Virginia: $1.5M theft estimate revised after Muslim says she “didn’t steal during Ramadan”

How pious. via Sentencing reveals that theft of parking fees at Smithsonian’s Va. annex exceeded $1.5 M – The Washington Post. h/t halalporkshop

McLEAN, Va. — Authorities have determined that parking-lot employees stole more than $1.5 million from the Smithsonian at the museum’s Udvar-Hazy Air and Space annex in Chantilly, much more than first estimated.

The new estimate came to light at a hearing Friday in federal court in Alexandria, where a lot attendant, Freweyni Mebrahtu, 46, of Sterling, was sentenced to two years and three months in prison.

When charges were announced last year, authorities said they believed the losses exceeded $400,000 but were unsure of the exact amount.

At Friday’s hearing, Mebrahtu admitted she alone stole $895,000 over a three-year period.

She said she did so at the urging of supervisors with parking contractor PMI, who demanded two-thirds of the money Mebrahtu took in.

Going into Friday’s hearing, authorities had estimated that Mebrahtu stole nearly $1.2 million, based on length of employment and how much she typically stole each month. But prosecutors accepted her assertion that she did not steal during the Muslim holy days of Ramadan, and revised the loss attributable to Mebrahtu to $895,000.

8 thoughts on “Virginia: $1.5M theft estimate revised after Muslim says she “didn’t steal during Ramadan”

  1. They took her word that she didn’t steal during the holy days of Top Ramen? Really? Ever heard of Taqyyia, where the muslim can lie to the infidel and it’s okay? The very fact that she stole anything is a violation of her faith so how much more trouble could she get into by lying about the amount of her crime? And she only gets a little more than two years in prison for that? I think she should be punished by her law, Shari’a law, and have her hand(s) chopped off.

  2. This literally sends chills down my spine! OH HOW INCREDIBLY PIOUS AND HOLY–she didn’t steal during ramadan–and, that being the case, her theft was only a measly $895,000 rather than the $1.5 million which actually came up missing at the Smithsonian. Surely she should be acquited of all charges and the authorities ought to apologize so she can get back to pilfering more funds for al-queda! THIS WOMAN IS A TRUE islamo-american HERO! I THINK SHE COULD LITERALLY HOLD A GUN TO OBAMA FOR MOST SPECTACULAR PSEUDO-AMERICAN muslim THIEF EVER!!!!! Heh, heh, no GUN (I mean PUN) INTENDED. Well actually the ‘gun’ part doesn’t sound like such a bad idea!!!!!

  3. P.S. I’m with ‘Gouchybear’ on this one! CHOP HER HANDS OFF!!!!! And while we’re at it, that goes for the ‘big’ BHO too!!!! NOW THERE’S A “REAL” THIEF FOR YOU!!!!! Come to think of it–THOSE TWO REALLY SHOULD GET TOGETHER. ‘Course, who knows, maybe he’s the one that she actually works for!!!!! Who knew?????

  4. and what stopped her from stealing during ramadhan? after all allah would not punish her for cheating the kuffar, so long as allah gets 1/5th of the booty!

  5. Reblogged this on Screenshots News and commented:
    A Muslim parking lot attendee stole more than $800,000.00 from the Smithsonian during a three year period. Their prison sentences sound like the very slightest slap on the hand.

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