Oklahoma Bankers Assn changes security policy for Muslims after meeting terror-linked CAIR, ACLU

Another successful shake down for sharia. Like airport security and prayer in school, there are rules for Muslims and rules for everyone else.

via Oklahoma bankers group updates security policy on religious headwear | NewsOK.com. h/t Islamist Watch

The Oklahoma Bankers Association has tweaked its recommended “no hats, no hoods, no sunglasses” security policy at banks after an incident at a Tulsa bank last year involving a woman customer wearing a religiously mandated head scarf, or hijab, raised discrimination claims.

The Oklahoma Bankers Association clarified the voluntary initiative, designed to boost safety at banks by making it easier to identify robbers, after meeting with the American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma and the state chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

The meeting was prompted in October when, at a Tulsa bank, a woman wearing a hajib was told she would have to be escorted into the bank because of the policy on head-covering attire. She and groups supporting her claimed the policy was discriminatory.

The ACLU and state CAIR chapter on Thursday praised the industry group for responding to those concerns.

“We are incredibly pleased that the OBA recognizes that respecting the religious requirements of their customers and ensuring a safe and secure banking environment can go hand in hand,” Ryan Kiesel, executive director of the ACLU of Oklahoma, said in a statement.

Adam Soltani, executive director of state chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said his group met with Oklahoma Bankers Association members to explain the different types of head coverings worn by Muslim women and those of other faiths.

The OBA essentially just announced to bank robbers in Oklahoma that if they wear a burka like bank robbers do in Philly, they’ll have much less resistance.

8 thoughts on “Oklahoma Bankers Assn changes security policy for Muslims after meeting terror-linked CAIR, ACLU

      • It was ruled unconstitutional because it named Shari’ah specifically. Had it just been “foreign law” it might have been able to stay.

        Washington introduced House Bill 1392: Protecting citizens from foreign laws that would result in a violation of a constitutional right
        Introduced by Rep. Matt Shea (R) on January 24, 2013, prohibits a court, arbitrator, administrative agency, or any other adjudicative, mediation, or enforcement authority from enforcing a foreign law if doing so would violate any right guaranteed by the state Constitution or the United States Constitution.

  1. Hijabs are NOT religious requirements. It is not in the Quran. CAIR is lying as usual and moron Americans don’t know any better.

  2. I think everyone in OK who has any business to do at a bank who allows muzzies to wear diapers on their heads to enter the bank should also put a diaper on their head. If the bank does not allow them access to the building then they should sue for discrimination.

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