. Winslow does on his website (rather sarcastically even) it’s always a good idea to check and see who ELSE believes those things, that Mo took.

      Because it’s like “Look what the stupid Muslims believe” when Im looking at that and going “hey, the Jews believe that too, and Mo took those things from them in the first place.”

      In fact because of the things that Mohammed took from Judaism and incorporated into Islam — along with the paganism that was incorporated into Christianity by Constantine and the Nicene Councils — what actually happened is that Islam and Judaism are much, much closer in beliefs and doctrines than Judaism and Christianity are. By FAR.

      So, when people see these beliefs of Muslims, and think these beliefs (and the Muslims who follow them) are evil — but then later on learn that these beliefs are actually JEWISH and that Mohammed only took them……wouldn’t people still think those beliefs (and the Jews who follow them) are evil too?

      If Mr. Winslow, who has the website, is that uneducated (or simply doesn’t care if he does know?) about the Jewish origins of the Islamic beliefs he was citing there, how accurate is the rest of what he writes? I had a difficult time even wanting to read further after that, to find out what else he has on his page.

      • Yes in the Crusades they murdered most of the JEWS they found along the way- and as well as those they found in Jerusalem- since Romans made their state religion Christian- they have been killing and persecuting Jews every time they warred on Muslims –

        as for ““nor does following the complex Jewish code”” Jews have NEVER asked for converts nor expected Gentiles to follow the 613 laws- only to follow the 7 Noahide laws if they wish to follow Jews- which they were always invited to do so (see story of Ruth the Moabite)

        ;-) B”H

  2. Love it! Since moslems do not share a similar concept of evil as do non-moslems, nor do they accept a concept of humanity which precludes murder for religious reasons or family ‘honor’. This is well and good as long as moslems do not demand non-moslems live as they.

  3. Islamophobia was coined by Kofi Anan who was head of the UN at the time. Islamophobia really means that anyone who criticizes Islam is racist, hateful and xenophobic. Anan was big on using western idealisms against the west calling us the greatest hypocrites. However, the Islamic middle east is xenophobic, racist and hateful of all things non-Muslim or non-Islamic. Muslim groups in the west are connected to Islamic terrorist nations and groups.
    For all the Palestinian (Muslims)lies and deceit about right of return. The only nation that they have that right is Jordan. Winston Churchill as Foreign Secretary divided the Palestine Mandate into two sections: Jewish and Muslim. He divided it at the Jordan River where 77% of the land was give to the Muslims and 33% to the Jews. Muslims were supposed to have been removed from the Jewish territory. The UN made a mockery of that division by then dividing the Jewish state into Palestinian territory for Jews and Muslims under Islamic control. Ben Gurion upon learning what the UN, with approval of the west, was going to do announced the state of Israel.
    The west did not help Israel to assert itself. Britain and France gave aid to the Muslims to destroy Israel and America turned a blind eye believing that the destruction of the Israeli state was inevitable.
    The West Bank and Gaza actually belong to Israel, but the UN, European Union and United Stateskeeps keep trying to enforce a bogus land for peace deal from land that belongs to Israel. History tells an interesting story about the conflict in this region. It is not a conflict of Palestinians and a Palestinian state, but of a wider war that encompasses Islam against non-Muslims. Wherever there is war today it is Muslims always attacking non-Muslims, supported by Muslims from all over the world and every Islamic OPEC state.

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