Indonesian Muslims Scale Church Gates to Threaten, Strangle Minister

Interfaith tolerance in the Muslim world. via Indonesia Church Officials Face Violence, Jail Time for Conducting Services | The Jakarta Globe. h/t bukan

The wife of a church minister who was jailed two weeks ago for allegedly conducting a service without a permit also faces arrest for defying an order from local authorities to stop holding services at a church in Sumedang, West Java.

Minister Bernhard Maukar and his wife, Corry, were holding a service at their Pentecostal church (GPdI) in Mekargalih village, Jatinangor subdistrict, on Jan. 27, when it was attacked by members of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), who claimed that the church did not have a valid permit to operate.

CCTV footage obtained by the Jakarta Globe shows details of the attack where a gang of about 50 members from the hard-line organization scaled the gates of the religious facility, caused havoc and destruction within the place of worship and physically threatened the minister — at one point using Bernhard’s necktie to strangle him.

Bernhard was arrested by officials from the Sumedang Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) two days later for continuing to hold services without a valid permit, which breaks a 2005 local government law.

The minister is currently serving a three-month sentence at the Sumedang prison as he could not pay the Rp 25 million ($2,600) fine ordered by the district court.

Corry said this is the third major act of violence the FPI has inflicted upon them in the past two years.

The grandmother explained that the latest attack on the church, which has been running for 26 years, had significantly traumatized the 400-member congregation, many of whom are now too afraid to return.


4 thoughts on “Indonesian Muslims Scale Church Gates to Threaten, Strangle Minister

  1. Identify the head of the snake, sever it, and move on! All over the Muslim kingdom, radical Wahhabi clerics are inciting genocide against Christians, Jews, and infidels. These clerics speak with one voice whether they are preaching hate from North Africa or England. Its not accident that most of the persecution of Christians follows Friday prayers. There is a leadership group somewhere that is orchestrating the activities of the Imams to incite genocide. Identify it, kill it, and save the world from war.

  2. Are we becoming complacent and just think that this could never happen here??? We better think again – it’s just around the corner !!!

  3. What is the so called ‘moderate Indonesian Govt’ doing to protect members of different faiths.
    These same Indonesian muslims had no problem taking $1 billion from mostly christian taxpayers (via the Australian Govt.), after the Tsunami not too long ago.
    They are so despicable they should not walk on this earth!

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