Sen. Feinstein’s Husband a Board Member and Point Man on Current TV Sale to Al Jazeera

via Diana West

Feinstein, Blum and Gore

Feinstein, Blum and Gore

Via Drudge, a Hollywood Reporter story on a $5 million lawsuit filed by a consultant who was cut out of a share of the Current TV/Al Jazeera deal. What is even more interesting is the key role David Blum, Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s husband and a Current TV boardmember, played in presenting the deal to the rest of the board.

The plaintiff, media consultant John Terenzio, seems to specialize in handling propaganda-disseminating organs of state dictatorships (China, Qatar) for US markets.

Terenzio says that in June, he identified Current TV as a potential acquisition target for Al Jazeera given its vast distribution network and well-publicized financial woes.

At Terenzio’s direction, Nanula is said to have approached Richard Blum, a member of Current’s board of directors (and the husband of U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein), who was interested because “he and other Current investors were concerned about the prospect of losing their shirts in the financially troubled Current.”

Terenzio says he met Blum in July and presented “a step-by-step approach for making the sale of the liberal media outlet to Al Jazeera palatable to U.S. lawmakers, pro-Israel factions, cable operators and, most importantly, the American public.”

The lawsuit claims that the structure proposed and the strategies developed were the same ones developed by Terenzio for CCTV and that there was a “mutual understanding that Terenzio would be compensated if Current TV utilized his idea to consummate a sale to Al Jazeera.”

The presentation was left with Blum to show other Current investors, according to the lawsuit. Blum is said to have opined that Gore might find a transaction with Al Jazeera “politically unappealing” but that he would present it to the former U.S. vice president.

In other words, it sounds as if a US senator’s spouse assisted in enabling the propaganda arm of a repressive dictatorship to gain access to US audiences. Not only that, but the Senator’s family coffers now slosh with new dictatorship monies. How can that possibly be in the best interest of the Constitution to Senator has sworn to uphold?

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More on Jihad TV via Al Qaeda Ministry of Information Coming to 8 U.S. Cities:

Take just 13.5 minutes to view the three videos below then decide how you feel about Al Jazeera America.

“Al Jazeera is not protected by the First Amendment… because it provides material support for terrorism…” Cliff Kincaid of America’s Survival at the National Press Club, Washington, D.C. on February 5, 2013. (Video 4:09)

“We certainly want to preserve the 1st Amendment… Al Jazeera English is not registered as a foreign agent nor is it making the required disclosures in its broadcasts as mandated by the Foreign Agent Registration Act… Do we really want a terrorist factory right here in America?” Jerry Kenney of America’s Survival TV at the National Press Club, Washington, D.C. on February 5, 2013. (Video 5:54)

And more, The collapse of Al-Jazeera’s credibility

“…Al-Jazeera has become a propaganda broadcaster.”

…as resignations of journalist and correspondents continue and public criticism increases, the reality of its political agenda will become harder to conceal.

Cliff Kincaid has a new piece putting all the pieces together via AL GORE’S AL JAZEERA DEAL NOW A MAJOR SCANDAL. He leaves readers with this call to action:

Please urge Rep. Murphy to accelerate his investigation of the Al Jazeera deal by calling his office at 202-225-2301. Also, it is long overdue for Rep. Michael McCaul to do his duty and announce hearings into this curious transaction. His Committee on Homeland Security can be reached at 202-226-8417.



18 thoughts on “Sen. Feinstein’s Husband a Board Member and Point Man on Current TV Sale to Al Jazeera

  1. Because of a group in Florida, and other organizations, advertisers are leaving Al Jazeera left and right! Joy Behar has a show on there…that tells you what kind of broadcasters they are right there!

    Well they are here. What do you expect when our Muslim President and the Senate agree to a Muslim heading the CIA? And a few Muslim Extremists are in high place in Obama’s administration. And he is giving billions, and billions, of dollars and war weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood. He is gladly bringing on the Muslim Caliphate to the USA. He hates us that much!!!

  2. Do you remember when the “All American Muslim” was going to be a new TV series? We stopped them by writing and/or visiting the various businesses and filling out complaint forms in person.

    The show was canceled. Hit their checkbooks and they will stop this crap!
    Lowe’s was one of the advertisers. I don’t know how many made complaints for sure. All I can tell you is my experience. It was Christmas time. I drove to Lowe’s and filled out a complaint form. The lady behind the desk told them they had soooo many complaints that they had dropped their advertising.

    To reward Lowe’s, seems everyone got the same idea I had… to buy my Green Christmas tree there. When I went back, they had two trees left at $2.00 each.

    Money talks and B.S. walks!

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  4. the fox is definitely in the hen house; it is ok for pelosi, feinstin, and others to take advantage while we all know gore and his cohorts are TRAITORS and all involved should be tried for treason and put to death.
    they must have an inner death wish to mess with aljazeera and their ilk

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  7. “al gorzeera” is a traitor…he has sold his birthright for a “mess of pottage”. he is a latter-day esau, straight out of genesis.

  8. “al gorzeera” is a traitor & has sold his birthright for a “mess of pottage”. he is the latter-day esau straight out of genisis.

  9. Where has American patriotism gone? Under the misguidance

    of the Moron that takes up space in the White House, George Soros,

    and the Rothschild’s, the U.S. needs to resurrect “THE FRENCH

    REVOLUTION OF 1789,” or if a Military Coup ensues first to get

    rid of all of them, wiping the slate clean.

  10. The Florida group fighting Al-Jazeera America is called FFA, and they are doing an email campaign to each advertiser. Red Lobster just dropped their advertising too. So have quite a few others.

    Sign and and just say no to sell outs by politicians who tolerate a voice of hate from the hate-speech Muslim Brotherhood. Remember what Morsi said about the Jews, and yet Joy Behar has a show on the Network?

    NO to anti-semitism, especially for political gain. No to the Muslim Brotherhood operating a media outlet without full disclosure and vetting by the US government. Boycott Feinstein and her pals and cash in on it spouse!

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