Senior Cleric for U.S. Muslim Group: Islamic Punishment for Apostasy Is Death

Based in California. via Center for Security Policy | Senior Cleric for American Muslim Group: Islamic Punishment for Apostasy Is Death.

Originally published at Translating Jihad

Dr. Hatem al-Haj, a senior committee member for the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA), confirmed in the below fatwa from July 2011 that the Islamic punishment for apostasy is death. A couple of things stand out to me about this fatwa.

First, this fatwa was taken down from AMJA’s website as far back as October 2011, along with other fatwas on the same topic, possibly in response to an article written by my colleague Andrew Bostom exposing the rulings in that same month. (See the fatwa on, while the link on AMJA’s website is broken.) So either AMJA changed their minds about the penalty for apostasy; or, more likely, they just don’t want non-Muslims seeing what they really think on controversial topics. If that’s the case, then what else are they not telling us?

Second, the question that leads to the fatwa is tellingly not asking what the ruling is on apostasy, but rather how to explain this ruling to others, including non-Muslims. While Dr. al-Haj confirms that the penalty for apostasy from Islam is death, he also recommends that when explaining this to others, you should start with the caveat that this is something which should only be carried out in a Muslim country through the court system.

AMJA likes to hide behind that caveat, but at the same time they encourage Muslims in the United States to use the American legal system in order to establish Islamic law (see here and here). So isn’t it fair to assume that Dr. al-Haj and AMJA would like to eventually make death for apostates the law of the land here in the United States as well?

See my translation of Dr. al-Haj’s fatwa below (see the original Arabic on his website):

Read it all.

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15 thoughts on “Senior Cleric for U.S. Muslim Group: Islamic Punishment for Apostasy Is Death

  1. Oh silly me! Of course they want to kill apostates and that includes us who were never apostates but just plain non-Muslims. When will the non-Muslim society which is still in the majority wake up?

  2. 99 % of muslims in 55 nations are converts . saudi book printing cost not more then a $ 1 is really making all converts kill and destroy own nation with a promise in paper only of reward only after death While saudi are enjoying and converts after giving up their root culture are busy dyeing for unproven rewards.

  3. OMG! How silly of us all…we MUST convert or die!

    What choice do we have?

    After all…nobody wants to “insult” Muslims…they might kill you!


    • When are Americans going to wake up to bho’s anti-american agenda. I get sick every time I hear one of our trusted conservative leaders try to defend islam as a harmless “religion”! OBAMA IS ABSOLUTELY A PLANT OF THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD AND NEEDS TO BE CONVICTED OF TREASON WITHOUT FURTHER DELAY! I AM AFRAID TO THINK WHAT OUR COUNTRY WILL LOOK LIKE AFTER 4 MORE YEARS!!!

      • “…after 4 more years???”

        dapreach…you and I both know, we’ll be “lucky” if this country is still “ours!”

        “WE, the People…” are “sheeple” and just want to be “politically correct!”

        • I am so afraid you are so right about this country no longer being “ours”! In fact, I’m not so sure but that that may already be the case!!! It’s literally the pied-piper syndrome. These “damned” liberal obama-ites will still blame George Bush for all their troubles even when they wake up in the infernal blazes of hell fire itself.

          I’ve seen it all before. FOOLISH PRIDE is a blinding force! People absolutely refuse to admit that they have been wrong about something or other, and they will literally die rather than open their eyes! It’s no wonder that scripture says, “he that hath ears to hear, let him hear”! I know some powerfully committed Christians (even some leaders) who are nonetheless, totally blind to obama and his satanic agenda to destroy this country!!!


          • Yeah…I “feel” you on this!

            I have been running through the streets spreading the “Good News” to ALL those that have ears! Just as we taught to do by the Messiah!

            Unfortunately, too often, His word lands on the deaf, dumb, and blind…even though they are rich, educated, and leaders!!!

            Take Care my friend and God Bless!

          • You people can’t be serious? If you are you are as dangerous as the islamic fanatics. Obama a plant? Are you insane? What rational person would believe that? None.

            You people are dangerous idiots. This is the bane of the internet before there was only one or two crazies in town but with the net you guys can all congregate and feed off each others bull shit.

            It is you guys who need to be locked up. Maybe with the affordable health care act you can recieve mental health care that you all so desperately need.

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