Ohio: Muslim doctor drugged, raped, killed pregnant woman, abused corpse

via Dr. Ali Salim Raped, Killed Pregnant Woman: Deanna Ballman,23 Murdered Responding To Craigslist Ad, Continued To Abuse Corpse And Solicit Other Women To Kill : News : Mstarz. via Tundra Tabloids

An Ohio man has been charged with raping and killing 23-year-old woman. Dr. Ali Salim is charged with murdering Deanna Ballman after she responded to a Craigslist ad. The Doctor allegedly injected the expecting mother with a lethal dose of heroin killing her and her unborn baby and later doing ‘inhumane’ things to her corpse.

The mother of two was found dead in the backseat of her car outside of New Albany on August 1. The Pakistani born doctor was charged with two counts of murder as well as rape, felonious assault, corrupting another with drugs, kidnapping, tampering with evidence and abuse of a corpse. The 44-year-old doctor has pleaded not guilty to the charges and will be released on $1 million bail Friday.

Salim had put up an ad on Craigslist looking for models to which Ballamn responded to, but told her family she was responding to a housecleaning ad. In September investigators searched the Salim’s Ohio home and confiscated his laptop, camera, and other items.

Kyle Rohrer, assistant county prosecutor said Salim mistreated Ballman’s corpse “in a very inhumane way.”

According to 10TV, Salim had sent a woman an offer to paint organs on her body for $300 in September and insisted that the work environment be ‘drama free,’ adding ‘I just don’t need the drama.’ Salim allegedly told the woman, “wear anything but black or brown bra, and panties are essential. I will take most shots from the back.”

The coroner found Ballamn had died from a Heroin overdose and had substances such as, morphine and codeine in her system. Ballman’s urine contained morphine, monoacetylmorphine, codeine, acetylocodine and diacetylmorphine.

Rohrer said, “We believe this is not an isolated incident and that he remains a threat to others in the public if he’s released.” Rohrer also claims that since Salim is a Pakistani native he has reason to flee the country and asked for his bail to be raised to $5 million. Salim’s attorney, Sam Shamansky doesn’t believe his client had reason to leave the country after living her for almost 20-years, “If he was going to flee, it would have happened,”

More from CBS: Deanna Ballman Murder: Ali Salim, Ohio doctor, charged in 2012 murder of pregnant woman

Licensure information from the state indicates Salim was born in Pakistan and trained there at King Edward Medical College, graduating in 1993. He told the State Medical Board of Ohio that his specialties were internal medicine, emergency medicine and psychiatry.


96 thoughts on “Ohio: Muslim doctor drugged, raped, killed pregnant woman, abused corpse

  1. Why is there even a discussion about this, or especially a trial?! They know the slime ball muzzie did it, take him out and start cutting off body parts…with a rusty, dull knife…and make him suffer, make an example out of him! This kind of Shi’ite is just going to continue to escalate until we put a halt to muslims coming here and thinking they don’t have to obey our laws. If this happened to a member of my family retribution would be 10:1, I kid you not. And why are they even considering bail? And only $1M? Make it $5M or $10M! Or here’s a thought: DENY BAIL!! HE’s A FLIGHT RISK!

  2. The religion of peace??? My bff is converted american to muslim… and he has told me that when Sharia law takes effect, if I do not convert, he will be forced to slit my throat. He said that it is nothing personal, just the law!

    • Leave him before it is too late. I do not know what Sharia law has to offer. Just insane.

      I find them quite interesting, even though they are worthless creatures.

      I hate Sharia Law.

    • Unless you’re joking, your “bff” has been bitten by the zombie and he’s not coming back. He is now a sociopath, is not your “bff” any longer and I suggest that you break all ties permanently. If someone told me what he told you, they probably wouldn’t make it out of the room alive.

    • Are you stupid or do you have a death wish? You know…my dad threatened my Christian mom once..and she told him..”Go ahead and hit me…you’ve gotta sleep sometime.” He knew what she meant. Knives work on rotten men too.

