Video: How mosques get approved on the quick & dirty

How? By Muslims who embed themselves on local commissions and councils and rush votes through with no discussion. h/t & Europe News

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Zoning jihad.

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18 thoughts on “Video: How mosques get approved on the quick & dirty

  1. Muslims have figured out how they will dominate society and the ignorant kuffar are still ignorant until they wake up as second class citizens in their own country. But then it will be too late. Perhaps they deserve second class status.

      • America wake up. We are losing our country, because we aren’t fighting to keep it. We are fighting wars for the Muslims and Arabs and then bringing them in the millions to America so they can turn our country into another Muslim country. Look at all the Muslim countries and how they are murdering each other. Stop the maddness! We must protect Americans and the constitution. This is beyond sick already. The Muslims will dominate the world so we have no place to run.

        • The Muslims are in our government, on school committees. Look around. They are making decisions for us. Soon, we will have NO rights.

          • #1 problem is that we have accepted Islam as a “religion”. it is not. It is has its own system of governance, regarding every aspect of living. It includes its own military and judicial system of justice. It can not and never will co-exist with the Constitution of the U.S. Anyone in administrative positions local, state or federal who abides by the Koran and it’s teaching has no place in our governments. Wake up AMERICA!!!

  2. that method uis explained in the Muslim Brotherhood Project; they are embedded in our government at every level from the top down; they strive to make themselves look good, get what they want, then the hammer comes down. get them out of our country; DO NOT let them hold offices at any level. they are thieving liars

    • Exactly RIGHT!!!! Kuddos… this “cult” of people also “assume” American’s are not only the IGNORANT WESTERN’S, but also “assume” we have gotten so “diversified” and compliant, “the whole PEACEFUL, TOLERANT, and ACCEPTANCE propaganda phrase’s we so often HEAR now… all the way from Washington D.C. to everywhere in today’s society! HELLO… guess what, MANY WILL STAND, before “they” can DIVIDE and DESTROY “our” NATION, there are still plenty who love and care about our Country’s process, much more than middle eastern PROGRESS!!!! WE WILL STAND UP FOR WHAT IS OURS!!!!! One Nation under God… not allah, or any other “person” of the poster child, monthly!!!!

  3. See what happens when you let these filthy Muslim mother of pigs in power,they dont listen to the “filthy kuffar” they just do what they like and take over white countrys,that Muslim WHORE in charge was payed by the Muslims to agree permission,she should be taken outside and shot in the back of her head ,,ALL MUSLIMS ARE FILTHY PIG FUCKERS

    • Indeed, rushes to the fore, the chant of Abdullah bin Rawahah, as he held the bridle of the “Prophet’s” riding camel, Al-Qaswa, leading the Messenger and his Companions into Mecca, in the year following the 10 year deal for cessation of hostilities between the Muslims and the Mekkan Quraysh.

      Hadith tell us, the leaders of the “disbelievers left Mekkah” that day, hating to subject themselves to the sight of Muhammad and his Companions parading through their city’s streets. But “the rest of the people of Mekkah, men, women, and children, they sat on the pathways and house roofs watching the Messenger of Allah and his Companions.”

      Much like the lion’s share of Americans are doing.

      Thus with this captive audience, as the Muslim forces entered Mekkah they reciting the Talbiyah:

      “Ever at your service, Oh Allah, ever at your service …. You have no partner, ever at Your service. Verily, all praise, blessing, and dominion are Yours. You have no partner. Muhammad is your Messenger, (Allah bless and grant him peace) … “ (Reliance. P. 315)

      And leading the procession, leading Al-Qaswa, al-Ansari, Abdullah bin Rawahah chanted thus:

      In the Name of He, Whom Muhammad is His Messenger, O children of the disbelievers, stay out of his way,

      For today, we shall impose on you the fulfillment of its interpretation

      (but you were just coming in for ‘Umrah’, were you not?),

      Just as we fought with you to accept its revelation,

      Severe fighting that removes the heads from where they rest,

      And overwhelms the companion from attending to his companion,

      Ar-Rahman has sent down in His Revelation,

      In pages that are being recited before His Messenger,

      That the best death is that which occurs in His cause,

      So, O Lord, I believe in its statements.


      “When the Prophet reached the Ka ‘ba …. He … proclaimed takbir. The Muslims responded, and returned takbir until Mecca shook with the takbir…”

      Earlier that day, day noted as the Day of Conquest, proceeding this “shaking” of Mekkah, this message delivered to the Mekkans and this subsequent surrender from them:

      “O people of the Quraysh, why are killing yourselves? Whoever enters his house is protected. Whoever puts down his weapons, is protected.”

      People began to rush to their houses and lock themselves in. They threw the weapons in the streets so that the Muslims could take them …. The Messenger of God said, “God fulfills what is best!”

      (Al-Wafidi’s Kitab al-Maghazi, The Life of Muhammad, Translated by Rizwi Faizer, Amal Ismail, and AbdulKader Tayob, Routledge; New York, NY, 1st Publication, 2011, p. 407, 409.)

      (Fortunately, we know all this is just imaginary, thus, no Believer takes it or any other facet of their din seriously.

      Thus, I’m suggesting it’s time for another jihad-busting celebration party– Slap on the party hats, unfurl the whistles, strap on the dancing boots, its celebration time!)

          • They are damn sure deep sleepers…the alarm clock is all but broken…that day too, likely too soon upon us.

            I state that fact-based. Not fear-based.

            It as in, here OK, believe all you want to for the day to be sun-shining and wonderful, but if the satellite shows and thus the forecast asserts we have tornadic weather moving in, one best regard that, act accordingly. Here, only fools bank otherwise.

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