Hamas-linked CAIR leads Arizona lawmakers in anti-Jewish, anti-Christian prayer

Last week, Texas lawmakers fell for the Islamic prayer ploy, this week it’s Arizona.


“CAIR-AZ Chairman Leads Prayer on Arizona Senate Floor,” from CAIR Arizona, February 7:

On Thursday, February 7th, 2013 – the Arizona State Senate’s prayer invocation was led by Anas Hlayhel – the Chairman of the Arizona Chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR-AZ.)Hlayhel, who also serves as the part time imam of the Islamic Center of the Northeast Valley led the lawmakers and all those in attendance through the reading of al-Fatiha (the opening chapter of the Holy Quran) in addition to an additional prayer thereafter….

Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch writes:

The Fatihah, the first sura of the Qur’an, contains this:

“Guide us in the straight path, the path of those whom Thou hast blessed, not of those against whom Thou art wrathful, nor of those who are astray.” (1:6-7)

The traditional Islamic understanding of this is that the “straight path” is Islam — cf. Islamic apologist John Esposito’s book Islam: The Straight Path. The path of those who have earned Allah’s anger are the Jews, and those who have gone astray are the Christians.

The classic Qur’anic commentator Ibn Kathir explains that “the two paths He described here are both misguided,” and that those “two paths are the paths of the Christians and Jews, a fact that the believer should beware of so that he avoids them. The path of the believers is knowledge of the truth and abiding by it. In comparison, the Jews abandoned practicing the religion, while the Christians lost the true knowledge. This is why ‘anger’ descended upon the Jews, while being described as ‘led astray’ is more appropriate of the Christians.”

Seventeen times a day, by the pious. And in the Arizona State Senate, with the willing participation of the foolish kuffar.

Read it all.


9 thoughts on “Hamas-linked CAIR leads Arizona lawmakers in anti-Jewish, anti-Christian prayer

  1. Congressional “leaders” are nothing more than MORONS. The average man on the street has a 1000 times more common sense. I don’t need to pay someone to lead me to the kind of slaughter practiced by Muslims for hundreds of years.


  2. I fully believe that the practice of islam in the United States needs to be criminalised as a felony offense. If muzzrats refuse to renounce islam, then imprisonment and/or deportation must be immposed.

    In the meantime, muslims must be made to feel unwelcome, and unwanted in this country. If libtards and muzztards don’t like my saying this, they can kiss my bacon!

    • It won’t be until more of us wake up to what islam is about. It is the making holy of war, deception, sexual perversions (pedophilia, abuse of women, rape, polygamy, etc), and the funding of their violent jihadists with their zakat. And that means we need to give the sowdie lobbyists the boot out of Congress. Why do we have sowdies lobbying – and giving money and other favors – to our politicians? And why does political organizations like CAIR, ISNA, MSA, etc etc – and ALL Muslim Brotherhood groups – get tax exemptions?

      • And also why are we getting stuck with a muslim CIA chief? Hell, it is bad enough being stuck with a usurping, unlawful, unqualified muzzturd as President. I would highly suggest that the first two muslims deported be Obama and his CIA nominee, John Brennan.

  3. I’m just so tired of hearing everything muslims are offended by; just for once, I wish the ‘powers that be’ would try to understand that muslims offend ME!!

    I thought we lived in Democracies in western countries; rule of the people, by the people, for the people–rule by the majority?! Yet our rights are being trumped by a tiny minority! This ‘Kafkaesque’ situation would be laughable, were it not actually happening.

    Every day I hope for the situation to improve, but every day it worsens, and I get no sensible answer in European newspapers to my two part question, viz. “Do you intend to walk to the nearest mosque and say to the muslims: ‘here are the keys to our country–you rule us now’ “, and the answers I’ve got are always the same: “Oh, of course not, we wouldn’t let things go that far”, to which I reply: “Really, so you intend to make a stand, WHEN?”

    • They’ve made the Faustian bargain and they’re going to carry it through to its bitter, inevitable, predictable end, no matter what it does to our country.

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