Fort Hood Hero Says Obama ‘Betrayed’ Her, Other Victims of Jihad Attack

via Fort Hood Hero Says Obama ‘Betrayed’ Her, Other Victims – ABC News.

Three years after the White House arranged a hero’s welcome at the State of the Union address for the Fort Hood police sergeant and her partner who stopped the deadly shooting there, Kimberly Munley says President Obama broke the promise he made to her that the victims would be well taken care of.

“Betrayed is a good word,” former Sgt. Munley told ABC News in a tearful interview to be broadcast tonight on “World News with Diane Sawyer” and “Nightline.”

“Not to the least little bit have the victims been taken care of,” she said. “In fact they’ve been neglected.”

There was no immediate comment from the White House about Munley’s allegations.

Thirteen people were killed, including a pregnant soldier [CS: and her unborn baby], and 32 others shot in the November 2009 rampage by the accused shooter, Major Nidal Hasan, who now awaits a military trial on charges of premeditated murder and attempted murder.

Tonight’s broadcast report also includes dramatic new video, obtained by ABC News, taken in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, capturing the chaos and terror of the day.

Munley, since laid off from her job with the base’s civilian police force, was shot three times as she and her partner, Sgt. Mark Todd, confronted Hasan, who witnesses said had shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he opened fire on soldiers being processed for deployment to Afghanistan.

As Munley lay wounded, Todd fired the five bullets credited with bringing Hasan down.

Despite extensive evidence that Hasan was in communication with al Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki prior to the attack, the military has denied the victims a Purple Heart and is treating the incident as “workplace violence” instead of “combat related” or terrorism.

Munley and dozens of other victims have now filed a lawsuit against the military alleging the “workplace violence” designation means the Fort Hood victims are receiving lower priority access to medical care as veterans, and a loss of financial benefits available to those who injuries are classified as “combat related.”

Some of the victims “had to find civilian doctors to get proper medical treatment” and the military has not assigned liaison officers to help them coordinate their recovery, said the group’s lawyer, Reed Rubinstein.

“There’s a substantial number of very serious, crippling cases of post-traumatic stress disorder exacerbated, frankly, by what the Army and the Defense Department did in this case,” said Rubinstein. “We have a couple of cases in which the soldiers’ command accused the soldiers of malingering, and would say things to them that Fort Hood really wasn’t so bad, it wasn’t combat.”

Pentagon Press Secretary George Little said the Department of Defense is “committed to the highest care of those in our military family.”

“Survivors of the incident at Fort Hood are eligible for the same medical benefits as all servicemembers,” said Little. “The Department of Defense is also committed to the integrity of the ongoing court martial proceedings of Major Nidal Hasan and for that reason will not at this time further characterize the incident.”

Secretary of the Army John McHugh told ABC News he was unaware of any specific complaints from the Fort Hood victims, even though he is a named defendant in the lawsuit filed last November which specifically details the plight of many of them.

“If a soldier feels ignored, then we need to know about it on a case by case basis,” McHugh told ABC News. “It is not our intent to have two levels of care for people who are wounded by whatever means in uniform.”

Some of the victims in the lawsuit believe the Army Secretary and others are purposely ignoring their cases out of political correctness.

“These guys play stupid every time they’re asked a question about it, they pretend like they have no clue,” said Shawn Manning, who was shot six times that day at Fort Hood. Two of the bullets remain in his leg and spine, he said.

“It was no different than an insurgent in Iraq or Afghanistan trying to kill us,” said Manning, who was twice deployed to Iraq and had to retire from the military because of his injuries.

An Army review board initially classified Manning’s injuries as “combat related,” but that finding was later overruled by higher-ups in the Army.

Manning says the “workplace violence” designation has cost him almost $70,000 in benefits that would have been available if his injuries were classified as “combat related.”

“Basically, they’re treating us like I was downtown and I got hit by a car,” he told ABC News.

For Alonzo Lunsford, who was shot seven times at Fort Hood and blinded in one eye, the military’s treatment is deeply hurtful.

“It’s a slap in the face, not only for me but for all of the 32 that wore the uniform that day,” he told ABC News.

Lunsford’s medical records show his injuries were determined to be “in the line of duty” but neither he nor any of the other soldiers shot or killed at Fort Hood is eligible for the Purple Heart under the Department of Defense’s current policy for decorations and awards.

Army Secretary McHugh says awarding Purple Hearts could adversely affect the trial of Major Hasan.

“To award a Purple Heart, it has to be done by a foreign terrorist element,” said McHugh. “So to declare that soldier a foreign terrorist, we are told, I’m not an attorney and I don’t run the Justice Department, but we’re told would have a profound effect on the ability to conduct the trial.”

Members of Congress, including the chairman of the House Homeland Security committee, Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, say they will introduce legislation to force the military and the Obama administration to give the wounded and dead the recognition and honors they deserve.

“It was clearly an act of terrorism that occurred that day, there’s no question in my mind,” McCaul told ABC News. “I think the victims should be treated as such.”

Former Sgt. Munley says she now believes the White House used her for political advantage in arranging for her to sit next to Michelle Obama during the President’s State of the Union address in 2010.

Munley says she has no hesitation now speaking out against the President or taking part in the lawsuit, because she wants to help the others who were shot that day and continue to suffer.

“We got tired of being neglected. So this was our last resort and I’m not ashamed of it a bit,” said Munley. She is also raising money for a movie about Fort Hood, and says some of the proceeds will go to the victims.

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11 thoughts on “Fort Hood Hero Says Obama ‘Betrayed’ Her, Other Victims of Jihad Attack

  1. I cannot determine if I am bitter, angry, cynical, suspicious of motive or all of them. What the f–k is this president who awards a Medal of Honor and s—s on others wounded or killed in the line of service. Is this about money? Does he have a deal with arabs and other moslemites to wash this in the interests of international cooperation? I just don’t know. Maybe its time for ordinary citizens to organize a relief fund for these heroes, kicked off at Ground Zero.

  2. OMG! OMG! OMG! Not only do these 33 American heroes have to suffer the loss of $70,000 each, in medical military reimbursements BECAUSE WE HAVE A TRAITOROUS CRIMINAL FOR A PRESIDENT; but this demented, traitorous piece of human waste (Hasan) is STILL DRAWING THE FULL SALARY of an Army major!

  3. the man who cannot say JIHAD- this is one more slap in the face to our military personnel- an obvious consequence from the admin that refuses to SMELL THE DAMN JIHAD inside our military, our politics, our CIA (Brennan) and now Dems will give them a pro Arab Secty of Defense–

    we have moved far beyond shameful and disgusting , unethical & immoral, IT’S TREASON of the highest order by the LIAR we have as CIC- and I BLAME THE VOTERS who put this creep in office- twice!@WTF is wrong with American people???

    • As an army veteran (71-74) soldiers have to have FAITH in their leaders that they will protect them and come after anyone seeking their destruction. All these people are VOLUNTEERS. They chose this life, partially at least, in the sure knowledge they have people looking after them and not the obama, ‘I got tour back’.

  4. In the interest of islam the American Military is being denigrated by all means. From gays to the new medals for remote drone operators. Till Americans realize that BO is a muslim caliph in charge of bringing America to its knees for the conversion to islamic sharia rule and slavery we are doomed by the deception and treachary of islamists in the government.

    • Unfortunately, I think it will take another Pearl Harbor, something far greater than Twin Towers to wake up America. I have confidence obama and his type are hard at work on this problem. All the while congress rubs its privates over the meaning is ‘is’ or ‘was’ or ‘maybe’ and so on.

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