Muslim Sister’s Role in Jihad – Train Other Women, Raise Money

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The question here is not whether women’s participation in Jihâd these days is an obligation or not, but rather, how can Muslim women participate in this noble cause and prevent themselves from falling into the sin of abandoning Jihâd.

There are many ways a Muslim woman can participate in Jihâd, both by accompanying the Mujahideen to the battlefield, and by staying behind:

Sisters’ Role On the Battlefield

1. Participation in the Actual Fighting
2. Supporting the Fighters in the Battlefield
3. Guard Duty and Protection

Sisters’ Role Off the Battlefield

1. Raising Mujahid Children
2. Physical Training
3. Encourage Loved Ones to go for Jihâd
4. Training in Combat Medicine and First-aid

5. On an Academic Level

Sisters can participate in Jihâd on an academic level in the following four ways:

Answer Objections Raised Against Jihâd – Read books such as those of Shaikh Abdullah Azzam and others, that deal with the aqidah (doctrine) and fiqh (practical application) of Jihâd. Know how to answer objections and propaganda of those who seek to eliminate Jihâd (or Qital) from Islâm, or at least change it’s nature by coming up with watered-down and new interpretations of the word ‘Jihâd’. If the misinformation being spread by these people is not checked, it will contribute to further Muslim massacres, such as that of Bosnia, where the population had largely left Jihâd. Thus, sisters need to educate themselves in matters of Jihâd, as well as help others learn the truth.

Encourage Others to go for Jihâd – Allâh , The Most Exalted, has commanded the Prophet (peace be upon him):

‘And strongly encourage the Believers to go for Qital (fighting in the path of Allâh).’ [Qur’ân 8:65]

It has to be said that men tend to listen more if they are told to be ‘men’ by women. So sisters, use whatever means Allâh has given you within Islâmic bounds, encourage all the Muslims you can to realize their duty to Allâh and His deen. And very importantly, encourage other sisters as well, as it is they, with Allah’s help, who mold the thought-process of their young sons – the future mujahideen of the Ummah.

Obtain Knowledge of Jihâd and Teach/Train Other Women (and men if needed) –  Don’t hold back on whatever knowledge and wisdom Allâh grants you. If Allâh has shown you the way that leads to Him, then show that to others without holding back. Let Allâh protect you and other Muslims and let no other fear overcome you.

Read and Narrate for Motivation – Read about Jihâd to motivate yourselves, your children, and others you know. Humans love stories, so be generous with telling uplifting stories of Jihâd.

6. Fund-raising

Allâh, The Most High, has commanded Muslims to engage in Jihâd with their selves as well as their wealth. Sisters can help arrange for fund-raising events; call, email, and visit their friends, neighbours, and relatives for the same; and donate for Jihâd from whatever Allâh has blessed them with of jewellery, money, and assets. If sisters want to donate their jewellery, a suggestion (especially applicable in the U.S.) is to be the first to donate it at a fund-raising event, and arrange (preferably beforehand) to have it auctioned off at the event. You can also request to not give it unless it’s cost is met. Experience has shown that usually the jewellery that is auctioned first generates high donations, sometimes several times more than it’s monetary worth. What actually matters is the intention of the donor, as that is what causes even a small donation to multiply with Allâh – The Most Generous!

7. Dua

One of the most important, if not the most important contribution of sisters in the on-going Jihâd in Chechnya and other locations worldwide is their sincere dua, as is requested by the Mujahideen themselves.

If sisters (and brothers for that matter) don’t know the Qunut nazilah, a dua from the Sunnah, then it is imperative that they learn it as soon as possible and recite it in their witr prayers at a minimum. Another dua for the Mujahideen is contained in. Allâh, The Most High, understands all languages and accepts sincere supplication from all His servants! May Allâh Subhanahu wa Ta’ala grant a complete and permanent victory to the Mujahideen fi sabeelih, and may He, The Most High, give us the ability to do our part in Jihâd to the fullest, and may He accept it from all of us (aameen).

May Peace and Blessings be upon the Noblest of all Prophets and Messengers. And the end of our call is: ‘Praise be to Allâh, Lord of all Worlds’

Courtesy of Sister AI
May Allâh reward her with the best of rewards.

5 thoughts on “Muslim Sister’s Role in Jihad – Train Other Women, Raise Money

  1. Regretably this woman’s ‘training exposé’ is none other than a DIRECTLY INSPIRED WORD OF SATAN!!!!!

    I say that, because of the deceptive nature by which it is clothed!!!! The woman who wrote this, “Sister AI” uses all of the terminology of a true lover of God! And she truly believes that she is a lover of God!

    If I were to teach that the use of cyanide and arsenic are the means by which a person can achieve a closer faith in God, everyone would try to crucify me. But, if I were to teach that it’s possible to injest miniscule amounts of these substances, over an enlongated period of time, and that thereby a person can begin to develop a ‘TRUE AWARENESS’ of God, AS SURE AS YOU ARE BORN, there would be some gullible individuals who would believe me. And subsequently there would be indeviduals (see below**) who would offer their testimonials of alleged out-of-body experiences and/ or alleged healings. THESE TESTIMONIALS WOULD ALL HAVE ORIGINATED IN THE MIND OF SATAN PERSONIFIED–NO MATTER HOW PIOUSLY WORDED THEY MAY HAVE BEEN!!!!!


    Islam originated in the mind of a demented, psychotic, perverted and extremely deceptive individual! He set himself up to the world of his day as a direct spokesman for God! He wrote unspeakable things and taught doctrines of demons–BUT HE CLOTHED THESE TEACHINGS IN THE LANGUAGE OF A HUMBLE SEER AND PROPHET OF GOD!

    There’s an old saying which would seem to be so apropos here: SATAN ALWAYS COMES TO US CLOTHED AS AN ANGEL OF LIGHT!!!!!

    **Seems to me that the misspelling of this word: in-devi-duals, i.e., in-DEVIL-uals; might bear some significance here, since I attempted to correct it, only to make the same mistake twice.

  2. Their koran should be banned due to the intolerance and hatred. I cannot believe that islam is still in the category of religion. Wrapping the aura of their crapla, oh er I mean ‘allah’ around war, deception, rape, terror, intolerance, hate, sexual perversions, etc is NOT religion.

  3. Why converts don’t get it .Its simple, saudis have a war plan to destroy your nation ,your past culture. Just convert your poor and uneducated in your country to islam and give them a war manul to kill so you get place in heaven.
    Its working. In ths era 21 century why we don’t get this plan exposed and bring back all converts. Make them love life not die GOd is not that weak he need your help to spread his name. Only fools think like that.

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  5. Aha! now women entering jihad???? welcome. According to my scriptures, women and children of enemy are not to be touched, (when civilian) but when they actively enter war as mujahideen, then ofcourse, nothing holds me back from treating them as war booty, and making them into sex slaves. yummmyyyyyyyyyy, I am already salivating, pious burkha clad muslim women, as my sex slaves, hmmmmmmm heaven can wait…

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