    • i’m both a Muslim and Pakistani, and im sorry, for the one or two million of us here that are sane, we’re all sorry, to this woman, to her family and to her nation, but please understand, in Islam there really isn’t anything like shariat law, some old bearded bastards in tents thought of this to take power nothing more, Islam is a way of life, and even then just a guideline, nothing more then that, its not a script you have to follow, this scumbag did something more then horrific. Things you should know,
      1. You can be married to a non-Muslim if you’re a Muslim and live a perfectly normal life, no issues what-so-ever (who ever is guiding your bff is probably an extremist illiterate retard)
      2. Islam is a way of life for an individual, IT CANNOT BE IMPOSED ON OTHERS, so anyone says we’ll “force”, that right there is a goat-scr*wing moron
      3. NO MUSLIM IS ALLOWED TO KILL ANYONE, infidel or otherwise short of self defense, anyone, ANYONE tells you differently, is an extremist who never really read the holy book.

      Once more, i apologize to everyone for the actions of those who associate themselves with Islam and Pakistan, were a nation of half illiterate baboons, but we’re getting better, at least my generation is. Remember, the first place terror*sts attacked, was their home.

      • that is post is complete Bullshit. a muslim can marry a non muslim but their children must be raised in the Islamic faith, non muslims are considered to be subhuman and are not included as innocents as only muslims are considered innocents. muslims are allowed to kill and rape and plunder non muslims just as mohammed and the early muslims did as they do today. the ideals of islam as per your post were abrogated when mohammed took power in Mecca. Also based on the practices of the perfect muslim, Mo. muslims can have sex with the dead. it was written about by the Zoroastrians and the hindus- horrified out of their minds when the bedouins muslims invaded and comitted unspeakable acts. You don’t know your religion or perhaps you are hopIng we take your ignorance as truth.

        • Wolfy Ghalkhani ..” that is post is complete Bullshit a muslim can marry a non muslim but their children must be raised in the Islamic faith ” You are right, Not only that if a muslim man marries a non muslim woman, she MUT be converted to Islam and also if a muslim woman marries a non muslim man she will have him convert to Islam.” It is Haram for a muslim to marry non muslim woman or man and not get them converted to Islam.Matter of fact white American women who were Christian who marry muslims ,even try to get their own parents to convert to Islam. You can see that on YouTube.

      • Anonymous.I love the way ignorant muslims like you who jump up to defend evil islam, “..but please understand in islam there isn’t anything like sharia law..” If you are true muslim and follower of Allah/muhammad, then Sharia law is a must. Majority muslim countries abide by sharia laws.See what muslims in America wants http://www.blip.tv/file/138254
        1] You can be married to a non muslim if you’re a muslim and live a perfectly normal life.” Who are you kidding? If a muslim marries a non muslim he/she must compel the partner to convert to Islam, otherwise they can not live together as husband and wife.
        2] islam is a way of life for a individual ” In islam you are never an individual but work and obey ‘Umma’ your self imposed Govt by Allah/muhammad.You muslims dare not disobey Allah/muhammad. ” IT CANNOT BE IMPOSED ON OTHERS so any one says we’ll ‘ force’ that right there is a goat scr*wing moran ” Quran Sura 2:193 ”Fight against them[infidels/kafurs] until idolatry is no more and Allah’s religion reigns supreme ”
        Sura 9:29 ” Fight those who believe NOT in Allah nor the Last day Last day…” Quran is a manual of evil doers and barbarian muslims follow it.
        3]No MUSLIM IS ALLOWED TO KILL ANY ONE ” Who are you kidding ? Sura 9:111″ Allah has purchased from the faithful their lives and worldly goods and in return has promised them paradise.They will fight for the cause of Allah, they will Kill and be Kill.2 That is what you muslims have ben doing from the times of your mohammad ..I suggest you read your evil Quran before you come here to defend evils of islam and muslims. see http://www.thereligionofpeace.com. and http://www.compassdirect.org

    • your friend is correct. under sharia law he can do just that after he has raped and tortured you. you recourse is to fight the muslim convert with the same mentality as he adopted. Islam is a religion that has no love. it only hates. its up to you to fight for your own self respect as a freedom loving American. no American can be a muslim and no muslim can be an American. to be an American is to honor the constitution as the law of the land. A muslim only honors Sharia law which is the perverted law of islam.

