Female genital mutilation on the rise in the United States

Coinciding with a rise in the Muslim population and mosques. And honor killings. via Female genital mutilation on the rise in the United States-report – TrustLaw.

NEW YORK (TrustLaw) – The ancient, brutal practice of female genital mutilation (FGM), once considered primarily a problem of the developing world, is a growing threat to girls and women in the United States, according to a new report.

The United States has longstanding laws against the practice of FGM on U.S. soil and in January, passed a federal law against sending young women outside the country for so-called “vacation cutting”. However, girls living in America increasingly are at risk of the procedure both at home and abroad, according to research by Sanctuary for Families.

The New York City-based non-profit organisation, which specialises in gender-based violence, said up to 200,000 girls and women in the United States are at risk of FGM and that the number is growing.

“People in the United States think that FGM only happens to people outside of the United States, but in all actuality, people here all over the country have been through FGM,” said Jaha, 23, formerly from Gambia and now a survivor and advocate against FGM.

“Kids that were born in this country are taken back home every summer and undergo this procedure,” she was quoted as saying in the report.

The study cited analysis of data from the 2000 census that found between 1990 and 2000 the number of girls and women in the United States at risk of the procedure – which involves the partial or total removal of external female genitalia – increased by 35 percent.

Most prevalent in immigrant African and Middle Eastern communities, FGM generally originates in the belief by some cultures that it preserves a girl’s virginity before marriage and discourages her from promiscuity after she is wed. In many communities, a girl is deemed unfit for marriage if she has not undergone FGM.

The report said FGM has been performed in the United States by health care providers who support FGM or do not want to question families’ cultural practices.

Whether performed covertly on U.S. soil or in ceremonies held in ancestral homelands during school vacations, the procedure often is done by traditional practitioners using crude implements, such as razor blades and broken glass. They often operate in unsanitary conditions, far from medical facilities, without anaesthesia, antiseptics or antibiotics.

The physical and psychological effects can be devastating and even fatal. FGM can cause severe pain during sexual intercourse, haemorrhage, shock, complications in childbirth and fistula. It can also lead to depression and anxiety.


New York’s metropolitan area is home to more women and girls who have been mutilated in female circumcision ceremonies — or are at risk — than any other U.S. city, experts estimate.

Sanctuary calls for an end to FGM and Vacation Cutting – go to link to read or download our full report,”Female Genital Mutilation in the United States: Protecting Girls and Women in the US from FGM & Vacation Cutting.”

 Although not exclusive, Female Genital Mutilation Is an Islamic Practice.

Shocking graphic, and comment, from Refugee Resettlement Watch:


Graphic (above) is posted here and is from the Woman Stats Project.  If you can’t read it, the darkest color on the map is where more than half of the country’s women undergo the procedure.


35 thoughts on “Female genital mutilation on the rise in the United States

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  2. Someone tell me again…WHY do we encourage these people to immigrate to the West? How exactly are we benefitting from their presence?
    Another conundrum: Liberal idiots who fawn over Muslim scum also claim to be in favor of women’s rights. How do these cretins reconcile the acceptability of this practice with women’s rights – or indeed, of Islam at all with women’s rights?
    I guess some people will go to any illogical length to oppose Western civilization and Judaeo-Christian ethics.

    • Yes u have to encourage people to immigrate as this diversity help u in many ways at least if ur community exclude u will find other to communicate with!

  3. Well, what can you expect? Barbarians of the highest order bring in barbaric practices. Suck it up America. There’s more to come. And those of us in other nations will do the same. The Powers That Be are allowing this to happen, but they do not have the gonads to stop it. They’d lose too many votes in the next election.

  4. It’s incredible that we have to pass a law in the US outlawing this procedure here or taking a child abroad to have it done. But apparently we do, since there are licensed practitioners actually mutilating girls in the US.

  5. And where is the National Organization of Women? Where is Planned Parenthood? Where are the partnerships between human rights organizations and civil rights organizations like Amnesty and the ACLU to prevent this beastly inhumane practice that treats girls worse than livestock?

    • Correct RN. Where are the gay, transgender, bisexual, homosexuals calling out for all the gays killed by hanging in the Middle East?

      Weird how “they” don’t stand up for their peers …only in the case of Islam.

      Burqa=cloth chains

  6. Again, basic Islam in practice, sunnah of the “Prophet.”

    ” ‘Amal ahl al-Madinah” which is the practice of the Medinans; ijma ahl al-Madinah (Medinan consensus) –isn’t it wonderful, we are so opened minded. Welcome everyone and every thing.

    Just think how well informed and thus well balanced your children and children’s children will be.

    • Just because it’s basic Islam practice does NOT make it right, it’s inhumane, and lacking in basic human principle. It destroys and harms an essential part of the human body and the practice itself is just like rape. You need to get a grip, being open minded doesn’t have anything to do with allowing human mutilation, that is happening on US soil, along with the unwanted indoctrination of our children to think that cruel barbaric practices like this are OK.
      I truly hope you run into someone that’s had this done and they kick your over righteous pious hiney from one end of the planet to the other and then make you go through this without anesthesia and dirty razor blades, the way they have.

      • How frigging damn stupid can you get, woman?

        Show me where I stated this practice was “ok.”

        I stated it was basic Islam in practice because that is just what it is.

        For that reason and countless others, I call for every freedom loving human being on the face of God’s earth to demand Islam be outlawed.

        And as far as to your above mentioned”hiney” kicking, my friend, I promise you and anyone else wanting to sign up to execute that, you will be hurt. That’s a promise.

