Video: Former FBI Agent Confirms CIA Nominee John Brennan a Convert to Islam

We asked this very question back in a February 2010 post. In that video, Brennan stated “Those Who Are Anti-Islam are a National Security Threat.” It has since been deleted from the web.

Yesterday, a former U.S. Marine and FBI agent confirmed on the trentovision radio/tv show that indeed John Brennan did convert to Islam. Watch to the end.

“Mr. Brennan did convert to Islam when he served in an official capacity on behalf of the United States in Saudi Arabia.”

If video doesn’t work watch it here.

Update: No Bible for Brennan Swearing In



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It’s the only option right now:

Call your Senator now — the number for the Senate switchboard is (202) 224-3121 — and insist they block these nominations.


27 thoughts on “Video: Former FBI Agent Confirms CIA Nominee John Brennan a Convert to Islam

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  2. Look up UN Resolution 16/18 and then go to YouTube and watch: Stephen Coughlin, Part 5: The Role of the OIC in Enforcing Islamic Law


  4. Slowly but suredly Obama is getting his islamist brothers in high positions within the US for the one reason I have been advocating since Obama was first elected his ultimate goal of selling us all out to islam. Beware all free people in the West all our nations are being lead down this path of ultimate death.


  5. Even if Brennan is a Muslim Brotherhood agent or at least a useful idiot for the Muslim Brotherhood, it would be hard to be on the same side as Code Pink in their objection to him. For the most part whatever they are against is a good plan to do.

  6. I have very little doubt that this video is 100% true! And that’s what makes it so disturbing!

    It’s just this kind of thing–THE CONVERSION TO ISLAM BY OUR NATIONAL LEADERS–that will trigger the end of America as we know it!!!!! (And anyone who still thinks that BHO is Christian needs to get to the eye doctor–FAST!) It’s clear that during his time spent in Saudi Arabia, John Brennan hobnobbed around with his Saudi associates and they sold him hook, line and sinker with the islamist propaganda–AND HE BOUGHT INTO IT!!!!! NOW HE’S ONE OF THEM!!!!! Of course he’s not ready to publicly own up to it because that would mean losing the confidence of “Christian” America–and when they have their eyes open they’re still a viable force for the truth!

    What’s even more disturbing than the fact that Brennan is now a Muslim is the fact that he undoubtedly truly believes he has done the RIGHT THING by converting! I seriously doubt that he considers himself to be an anarchist and a traitor to the American Way. HE TRULY BELIEVES THAT HE HAS DONE THE RIGHT THING–BUT THAT’S JUST WHAT THE ISLAMISTS WANT US ALL TO BELIEVE!!! IT’S ALL ABOUT WORLD DOMINATION!!!!! Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion must SUBMIT to islam!!!!! Free thinkers and all other religions must submit!!!!! AND OUR COUNTRY IS DOOMED IF WE LET IT HAPPEN!!!!!

    • They all stick together. Who/what is our real enemy? It is Cultural Marxism! Cultural Marxism the flying carpet used by the Democrat Party from all levels city/town, township, county, state, and national levels. The Democrat Party is filled with communists, Fabian socialists, Marxists, progressives, liberals, Islamists, left-wing radicals, anti-capitalists, un-American union thugs and Cultural Marxism is also the glue that holds them all together in their effort to conquer the world.
      Keep in mind, the RINO leadership/followers in the Republican Party are helping Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood add America to their list of nations they are moving FORWARD towards a global Caliphate. And, the media is their public relations group helping to destroy us.
      In fact, they BOTH are a party to our destruction however, for different reasons; it all revolves around our Constitution, National/Homeland Security and they placed Cultural Marxism above each one.
      Ask a RINO about Shariah/Islamic law in the United States of America and you will get a “deer in the headlight look like Sen. Graham has when asked about Islamic Doctrine. Go to YouTube and watch Sen. Graham publically admit his ignorance when he states, “I Don’t Know What The Islamic Threat Doctrine Is”… which is the title of the video.

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  8. The question How do these traitorous people get into these high positions of of the government? Could it be that the shadow government is calling the shots?

  9. The American people have been abandoned!The Left are slowly sucking the Republicans into their gravitational pull and there are hardly any real Conservatives left who are willing to stick their neck our for the truth and the American people. Now is not the time to be politically correct. I am not the only one to take notice. Our enemy is observing this political ennui of the geldings of the American political ruling class. G-d help us and I really mean that. The American people and our freedom has never been more at risk than right this moment.

    • It is long overdue for conservatives to stand up for conservative principles and to speak out. A silent majority is not the answer. We need an outspoken majority. I believe that the majority of people are conservative in their heart but unfortunately they have been brainwashed by the liberal media. They need to be de-toxified from the liberal toxification they have undergone for many, many years. It is up to conservatives to speak out about the effect for good that conservative principles will bring to bear in our society. We need a renewal and a total reformation.

      • Yes, it is long over due and if everyone keeps worrying about what people will think of them if they tell the truth it’s going to be too late to stop this. If not too late then our children and grandchildren will have a very difficult time un-doing the damage since Liberals who think like Obama are holding just about every lever of power in our country, from the media to the military..

  10. The first amendment to the US Constitution states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” The two parts, known as the “establishment clause” and the “free exercise clause” respectively, form the textual basis for the Supreme Court’s interpretations of the “separation of church and state” doctrine.

  11. what more proof must be published for the public to realize that we are being infiltrated by the muslims?…under the sponsorship of the faux POTUS!
    pass the butter & jam…we are toast!

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