    • Terry .”My bff is converted american to islam .. he will be forced to slit my throat .. ” Please don’t think he is joking, he is telling the truth. Once islam dominates ,ie muslim population is substantial and they out number ,they will give you choice either to convert and you die/killed. Read their history, it is all there. Read book by Bat Ye’or b” The Decline Of Eastern Christianity Under Islam ” see http://www.faithfreedom.org http://www.islam-watch.org

      • Anonymous ” Who the FUCK would be … Especially from America ” My dear infidel friend, you would be surprise to know that there are thousands of Afro-Americans and white Americans who are converting to islam,because Muslims are very clever to brainwash vulnerable people. Go to YouTube and type in Americans convertin to Islam and see. There are already Sharia law courts in USA ,you can Google it. Majority of Americans are asleep and it will be too late when they wake up.

  3. If anyone is watching this obamacare you will ask yourself, if all these private practice doctors are leaving their practice who is going to replace them, well, if you notice there is a abundance of middle eastern doctors ready to move FORWARD with the obamaplan…Even the V.A hospitals are being flooded with middle eastern doctors….

    • And terminally stupid people are going to these “doctors?” They must have a death wish.

      And your “christian” President is bringing planeloads of these 7th century sub-humans into the U.S., it’s getting worse…………………..!

      • Peter And your ”Christian” president is ..”
        Anonymous “He is a Jew s knob slobber ..” You as a muslim would say that. jungle bunny obama is a ” MUSLIM” Go to YouTube and type in ” obama admits he is a muslims” and hear from horse’s mouth. Is there any wonder he is bringing his brothers and sisters in load full of plane.

    • don’t blame obama care or other muslims.
      This guy is nuts and should never be given bail thats what you ought to be worrying about!

    • dannyboy88. You are so right, that is what jungle bunny obama is trying to do, get more middle eastern doctors and those with dead man’s degrees to come to USA and take over.

  4. We need more Islamic Doctors and Muslims like this…right!

    Don’t worry, Obozo is allowing Saudi’s into the country with no “checks” whatsoever…we’re going to get plenty of them on our “Welfare” payroll real soon!!!

    • wtd2. How can you compare these two cases? These cases has no comparison. Are you stupid? Oh ,you being a muslim must come up with some stupid thing like this.

  5. If this was a white man he would never get bail,,how comes these Muslim rapists/murders can get bail ?,we need a new war with some muslim countrys so we can kill thousands and thousands of these scum jews,we need to wipe all Muslim camel fuckers off this earth

        • You know, in Biblical Scripture, it says that a quarter of the population will “die” in the End Times. Well, if we are to believe that there are 1.5 Billion Muslims (and from the looks of things…probably so), then “they” ARE one-quarter of the 6 Billion population of the World…right!

          Based on this, “they” are already DEAD…to the Lord!

          Take Care and God Bless!

          btw “…just a thought!”

          • Wow Bob I love that! End Times prophecy.

            Here is where I get stuck…. John 15 basically says love all as Jesus loves us. How do we do that with followers of Islam who kill Jews and Christians.

          • Jesus also said “…to NOT waste your time on swine…” (paraphrased)

            Remember, we live by “free will”…meaning we decide our own fate! Once we deliver the “word”…it is up to the individual to seek out the truth and follow God or be lost to Satan!

            Take Care and God Bless!

