Sharia trumps security concerns of Orange County law enforcement in Muslim/ACLU shakedown

Muslim criminals continue to wage legal jihad backed by the ACLU. via OC Sheriff’s Department Settles Head Scarf Lawsuit With Muslim Woman

SANTA ANA (CBS/AP) — An Orange County Muslim woman who was forced to remove her head scarf by jailers has settled a civil rights lawsuit.

Souhair Khatib of Anaheim and her husband pleaded guilty in 2006 to a misdemeanor welfare fraud violation and were given community service, the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California told City News Service.

They failed to complete the community service.

When Khatib went to ask for an extension to complete the service, a judge ordered her jailed. She claimed jailers in a courthouse holding cell forced her to remove the religious scarf because it could be used as a weapon.

She sued in 2007 for religious discrimination.

“I praise Allah and thank Him that I live in a country where I can practice my religion freely. While not everyone understands Islam or what it requires of me, I’m grateful that the U.S. government protects my right to fulfill my duty to Allah, whether at work, on a public street or, yes, even in a sheriff’s holding facility,” Khatib said.

When you break the law, you lose some of your rights. Unless you are Muslim.

The ACLU says, under the settlement, county officials will no longer require Muslim women in custody to remove their headscarves.

It’s a landmark settlement,” ACLU attorney Mark Rosenbaum told City News Service. “It means religious freedom doesn’t stop at the courthouse door. Muslim women inside the facility will be allowed to honor their religious views without having to sacrifice them to the security concerns of Orange County law enforcement.”

In other words, sharia trumps the security concerns of Orange County law enforcement. Let the Islamic dawah training commence.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department says it’s given its officers new training about the scarves and released the following statement:

“The Orange County Sheriff’s Department respects the constitutionally guaranteed religious rights of all persons. As agreed to in the settlement, we have implemented new policies and conducted training with our personnel specific to the wearing of religious head garments. These changes will ensure the security needs of our custodial facilities are met and at the same time respect the religious freedoms of those held in our custody.

And the dawah will become permanent until all aspects of sharia law are implemented.

“In addition, the department has established a quarterly meeting with our religious volunteers from the various faiths, including Islam, to ensure our personnel are sensitive to the needs of our inmate population and to find ways to enhance the services they provide.

Quarterly meetings paid for by whom? Separation of what?

“Maintaining the balance of Constitutional guarantees with the safety and well-being of those entrusted into our custody is a dynamic undertaking and we will continue to work with our community partners to meet that challenge.”

Islam will destroy America in time.

Back stories here. Previously an appeals court backed the removal.

22 thoughts on “Sharia trumps security concerns of Orange County law enforcement in Muslim/ACLU shakedown

  1. When will this MORONIC “leaders” wake up to the fact that the hijab is NOT a religious requirement? It is a Muslim Brotherhood political statement only. This is backed up by Islamic imams.

  2. Reblogged this on WindsorCOAct!forAmerica and commented:
    I agree, here in America currently, if anyone breaks the law, they have to suffer the consequences, unless you are a Muslim, then you can get off by suing because of “religious discrimination”…and it works, primarily because of Sheik Obama, who is trying to pave the path for global Islamization, starting with the once super power US.

  3. So what’s to stop them from hiding a weapon or other contraband substance UNDER THAT HEAD RAG?????



  4. She wants to keep it on fine, a tube of supper glue makes sure it doesn’t slip off! Don’t take it off, deport them period, you follow the rules or get your ass out, you’re unwelcome!

  5. Kool! Then I guess I should be able to retain all of “MY RIGHTS” even if I am a “Felon!”…right! After all, I’m “Christian!” And as a Christian “…I forgive those who have trespassed against me…” and vice-versa…right?

    “…duh!” of course NOT!!!


    btw…by every definition of “cult” by the Federal Government…”ISLAM” is a “CULT!”

  6. Good post, CS.

    “It’s a landmark settlement,” Yup, indeed it is just that. To be sure.

    Thus, line us up, show us how to act, as you, CS, said, “Let the Islamic dawah training commence.”

    “Dawah, Dawah—where have I that before?— let’s see here, Da… daw…dawa…dawah, ah, here it is: “inviting or calling people to worship Allah by following the Messenger of Allah.”

    (Aisha Bewley, Glossary of Islamic Terms, Ta-Ha Publishers, LTD, 2009, p.6)

    Hmm, ‘ sounds rather harmless, does it not—if not downright noble?

    Hence small wonder, our funding, training and arming, as well as our spending many a life and limb of our sons and daughters empowering the Iraqi Dawa devotees.

    CS, you stated, “And the dawah will become permanent until all aspects of sharia law are implemented.”

    Yup. Yes, Sir.

    Fool yourself if you wish to to the contrary of that, but I will repeat assertions I’ve previously asserted with respect to this battle for our lives and nation we are challenged with: I believe the only fight one is assured no taste of victory in is the one in which one refrains from engaging in.

    That stated, we have our work cut out for us:

    If you’ve yet to visit the above link and links provided thereat, I encourage you to do so. Detailed thereat, in part, our work.

    As I have stated before, we win only when no longer there is left standing or operating as such, neither Mosque nor madrassas in this nation. Until we have measurable progress realized towards that stated benchmark, Islam continues its steady stroll to ascendency.

    Be assured, only a fool believes otherwise, only a fool believes this a bloodless war…

  7. stupid and short-sighted to allow them wrappings- might be deadly to other inmates and guards- the guards are the ones should be suing the Muslims-

    first of all- in a women’s prison it’s all women- even in Saudi A. women do not have to cover in front of other women- head cover is not for ALLAH but for men not to see you lest they be aroused——————- so it’s 100% BULLSHIT lawfare by Muzzies &&& again the law agrees to it’s own dhimmification

    now why do these same Muz think they can scoff the law??

  8. Their religious views include your death, or conversion. Lets tell the judges that honor killings and multiple wives need to get passes too.

  9. The non-moslem citizens need to start raising a fuss and demanding that their city stop kissing moslem behinds just because they are moslems. If a moslem gets something then it should be also given to a non-moslem such as … a necklace with a cross on it, rosary beads, etc. Whatever is a religious item – and threaten to sue just like the moslems do. The ACLU has been taken over by moslems and their useful idiots because if they were about religious freedoms they wouldn’t be demanding pics, crosses, prayers be eliminated from schools and allowing dressing/praying like a moslem, visiting mosques, a room for moslem prayers that bash Christians and Jews, etc allowed

  10. Catholics, Christians & Jew need to unite. Wake up and see the thruth. This couple was stealing and in their arrogance they still sue. We need to educate all Americans what the KORAN teaches about Christians and Jews. They are not the Religion of peace. We have Christians being KILLED around the Globe in the name of their Religion. LET THE MEXICANS IN THEY ARE CHRISTIANS THAT FIGHT FOR THEIR FAITH..

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