Illinois: Muslim sentenced to prison for $844,000 food stamp fraud

A mere 30 months for robbing U.S. taxpayers of nearly $1 million dollars (likely more). via Grocer sentenced to prison for $844,000 food stamp fraud |

CHICAGO (NBC) — An Illinois grocer was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in federal prison Monday for defrauding government and nutrition programs.

Khaled Saleh, 48, the owner of Sunset Food Market in Waukegan was charged with illegally exchanging cash with customers using food stamp cards and nutrition coupons during an undercover investigation.

Saleh was sentenced to 30 months in prison by U.S. District Judge Charles Norgle.

Saleh, along with his wife, Fatima Saleh, 37, acquired more than $844,000 by paying customers approximately half the value in cash for goods purchased at other stores using their benefits.

They then re-sold the same items in their store at a substantially higher price.

During the investigation, an agent with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Office of Inspector General, exchanged food stamp benefits for cash and used benefits to purchase formula at a discount store, which he then re-sold for half the price in cash to the Salehs on several occasions.

The couple was arrested in May 2011 and both pleaded guilty last August to conspiracy to defraud government programs.

The government forfeited $391,616 in cash and bank account funds that were seized from the Salehs, and Khaled Saleh was ordered to pay $453,013 in restitution for the remaining balance.

Sentencing for Fatima Saleh has been postponed to March 22.

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10 thoughts on “Illinois: Muslim sentenced to prison for $844,000 food stamp fraud

  1. About time some one put a check on them.Sad part all Muslims are not the same.but will be judged.
    NEXT ONE PLEASE , WILL BARACK BE NEXT ??He is VERY OPEN ABOUT HIS CRIMES,What are we waiting for on passing judgment on him??

  2. give them the punishment they deserve under sharia since they are so high on that crap; had this been a non-muslim the punishment would have been much more severe;sounds like muslim favoritism to me; send all the idiots back to saudia arabia where they have lots of freedom!!!!

  3. Tell me…how can I do this??? This is SOOOOO…profitable!!!

    Imagine…he gets to keep $351,000 plus!!! AND, only go to prison for about 18 months (or less) out of the 30, then he’s FREE!!! NOT bad!!! As for the $400,000+ he has to re-pay? hmphf…the government is OBVIOUSLY going to give him time to repay it at a minimal amount…then, after about five – ten years…make a “deal” on a much smaller amount…like $40,000!!!

    He “still”…walks away with $300,000 CLEAR!!!

  4. What a deal! And does anyone really believe the government will actually follow through on collecting the remaining $453,013?

    Yep, it’s good to be a looter in Chicago.

  5. They are above our laws. Send the bill to Kerry for the losses. He can pay for it out of the”Billions for Muslims” weapons programs.

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