        • Jesus Christ said I bring you the sword. why do you think he said that? because he knew we the good people of this earth would one day have to fight this vermin called Islam. there’s nothing wrong with fighting hate with hate. that’s in Romans. I forget what #. its Ok to die fighting as a free man or woman then to live as a slave which is exactly what will happen if Islam prevails in this great land of ours.

          • Wolfy.Ghalkhani . You are 100% right, but don’t forget that muslims are brainwashed from cradle to the grave with islam cult. Day in and day out they are taught the hate of non believers. Quran is full of it. Not only that just see http://www.thereligionofpeace.com and http://www.compassdirect.org Where ever islam has prevailed, that land /country has had nothing but trouble.Tell me one country where muslims are living in peace?

          • OK here in this guy’s post- we can see how Muslims think, how they process text- they see ALL words as LITERAL and do not understand figurative or metaphorical – – it is very crazy and also very sad that they base their entire theology on Christian and Jewish BOOKS, history prophets and customs- and yet deny the truth of those same books, history and customs. So pathetic that they have such LITTLE understanding of the words, morals laws, there in.

            They see EVERYTHING as a religious contest when we do not oppose the faith of Muslims but their aggression towards and intolerance of others, by their desire to dominate ALL with their derivative bastardized version of OUR theologies. And showing ZERO knowledge that many people are not in ANY religious war, or practice any faith , nor is the USA a religious state. ONLY ISLAM prescribes war to perpetuate itself.

            must thank them for continuing to show us how insane ISLAM makes people-

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  7. All this is another conspiracy like everything else… everyone is too retarded and brainwashed to know it is always a set up… and it has nothing to do with any religion or race… unless it is zionism

      • look deeper into ur research and you will figure out that islam and christianity and judaism are all from the same book but zionists have taken each religion apart and given them bad names… so there’s really no need to talk about islam because it is one of the religions under god’s book… illiteracy…shame shame on you. look what the media has already done to you…

        • Once again…Bullshit! Islam is not from the Judaic books…the zionists did not do that…..
          BTW….I don’t read the newspapers and I don’t watch TV! so your assumption about the media doing this to me is stupidity at it’s finest!

          • see i am not trying to sound hippie but i do follow the peace love and mary-jane code… and that has enforced me to look into every religion i’ve read the bible the quran and the torah. they’re all meant to be under the same god… nothing is supposed to cause us so much hate and crime. and yes.. news tv, fox, cnn, anything in general is the goal of the zionists to attack on religions one by one until they all fall down and satanism will rule. which is so wrong. i’m not hating against you at all… i’m just saying there is no need to clutter around this hate religion stance and be assured that there should be no bias nor stereotype…check out the zeitgest movement. they slowly want to corrupt us all if only u open you heart and mind and understood. and i am by the way muslim but i don’t belive all muslims would so such a thing for we are all peaceful. unless it’s a terrorist group of undercover zionists, hence osama bin laden really ted nugent an undercover cia… 9/11 bombed by zionists. hitler, as zionist. the jews now have bad names and so do muslims. the zionists corrupted jerusalem and sepearted jews and muslims. it all ties up if u read their plans and what is in each holy book; they’re doing the opposite. and i’m not defending this paki he may be psycho but there are psychos of all races and religions around the world, why target this one? if the world knew that the goal of the zionists is to bring out the antichrist and shatter the world down to hell, this hate would not happen. again, i have nothing against you, just speaking the truth.

            Peace and love

          • Just because the “Quran” includes passage from the Holy Scriptures to make it “sound” as if it came from there…doesn’t make it so!

            btw…anything that “promotes” hate and killing…is a “CULT!”

        • namababieh ” look .. you will figure out that islam and Christianity and Judaism are all from the same book but zionists have taken each religion apart and given them bad names” I will agree with ou to the one extent.that Quran was copied from Bible and Torah .Over the period Jews and Christians have reformed and muslims are stuck back in 7th century. In what way has Zionists have given them bad names? Explain. Are you a convert to Islam? Sura 2:193 ” Fight against them [infidels/kafurs] until idolatry is no more and Allah’s religion reigns supreme ” Islam is an evil cult.and so are the muslims ..

