State Investigation Launched After Texas School Makes Girls Dress in Burqas

via State Investigation Launched After Students Dress in Burqas | FOX News & Commentary: Todd Starnes.

A Texas lawmaker is launching an investigation after a teacher reportedly invited female students to dress up in Islamic garb and then told her classroom they should call Muslim terrorists – freedom fighters.

State Sen. Dan Patrick, chairman of the senate education committee, told Fox News he is very disturbed by the photograph as well as reports that students were exposed to a story that blamed Egypt’s turmoil on democracy – rather than the Muslim Brotherhood.

“Parents are very sensitive to any issue that seems to be anti-American – that blames democracy for some sort of trouble in the world,” he said.

The lesson on Islam was taught in a world geography class at Lumberton High School. The teacher brought burqas and other Islamic clothing for the female students to wear. They were also assigned to write an essay based on a Washington Post story that blamed Egypt’s troubles on democracy – instead of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“I am outraged,” one of the parents, who asked not to be identified, told Fox News. “I felt my blood pressure go through my head.”

The parent said she was not aware of the lesson until she discovered a photograph of her 14-year-old daughter wearing a burqa on Facebook.

“As parents we should have been made aware this and I felt like the line had been crossed,” she told Fox News. “Christian kids who want to pray have to do it outside of school hours – yet Islam is being taught to our kids during school hours.”

Sen. Patrick said he understands why the parents are upset.

“Could you imagine if someone asked a Muslim student to dress up as a priest,” the senator asked. “The parents of a Muslim student might be rather upset about that.”

The young girl’s father wondered why the teacher was giving children lessons about Islam in a geography class.

“She went from learning about Mexico to learning about Russia to learning about Islam,” he said. “Islam is not a country. Islam is not a continent.”

The Lumberton Independent School District released a statement to Fox News defending the class.

“The lesson that was offered focused on exposing students to world cultures, religions, customs and belief systems,” the statement read. “The lesson is not teaching a specific religion, and the students volunteered to wear the clothing.”

The school district said Judaism and Christianity were also part of the lesson. However, the parents said Christianity was not discussed in the classroom.

“The Christian perspective was not taught,” she said. “They went in-depth into Islam and I’m not comfortable with it.”

Read it all and ask your kids and grandkids, and nieces and nephews, what they’re learning in government run propaganda centers.

 Atlas has this which seems headed for Rick Perry’s Texas, France teaching quran in the public schools.

8 thoughts on “State Investigation Launched After Texas School Makes Girls Dress in Burqas

  1. I’m glad a Texas state Senator is investigating this, finally. This is a clear violation of the separation Church and State, and has nothing whatsoever to do with geography.

  2. My kid’s AP World History teacher wore a burqa in class one day. Did not dress for any other chapters they studied.

    She also knows nothing of the 12th Iman. My teen advised her. Geeez.

  3. Creeping has included Contact Info. I sent the district an email containing my views on C-Scope. I think a few more by these readers are called for. You are all fully aware by now of this secret indoctrination. Lets give THEM an education.

  4. I hope the parents demand that the moslems start praying like a Christian, Jew or someone else – it might help them get out of their evil cult and maybe when more people find out what moslems pray, what their sharia and creepyran, oh er I mean koran, says then maybe islam will be under investigation to make it a danger and NOT a religion and NOT to be tax exempted.

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