Bangladesh: Muslim leader sentenced to death, supporters respond by killing 51

In a world seemingly devoid of reality, savages people still have the audacity to refer to Islam as a religion of peace. via Army sent to north Bangladesh to tackle violence | DAWN.COM.

Authorities deployed soldiers in a northern Bangladeshi district Sunday after activists of the country’s largest Islamic party clashed with police, leaving three people dead during a nationwide general strike called to denounce an ongoing war crimes trial.

Separately two people died Sunday in a northwestern district during similar clashes.

With the latest casualties, the death toll in days of rioting has risen to 51 since Thursday after a war crimes tribunal sentenced Jamaat-e-Islami party leader Delwar Hossain Sayedee to death for atrocities committed during Bangladesh’s 1971 independence war against Pakistan.

Sayedee, 73, is the third defendant to be convicted by the tribunal, which was set up in 2010 by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government.

Bangladesh says the war left 3 million people dead, 200,000 women raped and forced millions to flee to neighboring India.

Mokbul Hossain, an additional police superintendent in Bogra district, said the deployment of troops came after three men died in clashes on Sunday.

Hossain said the latest violence erupted after the activists of Jamaat-e-Islami attacked at least four police outposts and a ruling Awami League office and torched a home of a local ruling party leader.

The army was guarding a police station, he said.

Authorities banned all gatherings in the troubled locality to stop any further escalation of violence.

Separately, two people, including a child, died in Rajshahi district, the Daily Star newspaper and Independent television station reported. Details were not immediately available and the reports could not be independently verified immediately.

In the nation’s capital, Dhaka, schools and most businesses remained closed Sunday while traffic on the usually clogged streets was thin. Thousands of security officials were patrolling the streets, according to the Dhaka Metropolitan Police.

The Islamic party, which opposed Bangladesh’s struggle for freedom in 1971, has called for a non-stop shutdown across the country for Sunday and Monday.

 New category added to the Search archive drop down Bangladesh. Dozens of posts on the Islamic violence and savagery there. Here.

10 thoughts on “Bangladesh: Muslim leader sentenced to death, supporters respond by killing 51

  1. so it is ok for them to kill and not be punished; but when they are punished they still continue to kill; they are life time card carrying savages of the absolutely no brains club.

  2. MD Rabbi Alam a Muslim Democrat from Kansas City says Sheikh Hasina had better watch her step, or she may the next to be assassinated by unknown sources. He made the statements on his radio show broadcasting from KC Missouri not long ago. You can hear the broadcast at the link below.

  3. Obviously, these atrocities ARE endorsed by the current U.S. administration, otherwise…we’d be sending help for the innocent! Instead, the administration is probably sending arms for the “terroists!”

    • pres is preparing for a civil war. What is he planning to do that will cause it? He wants sharia law here. A billion bullets later…. what will the US be like?

    • I will treat myself to a good rib eye steak and a pitcher of beer when Toejam Chowderhead is run over and squashed by one of those cute red double decker buses or when SEAL Team Six puts a few bullets in his head.
      Anjem Choudary, the most despicable person on Earth.
      Islam is poison.

  4. 51 murders in support of a convicted murderer, sounds like bangladesh needs to hold some more necktie parties, until the rioters get the memo.

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  6. It is the religion of peace, no, the religion of pieces, bloody pieces of the flesh and bone fragments of men, women and children, flying through the air at hundreds of feet per second, splattering on walls, ceilings, rooftops, windows, vehicles, people, sidewalks, streets and lamp posts, blood running in the gutters.

    Islam is poison.

  7. War Criminals should be hanged. They killed thousands of people in our liveration war. And they are so called islamic party but diverting people to wrong way in case of islam. very bad headline indeed. why dont u guys headline this news like: war criminal hanged ?

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