Trailer: The Attacks of 26/11 (video)

Trailer for a recently released movie depicting the November 26, 2008 jihad attack by Muslims on Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India that killed at least 166 and wounded nearly 400 more.

(warning: nsfc)


Actual footage of the abhorrently brutal attacks by Muslims on non-Muslims can be found online.

12 thoughts on “Trailer: The Attacks of 26/11 (video)

  1. The slaughter of innocents in the Mumbai Islamic terrorist attack is all too frequent of an occurrence within the Islamic faith. Islam, should be banned as a religion just like religions promoting human sacrifice are banned today. The world needs to wake up to the evil tenants of Islam! Give followers of Muhammad a choice, renounce their religion or perish from the face of the earth once and for all! The blood of innocents throughout the generations screams for justice!

    • It is not a “faith”. It is a poisonous totalitarian mind meme propagated by ancient third world savage mentalities. Not taking personal issue with you here, but please stop using their language. Calling it a “faith” is playing their game. We must start playing our game or we’re lost. A big part of that game is language. Language controls our minds and we must call Muslims and their behaviors what they are, as we see them, not as they call and see them. This is very important. We are lost until we can put an end to the self-delusional “spells” that we put on ourselves through language.

  2. I can hardly wait until they accuse me of islamophobia, or racism (yeah – they are trying to make islam a race like Judaism is a race so they can get on another whiney list) and say I should be forbidden to criticize the idiot-ology of islam. islam should be held to the same standards. Their daily prayers, their crapran, their sharia laws – all are human rights disasters.

  3. I would like to see this film. Where can I get it? Also, one of the actors, looks a bit like Jeff Goldblum, is it him?

  4. i fully agree with legatus leginis; islam IS THE SCOURGE OF THE EARTH,period. they do their dastardly sharia lies all over the world; somewhere on the earth daily there is murder and torture of Christians around the world and the main stream media is so full of themselves and the islam crap they do not report on it. the planet needs to wake up; hopefully islam will implode and sooner the better.

  5. “A,”

    You stated, “the planet needs to wake up.” Indeed the inhabitants on it do…

    To your hope stated: I hold zero expectation of Islam imploding. Given the aid, acceptance, alliance they enjoy from numerous nations including ours, the present so-called “super-power.” Just read the reports, on just about any given day, at this site and countless others.

    In brief, until the practice of Islam is outlawed in this land, and then, with that done, we begin, one after the other, tearing down every standing Mosque and madrassa in this nation; we can be assured, the progress of the little orphaned boy from Mecca continues steadily to its Allah-assured ascendancy.

    For that reason, I press to put the facts from the sacred texts out there, call all to acknowledge they sign off on all of them, cool with, it is basic practicing of one’s faith; or call those averse to such to demand we end granting the adherents of Islam freedom to practice the tenets of it in this nation.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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