Video: American Jihadist in Syria

According to the Youtube site and unconfirmed:

His name is William Eric Houran, a drug addict and a thief which is the common type of people in the so called “free Syrian Army”, that is destroying Syria. Ironically, the West considers these people as the “sole representatives of the Syrian people”.

h/t blazing cat fur and this vid courtesy of @causingfitna

Looks like the same guy from this post, Video: Are Americans fighting alongside jihadists in Syria? And Algeria?

3 thoughts on “Video: American Jihadist in Syria

  1. Those “rebels” are Muslim Brotherhood. It looks like Muslim Brotherhood in every Muslim country are in the process of being united so they will start, basically, against Israel at once. However, Asad is not as hateful to Israel as Muslim Brotherhood. His father accepted money to keep the Heights in the hands of Israel, for example.

    However, Muslim Brotherhood are talking against Israel as if it is feasible to destroy Israel. But, when they reach the regime in any country, like in Egypt, they start looking as nice people just like what Morsi is doing while they talk in public inside their couontry to destroy Israel while they cannot do anything. I believe Morsi is the most reliable idiot that does not know what he is doing but he is respected anyway.

    About being rugue and addict, it is known about Muslim Brotherhood for their language that they use and the vicioius attacks on other using propaganda that they learned during WWII may be from Hitler.

    I am glad the Coptics are standing for themselves although they lost some people lately. I hope they maintain their relatioship with the West using some neutral newspapers and parties to express themselves.

    I don’t think U.S. and Europe are serious in supporting the rebels, They are just encouraging them to screw each others, be weakened, and, as a result, the number of Israel’s enemies will be reduced. Imagine 1 milion of those who hate Israel are dead.

    Indeed, Muslim Brotherhood are not even being able to see under their own feet while they are blind and cannot see the future of anything. The “Morshid”, of course, is their Allah and their Mohamed.

    • I wish you were right Mohamed but the govt we have now- run by 0bama is Muslims Brotherhood friendly and despise Israel – putting as many hate Israel first people as they can into their administration.Dems will run Hillary Clinton next- if she wins more of the same and worse-these are the people who embedded Islam in EU (Bosnia, Kosovo), love Turkey, give money and weapons to all Israel enemies while they pretend to USA people they support it- They tie Israel’s hands at any opportunity- In USA no politician can say they want to destroy, Israel so these MB lovers do the next best thing- let the Muslims do it- before he was elected 0bama met with proPalestinian Rashid Khalidi and promised to fuck Israel- he is keeping that promise

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