Report: Majority of Convicted Terrorists in U.S. are American Citizens

Not in report nor any of the media propaganda about the report: All those convicted are Muslim.


Think tanks and media discussing terrorism.

A sampling via Report: Majority of Convicted Terrorists in U.S. Are American Citizens – The Daily Beast.

They’re college-educated, have jobs and were born and raised here. A new study finds the terrorist threat is increasingly in our own backyard.

In 1997, a Sudanese man named Jamal Ahmed al-Fadl became the first person to plead guilty in the United States to offenses related to being part of al Qaeda. Between al-Fadl’s conviction and the end of 2011, 170 other individuals have been convicted by American courts or military commissions for committing crimes on behalf of, or inspired by, the organization responsible for the 9-11 attacks.

A new study finds that a majority of these operatives were American citizens. Nearly a quarter were converts to Islam. More than half had completed some form of college course work.

Some of the names are well known, such as John Walker Lindh, the American who was found by U.S. troops in 2001 to be fighting with the Taliban in Afghanistan. Others are described as al Qaeda aspirants, and were arrested and convicted of plotting terrorist acts after an informant or undercover FBI officer lured them into a sting.

While several organizations have examined the trend of Americans joining al Qaeda, the new study from the Henry Jackson Society, a right-leaning think tank in London, goes into specific biographical and demographic detail on the individuals themselves.

The study is especially timely this month as the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has demanded President Obama release Justice Department legal memos spelling out his authority to kill U.S. citizens who have joined al Qaeda overseas.

Timely indeed? As in meant to scare any Americans who still believe they should be giving up their liberties in the name of fighting terrorism? al Qaeda is Barrack Hussein Obama’s favorite bogeyman and he uses it every time his impeachable offenses domestic policies are only supported by a failed media.

As for who joins al Qaeda, the report says there aren’t many advance signs. “There needs to be an acknowledgement that the threat can come from any region of the country, from any background or educational status,” said the report’s main author, Robin Simcox. “There is no classic profile for the home grown al Qaeda threat in the United States, the key here is to look at the spread of ideology and not profile for education, race or social status.”

What about religion? Do all so-called think tanks have their heads up their asses? How many non-Muslims scream Allah Akbar and wave the flag of jihad?

Mike Hayden, the last CIA director under George W. Bush and the author of a preface to the new study, compared it to a baseball encyclopedia. “The way I would view this, this is not about targeting Americans or American groups, this is about being aware that Americans and American groups are being targeted by al Qaeda for recruitment,” he said.

Fox News covered this report and Brett Baer says to look in the mirror if you want to see an accurate image of an al Qaeda terrorist.

A fine example of why Fox News has about as much credibility as the other major propaganda outlets and routinely hosts terror-linked CAIR. Fox’s “since November 30th” data reads an awful lot like Creeping Sharia’s post from December 2012, Arrests, convictions and plots by Muslims in U.S…since November 1, 2012.

The report does state blacks and Saudi’s are the top American al Qaeda terrorists. Al-Qaeda in the United States – A Complete Analysis of Terrorism Offenses

(note on the report title – if they only looked at “al Qaeda terrorism” and ignored all other Islamic terrorism it’s note a complete analysis)

4 thoughts on “Report: Majority of Convicted Terrorists in U.S. are American Citizens

  1. You know, Creeping, I live in the Los Angeles area and listen to FOX news ALL the time. Steve Edwards, the primary Anchorman, has NOT “aired” his personal opinions in such a long time…it’s UNBELIEVABLE!!!

    It’s very clear that “he” is NOT allowed to say anything more than what “they” tell him to say!

    These are truly “the DARK AGES” for the media and the general public!

    • Fox is being bought by Prince Alwalweed – slowly but surely. Weedy was able to censor Fox’s wording of the moslems in France who were rioting a few years ago by telling them to use such words as ‘disaffected youth’ instead of moslems. moslems only like to be known as moslems if they are not going to have to be accountable for their violence and nastiness.

  2. These people do not just wake up one morning and decise to be soldiers for Allah. They are indoctrinated, trained, and mentored in America’s Mosques. 2100 Mosques exist in America thanks to Saudi Arabian funding. Saudi Arabia then provides Wahhabi trained Imams to lead the Mosques. Wahhabi is the form of Islam that advances Sharia and advocates that the American Constitution be replaced with Sharia. Wahabbism is on the march throughout North Africa and the Middle East. The Muslim Brotherhood provides the foot soldiers for the effort to resurrect the Caliphate. President Obama’s own Administration is staffed and influenced by the Muslim Brotherhood. The President provides political, financial, and military support to the Muslim Brotherhood. In do so, the President is complicit int he expansion of the Muslim Brotherhood objectives for Jihad and the rise of a new Caliphate.

  3. Another point that needs to be made and understood about these individuals, is their hatred of the US. They know no other way of life but that of what they have lived here. They don’t see the hellish ways of Islam except through those rosey glasses. The Morons in Senate and Congress, the State leaders, and Governors all who are destroying our high standards of living, ruining the ability to earn a living and turning the country into a welfare state are feeding the dissonance that make it possible to convert these individuals. The worse things are in our country the easier it is to find converts. Welfare and unemployment are the biggest threats to the security of the nation there is, Obama knows this, and that is why he is not doing a damned thing about to fix them. These are very simple facts, and have been utilized historically to facilitate revolutions across the globe.

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