“Don’t believe in God?” ads accepted, “Don’t believe in Muhammad?” ads rejected by Detroit transit

“This is what sharia in America looks like.” via Atlas Shrugs
Look at these two ads. The same but for a word, no? One ad ran, one ad was denied. This is what sharia in America looks like. The Blaze has the story.

This ad ran on Detroit SMART buses here

Crains Business wrote this:
While the ads may offend some, SMART’s Beth Dryden tells Shea they met the system guidelines and were vetted by their legal department.

March 3, Crain’s: Additionally, because the ads are what SMART considers “viewpoint-neutral content” the agency can’t reject them, she said. That’s because a government agency cannot censor such content, which is protected by the First Amendment.

Got that? Good.We submitted the ad below to this same transit agency in Detroit/Dearborn, SMART, and we were DENIED. This ad was rejected:


Here’s what SMART said:
The proposed advertisement submitted by Pamela Geller has been reviewed under SMART’s content policy. SMART, consistent with its review process, also reviewed the referred-to website: thetruthaboutmuhammed.com.  Consistent with its policy, with the Sixth Circuit opinion in AFDI v SMART, and consistent with other law, SMART declines to post the advertisement.

Our message parallels the atheist ads. Since they were accepted, I modeled this ad after theirs, to see if the freedom of speech applied to criticism of Islam in our cowardly and politically correct age. This is the same government agency that refused to run our “Leaving Islam?” ads that were designed to help Muslim girls who wanted to lead more Western lives escape dangerous devout households. SMART refused. My legal team, David Yerushalmi and Robert Muise of the American Freedom Law Center and I sued. We won. They appealed to the 6th circuit court (a sharia-sensitive court). The Sixth Circuit said that the ad was a political ad — SMART doesn’t run political ads. So in my quest to fight on, I wanted to point out their hypocrisy as we go back to court. This rejection does just that.  We fight on.

 Billy Hallowell over at The Blaze has the exclusive:

Conservative’s Anti-Muhammad Ad Rejected by Detroit Transit System — But Can You Guess Which Ad Was Accepted?

Religious advertisements have been known to spark intense debate. Consider the anti-God billboards that are regularly posted by non-theist groups like the Freedom From Religion Foundation and American Atheists. But it isn’t only non-believers who invoke controversy with their messaging.

Pamela Geller and her American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) have also come under intense scrutiny for subway and bus ads that target Islamic extremism. Now, the AFDI is embroiled in a new battle over a proposed anti-Muhammad ad that was rejected this week by Detroit’s Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation (SMART) bus system.

In an e-mail to TheBlaze on Tuesday evening, the AFDI president noted that, while SMART previously accepted an “anti-God” atheist ad from the Detroit Coalition for Reason (DCOR), the public transit company has rejected her organization’s ad. This is particularly interesting, seeing as the AFDI modeled its design almost entirely after the DCOR’s banner.

“Our ad, same ad, with one word flipped, was rejected,” Geller told TheBlaze.

The original atheist design featured clouds and the words, “Don’t believe in God? You are not alone.” The organization’s web address was also present to the bottom left of the ad, sending Internet users to a web site that encourages people to “shine the light of reason” and to reject faith and religion.

Read the rest here.

14 thoughts on ““Don’t believe in God?” ads accepted, “Don’t believe in Muhammad?” ads rejected by Detroit transit

  1. Well thats easy Mohammed is NOT a God, he is a god (small g). He is a type of the “god” of this world (2 Cor 4:4). In the Book, there is God and gods, LORD and lords. Notice the capital and small letters. Furthermore, who wants this ole war-torn sin-filled earth anyways? God is going to burn it and renovate by FIRE. It will be RE-created for the THIRD time. Yes, that is THREE times. There was a flood prior to Noah’s flood that was worse and bigger, God re-created the earth. Then, Noah’s flood, God re-created the earth. And, then before the 2nd Advent the earth is burned by fire and we get a new heavens and a new earth wherein dwelleth righteousness.

    • Easy is as easy does! You quote the scriptures and preach a future of truth and righteousness, which is all fine and good–but what are we to do in the meantime????? I personally don’t think that, as a professing Christian, the Lord wants me to just roll over and play dead! I personally support whole-heartedly almost every anti-jihad, anti-mohammed, anti-muslim organisation that is out there. We must–ABSOLUTELY MUST–stop kowtowing to these cowardly bastards who are hell-bent on destroying everything that we hold sacred and true!!!!! NOT TO MENTION–IF THEY HAD THEIR WAY–THEY’D KILL ALL OF US!!!!!

  2. Hey Creeping…

    Instead of the ad on the side of the bus asking;
    “Don’t Believe In Mohammad?”…maybe they should try another tack.

    i.e. “Don’t Believe In Allah?”

    As you are no doubt aware, the lunatic muslim’s do not refer to Mohammad as God, they consider him Allah’s last and most important “prophet”..so TECHNICALLY, in their demented mind he is not “GOD”, ..

    But that doesn’t negate the fact that 1.6 billion lunatics “believe” in the son-of-a-bitch!

    I’m certain the pathetic dhimmi’s in Detroit would run ads asking:
    “Don’t Believe In Jusus?”
    “Don’t Believe In Jehovah?” (or Yaweh, as the case may be).
    “Don’t believe In Buddah?”
    “Don’t Believe In The Great Spirit?”
    “Don’t Believe In Vishnu?”
    “Don’t Believe In Howdy-Doody?”
    ….or whomever…!

    I think you get my point…!

    • Geller knows exactly what she is doing and exposed the bias in favor of Muslims too easily… now the taxpayers will have to fund the legal defense for their dhimmi leaders

      • Somebody tell me what the hell we’re gonna do about these vermin??!!

        Some very bright people I correspond with on here say that islam will eventually “self destruct”…do you think that the events in Egypt/Libya/Syria are a indication that it might be starting to happen?

        Then again, north Africa right now looks like the bastards are on the march…!
        Son of a bitch it’s frustrating!!

        • The vermin are very often non-Muslim organizations who get paid well to import Muslims into the US and “assimilate” them at taxpayer expense.

          Refugee Resettlement Watch has documented this in explicit detail including the organizations and key players.

          Don’t stop the immigration and they’ll be no stopping it. Simply look at the level of influence Muslims have now with just 1% of the population. It is unfathomable.

          • Yes it is unfathomable. More gutless cowards around than you can ‘shake a stick at’. One would hope people in ALL western countries have long memories and remember the names of all the appeasers and traitors. I know not all people think this way, but I’m sick of being ‘sold down the river’ by these turncoats.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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