Philadelphia: Muslims demand new ‘hate crime’ law for crimes in Islamic garb (video)

The City of Brotherly Love is anything but as sharia absurdities continues.  h/t halalboozeshack

Next they’ll want it to be a hate crime to look at a Muslim cross-eyed.

The bogus “hate crime” rhetoric has been pimped by black politicians partnering with black Muslims in Philadelphia since at least April 2012.

Here’s an idea. Ban full-face Islamic garb, period. No one else is allowed to wear a full-faced covering in banks, court rooms, etc. And although these crimes are anything but so-called hate crimes, ban hate crimes  as well. They are unnecessary and further segregate society into special classes of protected victims.

That said, earlier this week we shattered the facade these lawyers, politicians and imams are trying to sell to an unknowing audience with two posts on the Muslim Sister’s Role in Jihad:

  1. Muslim Women’s Role to Encourage Loved Ones to go for Jihad
  2. Raising Mujahid Children

The question here is not whether women’s participation in Jihâd these days is an obligation or not, but rather, how can Muslim women participate in this noble cause and prevent themselves from falling into the sin of abandoning Jihâd.

There are many ways a Muslim woman can participate in Jihâd, both by accompanying the Mujahideen to the battlefield, and by staying behind

Islam is a manual of hate crime, and it requires Muslim women to be active participants. If not, they are apostates which carries a serious penalty.


17 thoughts on “Philadelphia: Muslims demand new ‘hate crime’ law for crimes in Islamic garb (video)

    • This is scary how they are working our system to their benefit. I live in an area that had very few Muslims until the last few years. I was in Walmart and a burka wearing lady poked me and said I cut in front of her in line, which I did not. I told her she must be mistaken. The next thing I know she is on her cell phone and their are 6 Islamic men waiting at end of my line giving me dirty looks. They did not intimidate me but I can see where this is going if we don’t take action.

  1. Sounds like the muzzies want a special protected class status. Toss all those friggin muzzies out of the United States and things will get much better in the country. Then get rid of obama & crew as well.

  2. What if the kidnapper of this little girl is in fact a Muslim? Wouldn’t prosecuting them for wearing Muslim garb during the commission of a crime be discriminatory?

    • the entire idea is absurd but if you listened carefully to both videos the imam who concocted or is pimping the hate crime idea is the FATHER of the kidnapped girl

      that is more than odd it suggests either an inside job, possibly retribution for something or it could also be a complete fabrication ala CAIR to get more sharia/Islamo legislation passed

  3. This is idiotic. How can these illiterate, narrow minded welfare funded ne’er do wells be taken seriously? No one should be allowed to run around hiding in a shroud. As a female, I find it offensive to see one because by wearing that ninja costume they imply somehow that decent, modest Western women are morally inferior to them. That is anything but the case – don’t know how many times I have seen these frauds of alleged piety paying for groceries with food stamps.

  4. the bastards here and their offspring are here to take over our country; one dollar at a time; one mosque at a time; making sure everyone is politically correct in order not to offend them. Many crimes have been committed by burqa wearing people, whether men or women. they should not be treated any differently if they do not know how or want to assimilate. send all of them back to the desert and see who feeds them there.

  5. People are not dressed in “religious clothing” because Islam is not religion. It is a cult. A social, political, financial, and legal ideology that includes murder, pedophilia, lying, and jihad.

  6. Muslims are not in their own country, therefore cannot make the rules. If they want to make tthe laws, they should go back to hell. Personally, I don’t care how much I “Offen” a muslim.

  7. Make wearing of garbage bags in public illegal. Criminals can take advantage of this dress. Let those women go like others in our society, if not acceptable let them go back to saudi

  8. Seriously, who can follow their convoluted, warped, disingenuous bullsh*t? Deport them all now. They are destroying our country. Of course, they deserve whatever ridicule and or mistaken identities that come their way, Of course, it will be Muslim men (or women) or other third world type scum that will commit these crimes in the body bags. Just shoot them on the spot. No loss.

  9. They should abide by our rules (The rules that have been about forever – set out by our own people) and do their very best to fit in the best way they possibly can whilst showing extreme gratefulness for the privileges they have and also very thankful for been welcome whilst spending time in our country, if they are lacking in manners, Don’t like the way things are, or can’t even simply stick to our dress code then simply ‘Fuck Off Back Home’

    We shouldn’t have to put up with this shit!! Bout time the governments started to ‘FUCKING WAKE UP AND ACTUALLY LISTEN TO THE VOICES OF OUR VERY OWN PEOPLE AND RESPECT OUR IDEA’S AND OPINIONS AND PUTTING US FIRST!!!’ (Like back in the olden days)

    I aint no Mystic Meg but… I personally predict if we continue been led down this stupid narrowing wrong turn path then it’s only a matter of time before we (our people) meet our Doom!

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