Fed Judge Blasts CAIR in “Muslim Mafia” Case

via Home | Federal Judge Blasts CAIR’s “Inability to Efficiently Manage their Discovery” and Denies Motion to Extend Discovery in “Muslim Mafia” Case | AFLC – American Freedom Law Center.

Last Friday, Federal Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, sitting in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, denied the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ (CAIR) motion to extend discovery in the American Freedom Law Center’s defense of the Center for Security Policy (CSP) and several of its employees, who were sued by CAIR for conducting an undercover documentary designed to expose the Islamic organization’s corrupt activities.

Following the reasoning argued by AFLC Co-Founder and Senior Counsel David Yerushalmi in an opposition brief that was filed on behalf of all defendants, Judge Kollar-Kotelly denied CAIR’s request to depose two non-party witnesses in the case, ruling that the request was untimely, without cause, and would “not only disrupt the Court’s management of its docket, but would also prejudice Defendants by necessarily stinting mediation efforts and delaying the potential resolution of this matter through dispositive motions.”

The Court, however, went even further and scolded CAIR and its in-house legal counsel for their “inability to efficiently manage their discovery in this matter and to comply with the Court’s Scheduling and Procedures Order.”  As the Court pointed out, even CAIR’s motion seeking more time for discovery was itself untimely and substantively deficient.

Yerushalmi, who is the lead counsel for all defendants, commented: “Not only did CAIR’s substantively deficient motion violate the Court’s orders in several pertinent respects; it was a blatant and patently false presentation of the discovery record in this case.  Indeed, this misrepresentation is just a part of CAIR’s pattern of taking a troubling and seemingly abusive approach to civil litigation.  Accordingly, Judge Kollar-Kotelly’s ruling demonstrates that the Court is aware of CAIR’s unprofessional tactics, which in turn speaks to the failure of CAIR to meet its burden of proof and provide any probative evidence of wrongdoing by any of the defendants.”

Yerushalmi commented: “This litigation has been ongoing since October 2009.  As such, there is nothing to be gained and much to be lost by re-opening and extending discovery.  This case is ripe for summary judgment.”

The Court agreed with AFLC’s brief, denied CAIR’s motion, and will soon set a schedule for motions that could bring this case to a close by ruling in favor of Defendants and exposing CAIR as the center of a Muslim Brotherhood, mafia-like organization.

Excerpts from Muslim Mafia here:

Muslim Mafia: First look at undercover infiltration of CAIR

Muslim Mafia: More excerpts from inside CAIR

Rogues gallery of terror-tied CAIR leaders

14 thoughts on “Fed Judge Blasts CAIR in “Muslim Mafia” Case

  1. My, My, My! Who knew??? Why, imagine that–“CAIR as the center of a Muslim Brotherhood, mafia-like organization.” Surely you jest!!!!! And all this time, here we all thought that the “brotherhood” was such an upstanding, benevolent pro-American outfit!!!! Funny thing, how come our “muslim-in-chief” still invites them all to the White House so that they can all have their private sex orgies together???!!!!!

    GOD BLESS Federal Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly!!!!! WHAT A REFRESHING BREATH OF FRESH AIR!!!!!

    THANK YOU, JUDGE KOLLAR-KOTELLY–from a proud kuffar infidel!!!!!

  2. This example of sloppy legal expertise toes in nicely with their (CAIR) hiring phoney lawyers who cheated clients out of money. There’s something more here. I wonder if instructions to CAIR are coming from moslemite legal counsel versed more in shari’a than western law.

    • GOOD POINT!!!! And may these imbeciles forever remain the ignoramuses that bespeak their 7th century neanderthal “enlightened” system of glorified “justifiable” homicide and hatred!!!!! Like the old saying goes, “YA’ CAN’T FIX STUPID”!!!!!

    • David the point of this lawfare- is not to WIN- but to send a message to any person who dares criticize ISLAM or Muslims or CAIR- their lawsuits & stall tactics are intended to cost the authors of Muslim Mafia money- so much money that others will be intimidated to try the same- we will see the same groups who LOVE people who expose and infiltrate other groups (ANONYMOUS, wikileaks, 60 Minutes) for liberal causes hailed as culture warriors- THESE guys dared to infiltrate Muslim group and were successful in PROVING beyond shadow of a doubt WHO they really are and what they really do and are trying to do- and so they must be branded as racist, liars, haters etc.

      Creeping has a lot of articles showing LAWFARE JIHAD works- on publishers, writers, artists, and bloggers- MAFIA tactics of threats, protection money are part of ISLAMIC lifestyle

      • I agree. I wasn’t clear in my point. They (CAIR) are sloppy. Every time they and theirs enter court, they surrender information which can be used against them. This, lawfare, is a dance whose tempo changes and morphs from recognizable to discordant.

  3. What has to happen is Rid the Courts of all the Socialist and dishonest Judges from out co Court Rooms.
    Now that would leave a lot of Court room looking for an Honest judges that can’t be bought off,and that will take a long time, not but a hand full of honesty in most of them.

    • Some judges are elected. In which case, look to the voters. If I was a moslemite imam, I would direct obama approved immigration to districts which do this. Then I can control the local judicial process. Some are appointed. Who appoints? Elected officials.

  4. This can’t be so because CNN and MSN all swear up and down on their reputations that CAIR is simply a human rights organization like the NAACP. Anyone who says otherwise must by definition be an “Islamophobe.” Actual investigation into what CAIR does and where the money comes from and goes is therefore off limits to media, naturally, and of course that does not raise any red flags, since they are all good liberals.

  5. The Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated government in a 3 branches, tries at every turn to influence everyone in the civilian sector, they have people in very facet of American life. Their intent is to tear apart the fabric if life in the U.S. , where ever Obama has failed to do so. They are the back up plan.

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