US media ignore Muslim assassination attempt on Danish writer

via Andrew Bostom’s blog – Hedegaard Interviewed by Sun TV’s Michael Coren (But Not Fox News).

Once again illustrating how Canada’s Sun TV is far bolder than any US television network in dealing with Islam’s threat to Western free speech, Michael Coren, uniquely, interviewed Lars Hedegaard, who survived an assassination attempt earlier this week. Coren underscored my own sentiment that the failure to cover this assassination attempt against a major Western journalist by television media—including conservative television outlets Fox News and The Blaze—is a lingering disgrace.

I am very grateful to Michael Coren for doing the interview, but have a minor quibble with his introduction, which in fact does not (watch for yourselves) comport with these expressed sentiments on Islam by my colleague and friend Lars Hedegaard (during September, 2010):

We [the International Free Press Society] have made no bones about the fact that we consider Islam — as it is presently being preached by all influential clerics and ideologues — a deadly threat to all our freedoms among which are freedom of expression. For this consistent stance we have been vilified and called every name in the book, but we will not budge. I’m aware that some of my friends think that Islam can be reformed, domesticated, and civilized. I welcome that day, but must relate to the fact that it hasn’t happened yet — though Muslims have had 1,400 years to complete the project.

At any rate, we are all indebted to Michael Coren for interviewing Lars Hedegaard and airing his important story, which the legacy media, Fox News and The Blaze, and even the major US conservative talk radio blowhards, all continue to ignore, imperiling free speech by their craven behavior.

5 thoughts on “US media ignore Muslim assassination attempt on Danish writer

  1. another example of complete idiocy on part of the main stream media.
    the world should know EVERY attempt islam makes to rid the world of infidels; no matter what;not to mention torture of their own people,mainly women and children.
    islam is pure crap

  2. Clicked on dispatch international and read “Suni VS Sheite” article. You need to see the truth in numbers. The Mid East would not be anymore peaceful without Israel.

  3. Watched the interview with Coren. Hedegaard must have a death wish to open the door to an unknown man with an unexpected parcel. Madness.

    We (in Canada) are very lucky to have SUN news. We used to watch FOX, and still do, but compared with SUN, FOX is almost ‘left’; with O’Reilly constantly saying obama is a ‘good guy’ and smart, etc.. Hannity seems to be the only one at FOX who gets it right.

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