At least 60 Muslims have left Canada to wage jihad (video)

h/t gzm

8 thoughts on “At least 60 Muslims have left Canada to wage jihad (video)

  1. In one respect this is good news. At least he is out of the country. Now if only fate would offer him the opportunity to meet his 72 virgins without killing the innocent here on Earth. What a blessing that would be! As for his grieving mother…well, sweetheart…your son is doing exactly what your so-called holy book commands and what your so-called Prophet did by example…so suck it up and consider wisely the religion you are a part of.

  2. Why are these TERRORISTS tracked and expelled from our country. A muzzies first responsibility is to kill the infidel ! Would we allow thousands of known Charles Manson’s to roam the streets of Amerjca just waiting for them to kill us? NO WE WOULD NOT! So why do we allow muslims this freedom? Granted not every muslim has it in them to kill innocent people, but how do we know? Ever heard of TAQIYYA? The practice of lying to non muslims to further the cause of Islam. A cold blooded killer could pose as the nicest person you ever met, and could also tell you they do not agree with the teachings of islam, and be practicing Taqiyya only to kill you in your sleep when jihad is declared.
    Better safe than sorry.

    • To ‘Gouchybear’ – Right! And if my memory serves me correct, that’s exactly how they commit each and every act of jihad that occurs! 9/11 surely was never disclosed to anyone until they had the horrific misfortune of facing off with their killers just moments before their bodies were cremated in a flash of jet fuel! There’s only one kind of muslim who you can trust–and that’s the one who has publicly renounced all affiliation with islam and has been publicly ostracized and threatened with death by his former collegues!!!! There are not many who have the courage to do that, but those who have, truly deserve our undivided attention–because they hate islam as much (or more) than we do!!! ALL OTHER MUSLIMS ARE VILE, TRAITORIOUS SNAKES IN THE GRASS BECAUSE THEY WILL FOLLOW THEIR MULLAHS’ AND IMAMS’ JIHADIST INSTRUCTIONS WITHOUT ANY RESERVATIONS OR SECOND THOUGHTS!!!! THEY ARE JUST AS VICIOUS AS THE BLOOD-THIRSTY CHARLES MANSON CULT WAS BACK IN THE ’60’s–AND BHO IS ONE OF THEM!!!!

  3. ‘moderate’ turned ‘radical’ – islam is islam and there is nothing to stop this in islam since the ‘radical’ is considered most hole-y AND the way to get on the fast track to allah’s orgy in the sky.

  4. The telling sentence came at 2:15 in the video. The mother was concerned as to what happens to her son when he returns. RETURNS!!!!! That’s the problem! He should never be allowed to return unless it’s in a coffin.

  5. Support the removal of the Islamic Plague from America! Demand action form your government NOW! Do something quickly…


  6. A bunch of them left near our area too, a place called Red House, Virginia.

    It was an Islamic enclosure for a long time behind fences, nobody allowed, and then one day all the men were gone and a bunch of women were left behind. I think the women were asked where all the men had gone, and some of them said Pakistan.

    That was a few years ago, but this stuff has been going on for a long time. Look at the history of Red House, scary place there for quite a long time. And there are more places like it.

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