State Dept has “ramped up” programs to bring Muslim students to US

That’s a roundabout way of saying they are importing Muslims to the U.S. via US aims to engage Muslim world via higher education | h/t halalporkshop

The idea of “education diplomacy” has “really arrived” at the highest levels of American foreign policy, a US State Department official has told an international higher education conference.

Meghann Curtis, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Academic Programs at the US Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, said that the bureau had always been driven by the notion that “we’d be a more stable, peaceful and prosperous world if we could all get to know one another”. But she said that the issue had recently become “incredibly important”.

Engagement with the Middle East and North Africa, and other Muslim-majority countries, was a top priority to address a “big deficit” in mutual understanding, she said in a round-table session, “The importance of academic exchange in foreign affairs” at the Association of International Education Administrators annual conference in New Orleans.

“I was having a conversation with folks at the White House, in the policy shop over there, and this idea of education diplomacy has really arrived,” she said.

She also said programmes to bring students and scholars from Muslim-majority countries into the US had been “ramped up”.

Educational diplomacy, plunder, taxation for Islamization, creeping sharia…call it whatever you want. It does nothing for American citizens who are being robbed by corrupt politicians and social engineers. No mention on how much this is costing taxpayers.

Also recall that Obama ended restrictions on Saudis entering U.S., 60% increase since 2010 and the State Dept is Recruiting Muslim Foreign Service Officers at Jihadist Conferences.

Get the hint?

26 thoughts on “State Dept has “ramped up” programs to bring Muslim students to US

  1. Before he “took” office again, he promised to bring in 80,000 to 100,000 more Muslims here to escape the war in their country… EVERY YEAR FOR THE NEXT FIVE YEARS. In other words, he told us then, he had no intentions of stepping down even if he was beaten… and he was beaten. AGAIN, he was NOT elected!.

    NEVER did he offer to bring the Christians who were and still are being slaughtered!

  2. I saw a Range Rover with Saudi license plates in my shopping area. I see more and more women driving in my town with a Hijab on. There are more girls wearing a Hijab at the public school. A Middle Eastern man was praying on a Friday on a rug outside of an apt building right where kids walk after school gets out. I see a group of Middle Eastetn men meeting at an apt. wearing men’s Muslim clothes at night.

    Just say…

    Does anyone see Muslims in their neighborhood gun store or at a gun show?

  3. The SCUM of Islam is now running rampant in the U.S. Every one of you should be advocating for INTERN CAMPS for ALL these murderous MOLES. Get this filth OUT of AMERICA!!

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    • Absolutely correct. The Muslim student society in high schools and colleges are a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. They are allowed to pray in schools and prey on non Muslim students for indoctrination. If you add this to the C-Scope power points in Texas schools we get brainwashing in the extreme.

  5. Reblogged this on WindsorCOAct!forAmerica and commented:
    [Editor’s Note: This does not necessarily entail the beliefs, thoughts, or theories of the local Act chapters or the National Act office…they are my beliefs, thoughts and/or theories…first gun bans and the Muslim teaching that kafirs should be disarmed, next the DoD stating that America is militarily weakened and easier to be conquered, and now Sheik Obama is trying to get more Muslims here, with CIA polls and such showing that approximately 20-25% of the global Muslim population consider performing jihad…America is in grave danger]

  6. who did 9-11???? 7 men in USA on legally provided STUDENT VISAS!! diplomacy my ass- those men lived with, befriended, learned to fly (and not land) from kind-hearted generous AMERICANS FOR SEVEN LONG YEARS and had no problem with murdering same………………OBlamer is dangerous, Muslims are a danger to any society- those few took out 3000 – how many dead Americans will it take to see we are committing suicide by soft JIHAD, by creeping sharia? those of us who do know and see are called names- the rest are willingly giving our country away

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