  8. The deliberately inflammatory part of this awful story s the decision to preface the word ‘doctor’ with the word ‘muslim’. Why do we not say the ‘christian’ Jeffrey Dahmer for example. It incites hatred towards others and is the lowest of the low. This guy was an inhumane human being and its disturbing that the media have to inject anti-muslim propaganda at every opportunity. I am not a muslim but I can see through the despicable practices of the gutter press..

  9. Dude these muslim want to kill people, they use democracy to condemn democracy afterwards. They are idiots believing they will go to heaven if they kill people. Islam is the religion of satan. These idiots abuse on human rights and on the kindness of people. I say burn that muhheffer

  10. he is going to run…..and IF we ever get him back the charges will be reduced cuz he just a poor little paki who did not understand what he was doing!

  11. I did not realise that this was a muslim hate site. It is using the same kind of rhetoric that was used by Hitler to justify the killing of millions of jews. We are, above all else human beings. It is religion that divides us not humanity.

    • “Hate site?” My God! Where have you been? Of all the atrocities committed in the name of Allah, never mind…you obviously have no understanding!

      I highly doubt that any person on this website “wants” to KILL anyone except those that are “Muslims!”

      The rest of us would prefer to allow them to live “peacefully”…the only problem with that is that “they” (Muslims)…can’t!


    • Can you qualify that statement? Where on earth do you find these absurd notions? Spewing forth hatred does not make for a better , more peaceful worl…sad that you are caught in this mindset.

      • You got a lot of catching up to do Marv. Read “The Grand Jihad” by Andrew McCarthy, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) by Robert Spencer. Read the Koran. Look at all the links at CreepingSharia. Jihad Watch, & AFLC as an introduction. YouTube Iran hangs gays, stones women, Islam boy dancers. Read the Holy Bible.

        Then please report back to us. I’ll be looking for your comments.

    • mohammed had sex with Ali’s dead mother. its recorded in the hadiths and other reliable Arabic texts. take whatever your right hand possesses gives the muslim the right to take whatever women he wants even if she is married. read your religion. we infidels shouldn’t have to spell it out for you. its all over your written history.

  12. Who started the first world war? not Muslims ?

    Who started the second world war ? not Muslims ?

    Who killed about 20 millions of Aborigines in Australia ? not Muslims ??

    Who sent the nuclear bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ? not Muslims ??

    killed more than 100 millions of Indians in North America ? not Muslims ??

    Who killed more than 50 millions of Indians in south America ? not Muslims ??

    Who took about 180 millions of African people as slaves and 88% of them died and were thrown in Atlantic ocean ? not Muslims ??

    No , NOT Muslims!!!

    First of all, You have to define terrorism properly…

    If a non-Muslim does something bad..it is crime. But if a Muslim commits the same..he is a terrorist…

    So first remove this double standard…then come to the point!!!

    • Well said – its a shame that these things have to be brought to these people’s attention. I can see the mentality of of the KKK shining through this vile bunch of ignorant rednecks..

      • well, marvin, just imagine if the KKK were muslims and did what the muslims did -not just blacks- but to the indigenous Christian population of Anatolia and the middle east as well as Africa (but you don’t care about that). American Black men would still be in chains and subject to all the cruelties that only muslims can give. Read muslim history and stop being a Dhimmi brown noser.

