Muslims aggressively recruiting, converting black youth in poorest DC neighborhoods

As Obama’s pick for CIA head, a convert to Islam himself, stated that jihad is a “legitimate tenet of Islam“, this won’t end well. via South East DC Experiencing Surge in Teens, Youth Entering Into Islam.


In the poorest areas of the nation’s capital, Wards Seven and Eight, where unemployment is in double digits nearing 20%, schools are struggling and there’s a church on nearly every corner Islam is growing at a rapid pace, especially among young males.

“People are looking for a change. They’ve seen the results of what their parents and grandparents have tried. They know about 40-60 years of trying everything else. They don’t want the same things their parents have tried with little success,” Anthony Muhammad, Vice President for the 7th District Citizen’s Advisory Council for the Metropolitan Police Department told the Muslim Link.

“There are five Masjids in Southeast with more coming. Islam comes when all else fails. There are a lot of Muslims here and we’re working hard to teach Islam to everyone.”

Or when Muslims destroy all else.

It’s common to drive down Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue, Alabama Avenue or Benning Road and see young Black men wearing kufis with their pants rolled up expressing their Islamic identity.

At 15, Jabar Rahman, (name changed) was interested in Islam after hearing about it from his 14 –year-old friend. “He told me about Islam and it sounded good. He invited me to go with him to the Benning Road Mosque (Al Islam). I talked to the Imam and he asked me why I wanted to be a Muslim. I told him that I liked what I had learned about Islam and wanted to try it.”

“I want to learn more things, I want to meet more Muslims and I really like fasting for Ramadan,” he told The Muslim Link.

Jabar is a student at Maya Angelou Public Charter School where 8th grade teacher Nasser Muhammad has witnessed the growth of Islam in their students.

“I’ve been here since 2010 and have seen more and more students wearing kufis and rolling their pants up. There is a great influence from their friends who are Muslims and from family members who have returned from incarceration as Muslim. I tell my students that you don’t have to go to jail to be Muslim. That’s a step they can skip.”

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28 thoughts on “Muslims aggressively recruiting, converting black youth in poorest DC neighborhoods

  1. Time for the THIRD CRUSADE to stop this creeping SLIME IN OUR COUNTRY. This is SICKENING to see this abortion growing in the CAPITOL OF THIS COUNTRY. What is wrong with the BLACK PEOPLE, dont they know how devastating ISLAM TRULY IS!!!!

    • Don’t they know, it was the MUSLIMS, that kidnapped black africans and sold them to the white man at the coast as slaves – the muslims have had slavetrade since Islam began – and now black people convert to Islam? What a joke!

  2. islam should be stopped at all costs; these children need two parents,mother and father; then they would not seek out islam.
    islam is preying on children, plain as the nose on your face.
    obama doesnt give a damn about our country, period. dc is flooded with islam and obama is having anything negative about islam removed from all government documents. wait till brennan is confirmed; then all hell will break loose far as islam is concerned as he is brainwashed, period.

  3. it’s sad the the blacks of the US (or anywhere) are blind to the fact that Islam considers them second or third class people, blacks are still used in slavery in some middle eastern territories.
    They are just being used for manpower

  4. The leaders of Black Islam never tell the converts that Africans and Arab Muslims sold tribalists to the Europeans. Black converts are never told that Arab Muslims castrated African boys at the age of 9-12 and made them fight jihads and become eunuchs to watch over the Arab Muslims harems. That is why no raisin heads are in Arabia today. More African slaves were sent to Arabia via the Eastern Slave Trade than the Atlantic Slave Trade. Arabs still sell Africans as slaves today. African Muslims are called Takrunis in Arabia. These African Muslims came to Arabia seeking a better way of life and are denied schooling and health care as illegal residents. Egypt just killed many Africans because they were illegals.

    Arabs want to legalize slavery as they say anyone who says slavery was not Islamic were infdels. NOW WHERE DOES THAT LEAVE ALL OF THE AMERICAN BLACK CONVERTS AND ALL CONVERTS AS ONLY ARABS WERE THE BEST OF ALL CREATION

    • Muslim black slavery YouTube

      We were sinful with slaves. It started1400 years ago with Islam taking black slaves.

      Black people are desperate and being use.

      Jesus Christ is the only answer, not a moon god who is not real.

  5. and my question is ‘where are the Christian leaders’? Or are they happily kissing moslem behind as they do in those farces called ‘interfaith dialogs’?

  6. While I like to be fair, I have nothing but scorn for these people. No matter where you live in the world, you can always better yourself if you really want to, and are willing to get off your backside and DO something; these people are not willing.

    They (particularly young blacks) always want to take the easiest way, where no work is involved, which nearly always means crime and/or drugs; so they turn naturally to islam, where a similar mindset is a prerequisite.

    I realize this comment might offend some people, but the facts and statistics bear me out. islam must sound wonderful to someone in prison for rape and/or murder, to hear that in islam those crimes are not crimes, but part of the “culture”, and adherents to the cult are also free to beat their wives and rape any woman wearing western clothing.

    Perhaps one of the saddest aspects of this proselytizing is the fact that arabs have no time whatsoever for blacks, and regard them as 2nd (or 3rd) class citizens at best, and slaves at worst. In this case the arabs will regard the blacks as “useful idiots”.

    The ease with which blacks in America are converting to the cult of islam is truly dismaying, and doesn’t say much for them.

    • You clearly aren’t black…how do you feel you are able to relate and say young blacks need to get off their ass and do something?and in my opinion all religions are based off he say she say!!!the book was written thousands of years ago and translated!!!to me you all are apart of a cult

  7. If that’s not enough to scare you, check out this comment on the post: “One day, insha Allah, we will be running the prisons, and they will be institutions of learning and rehabilitation.”

    Running the prisons, oh joy.

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  10. Some of these comments are so ridiculous, bare in mind those becoming Muslims have a mind for thersekves, just by saying negative baseless things do you think anyone is going to follow you or ideas, people like you can make some even inadvertly do the everything your trying so hard to potray in a bad light

    • @DC black. Are you muslim? I doubt it, b/c you don’t seem to have the “anger” and hatred, BUT–unfortunately you are clearly leaning in that direction. I speak as a white “minority” member of a predominantly black African American church. My black friends treat me with the same love and respect that I show them. I consider them my flesh and blood family! It sounds like you’re upset about the fact that blacks who convert to islam, are being singled out as gullible. But unfortunately those are the very one (the gullible ones) who get sucked in to the deception of islam. There are many black male African-American role models, who have made it a point to actually think for themselves, who are NOT muslims. In fact, many of them are dedicated Christians. I’m proud to say that some of them are my closest friends! I challenge you to examine the claims of Christ for yourself–not just what some loser tells you about the Crusades, or about how nearly all of our Founding Fathers were slave owners. This video, by Dr. Garvey, speaks truth about how blacks were (and always have been) mistreated and enslaved by muslims! There’s only one answer to the racial tension in our country–and it’s found at the foot of the Old Rugged Cross. Know Jesus–know truth. No Jesus–NO truth! I challenge you to read the New Testament ‘book’ of Philemon. It’s only one page long. It shows how the New Testament Christians were told to love and respect their servants, i.e., their slaves. Christianity never has been about brutalizing and violating the rights of others–but ISLAM has a proven track record of hatred, violence and savagery, since the day mohammed invented it to cover for his own SINS!!!!

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