Dearborn Muslim Calls for Killing Anti-Islam Protesters

FBI and DOJ are on it right? via Dearborn Muslim Calls for Killing Anti-Islam Protesters.

A recent Dearborn Patch article addressed concerns about the location of the annual Dearborn Arab Festival. For several years, the festival has been held on Warren Avenue.

The local population is divided over whether to move the festival, and, even more importantly, over how Muslims should respond to protesters. The Dearborn Area Community Members Facebook group hosted a discussion about the move, and some of the comments were enlightening. A Muslim named Aboudi Berro suggested moving the festival to an area where protesters could be more easily murdered:

Much more at Answering Muslims.

14 thoughts on “Dearborn Muslim Calls for Killing Anti-Islam Protesters

  1. Nope, selective enforcement. Nothing will be done or investigated. It does not meet the leftist criterea for being a crime since it was uttered (spewed, really) by a member of a ‘protected’ group on of all venues, Facebook. Just good ol’ libtarded hypocracy at work in the service of Dar al-Islam. Progressive types are after all, the ‘butt slaves’ of Mohammadianism.

    No, nothing to see here folks. Move along. Keep it orderly and no rubbernecking.

  2. just a preview of what is coming as long as we do not enforce the laws and put them in their place; which would be preferably, the desert overseas.

    islam has NO respect for any other beliefs or persons not of their ilk.

    i have yet to see the government stop them from being terrorists. Oh, i forgot, he is one of them. he has had all reference to islam, jihad, terrorist, war on terrorists removed from all dialogue the gov’t uses.

    it is time to start at the top and put them in their place.

    were infidels to try and demonstrate in their countries, it would be instant murder.

    • Dearbornistan is already Dar EL ISLAM- police and judicial are fully infiltrated – so not a damn thing will be done to prevent the violence and if Muslims attack expect no prosecution- they will justify it saying they were provoked- under sharia that allows them to kill

  3. I always enjoy inspiring speech! Now that the candy-assed mooslem has the easy part done (talking about it) Step right up asshole and let;s get it on! I figure about a week and there won’t be a mooslem left that will admit to it. So take the first shot, I will take the last…

  4. They come to America, like the came to Europe, and bring their hatred and disrespect for their new chosen home with them. They remain uneducated and unemployed and let their new country pay for all their needs. Nothing good comes from helping these barbaric haters of mankind. They are I unwelcomed wherever they go because they cause havoc by remaining separate and refusing to integrate into society. Yet, their hands are ready to take freebees from the infidels.

  5. There two things I don’t understand. (1.) When Dearborn holds it’s Arab Fest and one has 500,000 mooslimes gather in one group, why not hit them with an armed drone? Send them back to whence they came. (2.) When one million mooslimes are encircling the Kaaba during the Haj, why not hit them with a Bunker Buster? Either, would definitely make a great and distinct statement for Christanity!

    • OOOOHHHH, I’m with you on this one!! It’s about time something was done for our side! Oops! Forgot I’m an atheist, but I’m with the Christians and Jews on this one!!!

  6. Agreed, “just a preview of what’s to come, b/c we don’t inforce or respect our laws”! Truth is, some who believe in freedom may have to die, “just” in the protesting of Shariah law, and to bring about change. I’m not talking about us killing anyone, I’m speaking of Muslims, doing the dirty deed.

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