    • Scrolling through these comments, at first I was disgusted at all this hate speech, this verbal diarrhea that the intolerant douches were spewing. But thank f*ck, there are some people who are not disgusting human beings. Thank you for making my world that little bit brighter

    • The questions you did not ask are:

      Who is still killing in the name of their arabic God? Not Christians…

      Who is mutilating young girls? Not Christians…

      Who believes it’s proper to have sex with young infant girls and that marrige to them at a young age is proper? Not Christians

      Who believes that women and even baby girls must be kept covered from head to toes so that they won’t be raped? Not Christians……

      Who still has slave-markets operating in the Middle East? Not Christians……

      I suggest you research who were selling those black slaves and who still have balck slaves. BTW….Islam cuts off the testicles of all black male slaves and make them into eunuchs! ….Christians don’t have slaves anymore! Muslims do!!

      Nobody is saying that just because a muslim does something bad they are a terrorist…..we are saying though that what this muslim Doctor did is not unusual for a muslim to do. He’s not a terrorist…just a typical muslim!

      No double standard there…just the plain , honest truth…which I happen to think you are too scared to even contemplate!

    • who invaded Syria and Palestine in 637 and wiped out entire villages and towns because they would not convert? Muslims that’s who.
      Who invaded Persia and wiped out the cities of Istakr and gorgan and hung men, women and children along both sides of the road of miles and miles because they dared to fight back? Muslims that’s who? who invaded lands for the sheer purpose of plunder? Muslims that’s who. Who tore up the Persian rug called the Spring of Khosro so that its diamonds and precious stones could be sold? muslims that who. Who took young boys and girls and sold them on the block in medina and mecca? Muslms that’s who. who forced hard working people to pay Jizzya so that they could hold onto their religion despite terrible humiliations and a forced dress code? muslims that’s who. Who started slavery based on the example of their perfect man? muslims that’s who. Who rode on the backs of the Persian and Byzantine empires and claimed they invented what they actually stole? you guessed it! Muslims. Who committed genocide against 40 m. Zoroastrians, 80 m. Christians and 150 m. Hindus and Buddhists? Muslims that’s who. And who supports this vile religion? sissy, silly Americans like you.

    • Who advocates “killing” in the name of their God? MUSLIMS!

      Who advocates “pedophilia” in the name of their God? MUSLIMS!

      Who advocates “homosexuality” in the name of their God? MUSLIMS!

      Who advocates “beheading” in the name of their God? MUSLIMS!

      There is NO double-standard here, just one…MORALITY!

      Who has no MORALS? JUST MUSLIMS!!!

  13. The man’s nationality has nothing to do with this crime other than the obvious reasons he has to flee from his charges. What IS relevant is that this is a sick person who has probably done this before and who would be likely to do it again. Bail should’ve been denied due to the heinous nature of the crime and the substantial evidence against him, not because he is a person from a country we’ve been brainwashed to hate for no reason. It saddens me to know that so many people are blind to their own heinous nature.

    • ID as Paki is important. His culture is part of who he is and what his worldview is. The Imams said a man can have sex with his dead wife for only a few hours after death. You can Google it yourself. It is old news.

  14. If he had used a gun the media would be all over it… not the murder, not his status as a Paki Moslem, but his used of “gun violence”(TM)

  15. I made a long reply post but it’s lost to cyberspace I guess? had lot of links so had to get approved?

    NamaNB so you are all about love everyone except of course you BLAME THE JEWS err Zionists for everything- you have definitely smoked too much weed girl- and thanks for showing us that jewhate is the driving force behind all the tinfoil hat troofers and zeits- the same old protocols of zion repackaged for a new generation of haters

  16. Pingback: ConMom

    • you do know that these comments offend other muslims. wow i cannot tolerate this anymore because never have i seen such hate for a religion because of one stupid paki. george bush killed the world nearly. did anyone offend his religion? wait i forgot.. he’s a zionist!

      • you do know Muslims coming here to blame “Zionists” for everything, your own hate for JEWISH and Christians religions, your own ridiculous reactions to offending ONLY YOUR OWN “religion” and then whining, rioting and bombing civilians and feeling justified in doing so —-> is offensive to us right?

        HAHA just looked at your FB page – Rastafarians are ZIONISTS too idiota

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