NJ attorney general visits mosque of Hamas-linked imam on deportation list

The title should read ” NJ attorney general visits yet another mosque.”


via Chiesa visits Paterson mosque as part of outreach | The Asbury Park Press NJ | app.com. h/t HALALPORKSHOP

PATERSON — New Jersey’s attorney general has visited another mosque as part of an ongoing effort to improve relations with the Muslim community.

Jeffrey Chiesa attended Friday services at The Islamic Center of Passaic County in Paterson.

New Jersey officials have been working to repair relations between Muslims and state law enforcement in the wake of revelations that the New York Police Department conducted secret surveillance of Muslims in New Jersey and elsewhere.

The Paterson mosque is led by an imam who federal authorities have been seeking to deport.

Immigration officials have sought unsuccessfully to tie Mohammad Qatanani to Palestinian terrorist groups.

Gov. Chris Christie and New Jersey law enforcement officials have long supported the imam.

Qatanani is a member of Chiesa’s newly-formed Muslim outreach committee.

Apparently Chiesa has had no comment on the Muslim who beheaded two Christians last week in Jersey.


7 thoughts on “NJ attorney general visits mosque of Hamas-linked imam on deportation list

  1. This article reveals that the Socialists in the Democratic Party are conspiring with the Muslim terrorists against Jews, the state of Israel and Christians. You can see that this Socialist Attorney General is conspiring with the Muslims because his visit coincides with the recent murder of two Coptic Christians by a Muslim terrorist in NJ. The Socialists are bringing Muslim terrorists and their supporters to the USA to build a voter base among and to include their anti-Semitic rantings in the face of Christians and Jews as part of their anti-Christian agenda in the USA and in the world.

  2. I read in an early poll for GOP Presidential candidates 2016, Chris Christie (Chris the Muss) is leading.
    Didn’t he sell out to Obama in the elections just gone?

    Go figure!

  3. Too bad they don’t realize that these people consider them enemies. I have written Christie several times about the Imam. The former Mosque leader is in jail for sending money to el Qaida. Christie is a RINO and has no chance of winning in a rep. primary.

  4. This is why Islam in the west behaves like spoiled children. They are never told no. They learned how to scream the loudest to get their way. They freak out and throw tantrums when they are held accountable for their actions, just like a spoiled child. They point fingers and name call like the bratty teachers pet. You have created a monster. Make the rules the same for everyone. Quit treating them like children or you have to quit letting them get big boy privileges.

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