California: Media now ignore woman killed by Muslim husband, originally blamed on anti-Muslim Americans

The Islamo-hoax heard round the world turned out to be another Islamic honor killing. via Few answers in woman’s 2012 slaying Page 1 of 7 | h/t blazing cat fur

The brutal [slaying] last March El Cajon of Shaima Alawadi still remains a mystery. Because of what seems to me a series of blunders by the El Cajon Police Department, the crime gained international interest as a possible “hate crime.” Alawadi, the mother of five children, was 32 and a Muslim.

An arrest was finally made on Nov. 8 of Kassim Alhimidi, 48, Alawadi’s husband who is also Muslim. Because this was no longer considered a “hate crime,” national and international attention disappeared, and for some reason, the local media decided to ignore this crime as well.

On Jan. 23, I attended a “Preliminary Exam Readiness” in El Cajon Superior Court, an event scheduled some two months prior. Alhimidi was there, but no TV crews or newspaper reporters.

The outcome was to schedule a preliminary hearing for April 3. That means it will be more than a year after her death that the public will (perhaps) finally find out what happened on March 21, 2012 (the day she was attacked). We may learn what evidence the ECPD had on Nov. 8 that it didn’t have three months (or even six months) before. – Bob Clark, El Cajon

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21 thoughts on “California: Media now ignore woman killed by Muslim husband, originally blamed on anti-Muslim Americans

  1. Cali is a city in Colombia, South America. Your news report seems to refer to a place in North America called California.
    The struggle against Mohammedan oppression is worldwide. It is an insufferable sign of bumpkin provincialism to call places located in your country by cute nicknames you just invented.

    • Creeping didn’t invent the term. Cali has been used as shorthand for California for decades. I’ve used the term myself since the 80’s. Now can we please get on with the business at hand, namely combatting islam?

    • People like you will always look to tear down or apart The United States of America. yet people like you want to come and live here. If it wasn’t for your whinning little jab at U.S. nobody in America would know nor care about “Cali” in Colombia.

      Hold it right there, I already know your whinning little resposne. “Boo, whoo, whoo, that is right, you American’s DON’T care about anything nor anybody else except yourself, boo, whoo, whoo.

  2. The moment this case broke in the news, we knew it had honor killing written all over it. Then CAIR starts their deliberate propaganda campaign as damage control, knowing full well this was indeed an honor killing. Remember their ad campaign with all the hajib-clad muslim women repeating the mantra, “I am Shaima Alawadi?” Trying to paint it as a xenophobic hate crime. The media’s silence is very telling too. They have no balls, only an agenda. CAIR too, has an agenda, and so must we. Stop CAIR!

  3. I remember commenting on CNN and MSNBC that this could be an honor killing, and was roundly criticized as a racist and Islamophobe. That was all I wrote — this could be an honor killing, and it’s too early to classify it as a hate crime.

    I think the media and the readers are too embarrassed to examine it again, but they need to be compelled to do so. This is a problem that simply will not go away by ignoring it.

    • Philly, I hope you weren’t offended by being labelled a racist, it’s almost a badge of honour now, I’m quite sure most of us here belong to “the club!”

  4. Who the hell investigated this case, the stoogies? Glass was broken from the inside. Family members are the very first suspects. Wonder if that sc*mbag from cair is still their lawyer? I’ll admit one thing – they are excellent liars.

  5. Muslims kill women, for that matter anyone. –What difference does that make to anyone (the left) Unless we can use it as a hate crime against whitey.

  6. Another story that has disappeared is the investigation into the kidnapping of Nailla Robinson, the Philadelphia girl who was taken from her classroom by a niqab-clad woman claiming to be the child’s mother. The last good reporting I could find mentioned “complicated” family relationships with at least 7 former and current wives of the child’s father. The whole story had oddities and I wonder if the media dropped it to prevent negative coverage of Muslims.

  7. When I read the “hate” note left by the killer, I knew it was an honor killing. It had that simplistic, barely literate, typically Muslim ring to it. Most of us were saying it was a hate crime when the story broke, based either on the note or the circumstances. I hope the lamestream hates us.

  8. You act as if only Muslims kill. Let’s be honest, Muslim or not, humans kill. Humans are disgusting… so don’t get all high and mighty claiming only one religious group is vicious.

    • To the contrary, the media & Muslims act as if they don’t and in fact ironically refer to them as a “religion of peace”.

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