#MyJihad – Muslim Women’s Role to Encourage Loved Ones to go for Jihad

More enlightenment via Sister’s Role in Jihaad (www.islaam.org.uk).

The question here is not whether women’s participation in Jihâd these days is an obligation or not, but rather, how can Muslim women participate in this noble cause and prevent themselves from falling into the sin of abandoning Jihâd.

Thus, it follows that women and men are supporters of one another in the important obligation of Jihâd in accordance with the spirit of the Qur’ân and Prophetic traditions.

3. Encourage Loved Ones to go for Jihâd

This, again, can be done in various ways:

Naseehah – by patiently and untiringly encouraging the men of their families, reminding them of their duty to Allâh and other Muslims, reminding them of the blessings of Paradise and the torments of this world and the next – all in a way that encourages them and does not make them feel pressured or causes them to turn away. Remember that we cannot force anyone to go, as firstly, that is contrary to the role Allâh has assigned women, and secondly, if the men go unwillingly and under pressure, they may not be useful to the Mujahideen and may even become an unwanted burden.

Dua – Ask Allâh , The Most Powerful, to change the hearts of unwilling men, make them and their families steadfast, and guide all Muslims! It is only Allâh , The Most High, Who can change hearts around and give the ability to do what needs to be done.

Patience – Know that when one’s caretaker goes out for Jihâd, it is a time for much patience for his family, especially his mother, wife, and sisters. Encourage your men by being strong, confident, and patient, so they can focus on their mission and not worry about the anxiety of their women.

Skills – While Islâm does not require women to learn any technical skills or get an education in order to get a job, however, if a woman will do so with the intention of supporting the family if her father or husband or brothers go for Jihâd, then, Insha-Allâh that can be counted as her participation. Ideally, sponsors should take care of the families of the Mujahideen and Shuhadaa’, as according to the Prophet (peace be upon him), taking care of the family of a Mujahid and equipping a Mujahid are also Jihâd. However, given the present unfortunate times where women are expected to fend for themselves in need, it is not a bad idea for a Muslim woman to acquire some skill provided the intention is correct.

Tawakkul – Tawakkal ‘alallah! Rely on Allâh, for He Alone is enough for His servants. Refresh belief in Qada wal Qadr (Islâmic concept of Destiny and Pre-Ordination)- that whatever Allâh has decreed to happen will happen and none can avert it. If a woman’s loved one is to get injured or die, that will happen at the time and place appointed. Not going to Jihâd will not avert that. If one has to face financial difficulty, that will happen even if the husband or father is around – so don’t stop them out of such fears – remind yourselves, make some sacrifices for Allâh (Paradise is not all that cheap), and do what needs to be done!

A Special Section for Special Sisters:

True stories of some heroic contemporary women whose husbands are either engaged in fighting or have attained the ultimate success of martyrdom:

This section is added to give a real-life flavour of the lives of some of those women who participate in Jihâd in the background, by taking care of their husbands’ children and property in his absence, by encouraging their men, and by patiently bearing all the consequences thereof. The information has been extracted almost ditto from the diary of a certain sister who has personally known or met these sisters. Some information has been changed/omitted in an effort to hide the true identity of the sisters mentioned below:

Umm Saburah – Wife of a Shaheed

Q. So what do you want your sons to be when they grow up?

Umm Saburah: (Firmly) They will be Mujahideen insha’Allah. That was their father’s wish and there is no choice about it.

Q. How will you ensure that they do take that route?

Umm Saburah: They do have other brothers (in Islâm) who were my husband’s friends and they have already instilled in them these values. They look up to their father and what he did with admiration and respect, and they look up to his friends now. My daughter feels angry at the whole situation though and I am working on trying to give as much love as I can to all my children. It’s hard, but Alhamdulillah.

What’s your jihad?

Part I here – #MyJihad – Raising Mujahid Children

11 thoughts on “#MyJihad – Muslim Women’s Role to Encourage Loved Ones to go for Jihad

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  2. look how the moslemettes partake in those protests and are yelling ‘death to the Jews’ etc. They are right there in the forefront of some of the Muslim Brotherhood front groups too (ISNA, MSA, etc) when they have an opportunity to deceive for allah.

  3. Little Moslem boys are permitted to beat, kick, and abuse their sisters, and in some instances even their mothers. How better to get even with the little sheethead than to encourage him to go and get himslef killed as a martyr, hopefully before he gets a chance to breed.

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