Hillary Clinton Blames America for Failures in Muslim World

via Clinton Blames America For Failures In Islamic Regions‏ – OpEd Eurasia Review.

As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton turned over her office to Sen. John Kerry, she stated on Friday during her speech at the Council on Foreign Relations that America is at fault for the unrest in the Muslim world because of a failure to explain U.S. policies.

When a reporter questioned Clinton on why favoritism toward America by the Muslim nations during the Obama administration has been considerably lower than during the Bush administration, Clinton responded: “I take responsibility, along with our entire government and our Congress and perhaps our private sector.”

Favoritism during the Bush administration? Like 9/11?

Clinton made her remarks at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington in her final address as secretary of state. She stepped down on Friday and is succeeded by Democratic Senator John Kerry.

The former-First Lady and U.S. Senator said one of the reasons is the United States has “not done a very good job in recent years reaching out in a public media way or in a culturally effective way to explain ourselves.”

But Obama’s continuous Muslim outreach effort included a variety of controversial moves, including the rewriting of the curriculum for training federal law enforcement officials in anti-terrorism by eliminating all references to Islamic terrorism or that portray Muslims negatively, according to Judicial Watch analysts in Washington, D.C., on Thursday.

Clinton claimed she had encountered many depictions on U.S. policies by media in Arab and Muslim world, which she believed are ” absolutely untrue.” “Our response has been — nobody will either believe it or we can’t possibly contest it,” Clinton said.

To change the dynamics, Clinton called for active engagement with the media in the region, including al-Jazeera, the Arab satellite television channel. Ironically, her husband’s vice president, Al Gore, recently sold his cable channel Current TV to al-Jazeera after turning down an offer by talk host and author Glenn Beck.

“You can’t be in the arena and expect there to be a change if you’re not willing to get off the bench,” she said. “And from my perspective, that’s our fault.”

Why exactly do we – private or government – need to be “in the arena” anyway? For all their hatred, Muslims have no problems with the tens of billions of U.S. dollars plundered from American citizens to prop up dictators and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Then again, this is Hillary “Ikhwan” Clinton who just last week told the world she hopes to work with Islamic terror group Hamas.


32 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Blames America for Failures in Muslim World

  1. We have a war criminal at the top and traitors below. The islamists with the Trillions taken from Western wealth have corrupted politicians and officals at every level.

  2. She is right on that at least! But who has been on the helm, on decision making level for well over a decade…Clinton (2 mandates), Bush and Obama…(with Hilarious Clinton). It’s her evasive way to admit she is a failure.

  3. “IF” America makes it to 2016, Hillary wants to be our president. Since we the people, allowed the re-election of, Barack Hussain Obama, the most corrupt, criminal president ever, take a good long look at the next, corrupt, criminal president.

  4. Why is the Secretaty of State even attending a CAIR event? Oh, because she’s all in for the Muslim Hood. Whatever happened to her assistant who was proven to have family connections to the Muslim Hood, you know Weiner’s wife (what a sick joke).

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  8. The U.S. is responsible for the centuries old thinking of Muslims? Hey Hitlery, ever hear of the “halls of Tripoli? Who were those folks there in Tripoli, Libya? Methodists, no doubt.

  9. And this woman was a ‘first lady’, and a Secretary of State? And may yet well run for President? For god’s sake, she doesn’t even know who the enemy is–she identifies with them!!

  10. Hillary Clinton is what you call a DHIMMI. Muslims are at faultt for their lot in life. They are depraved and bizarre barbarians that are ANATHEMA to a free society. Go to Hell Hillary.,where YOU,Obama and your degenerate Muslim cabal belong.

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