        • You should re-read your post and ask yourself if it sounds like you weren’t advocating for that.
          I am happy you were not (intentionally anyway) and we are on the same side. Obviously your post made me believe otherwise since I don’t personally know you.
          I apologize for the hiney kicking comment, that would only be wished on someone advocating for this torture.
          I am not stupid, I am compassionate, loving, intelligent and well meaning.I am also a mother and the little jab about thinking “how well balanced our children will be” really was upsetting.You might have meant your comment to be sarcastic, but it came across as informative and matter of fact.
          “For that reason and countless others, I call for every freedom loving human being on the face of God’s earth to demand Islam be outlawed.”
          I couldn’t agree more with that!
          I apologize for the misunderstanding, have a good weekend.

          • Thank you, Nicole. Apology accepted.

            My effort is to use any method I can to wake people up–even making people angry if it takes that to wake them–to what your babies are facing in the world ahead of them if we leave Islam for them to defeat or be subjects to.

            My prayers are with you and yours, and my fight for the same.

            You too have my apologies if they are needed. Indeed.

            With respect.

            Debi Brand

  7. After Gay Marriage comes Female Genital Mutilation then Bestiality (sex wwith animals) which is also an acceptable practice in Islam. Liberals will of course fight for the next come what may… Very sick!

    Bilderberg…Illuminati (plural of Latin illuminatus, “enlightened”)… The Masons …Skull and Bones…Marxists…Communists…Progressives…Islamists…Etc!!!
    These Are ALL Synonymous with the Agenda Symmetry of “The Fallen Angels of God”…To Try to Deny Human Beings of “Free Will”!!!
    This “Free Will” …Is The One Thing That GOD…Instilled in Mankind to Separate Us from The Animal World. These “Secret Societies”…Want to Destroy THAT Aspect of the Human Equation.
    How do You think that all of the Dictators in the last 3,000 Years without themselves being of Physical Power or even Good Looks… rose to the Pinnacle of Power? They were helped by “The Fallen Angels of God” to get there! They were used as Pawns to carry out the Subconscious Plan of the Destruction of Humans and Free Will.
    Although…Within the last 100 Years…these Societies have Conspired to Create a Synergy of Cooperation with Each Other to Accomplish That Same Goal… Deny Human Beings of “Free Will”!!! And Away From GOD and His Lightness of Good!!! Therefore; They Must Destroy “Christianity” because THERE Lays The Path to God and Away From Satan!!! They want to establish a “Human Ant Farm”…To Carry Out THEIR Plan of Just How The World Should Be within Their Guidelines and Structure!
    Of Course…THEY…Will NOT Give Up Their Riches and Life of Luxury!!! As THEY gaze out of Their Rolls Royce or Mercedes-Benz to Watch YOU…Struggle along to stay alive and do Their Bidding…THEY Shall Continue to Gather Riches and Spoils of what is left in the World for Them!!! EVER KNOW A POOR DICTATOR????
    Alas…Eventually…Even the Lonely Dictator Shall Die…Either at the Hands of Another…Or…At The Hands of Themselves…When “The Fallen Angels of God” are Finished with Them and thereby Begin to Prop-Up The Next Pawn for Them To Use for Attaining Their Goal!!!
    America…Is Really the Last Bastion of Free Will That “The Fallen Angels of God” have to Defeat!!! Although…With the way Americans ARE…And with The Constitution…And…The 2nd Amendment…Their Struggle to Defeat “Freedom” has been Hard and Long for Them! THAT…Is WHY…The Progressive Marxists (Both Democrats and Republicans) NEED To Destroy The Constitution. However … Especially…with The 2nd Amendment…80 Million Armed Citizens… IS the Largest Standing Army in The World!!! THEY MUST Destroy Them First to Succeed!!!
    Therefore…My Fellow American…Be VERY Careful of Whom YOU Vote For in The Next Election!!!!

  9. What about male genital mutilation that goes on every day known as Circumcision. No body raises an issue about that!!

    • When circumcision includes the hymen or penis, please let me know. Physicians recommend it because of hygiene, they remove excess skin, not part of the organ, or the parts that allow sensation as adults. They don’t castrate the men so they have no sexual feeling and difficulty urinating, bearing children, or pain during intercourse to prevent them from being with anyone other then their husbands. It’s VERY different.
      Castration would be equal to FGM, understand?

      • absolutely wrong mam. you need to do some research on what the foreskin is. it IS a functioning organ. contains tons of nerve endings, has multiple purposes. removing said organ diminishes sensitivity for men (AND women) during sex, does life long harm and causes many of the issues american males have as they age with sex. many circumcision result is needing reconstructive surgery. some unfortunate boys lose half their penis. more babies die annually from circumcision complications than from sids. circumcised women still have sexual feeling just not as much, same as circumcised men still have sexual feeling but not as much. the same vehemence that you view fgm is the same way the rest of the world views american cutting baby boys. it is BOTH medically unnecessary, NOT an issue of cleanliness. and it is sexual abuse on unconsenting minors. fyi also it is NOT recommended by ANY major health organization in the entire world. SOME physicians recommend it because it’s $800 a quick cut.

      • Wow, you really have no idea what the difference is between female circumcision (removal of the female foreskin) and FGM!

        Do you research before you make such asinine statements!

        Talk about being a hypocrite! Health reasons! Right, that’s why no medical association will recommend this operation.
        Someone has not read the studies…!

  10. This is cruelty to children. Licensed practitioners are doing this? Doesn’t the Hippocratic oath say “First, do no harm?”
    If they are considered unfit for marriage without FGM, let them marry outside of Islam.

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  12. Physicians recommend it because of hygiene, they remove excess skin.
    That has been proven to be untrue and men who have not had it done say they have more feeling in the area.

  13. Female Mutilation and Islam

    With, as “those with knowledge” say, the “eloquent” speech of the “Prophet,” hadith provides facts to substantiate, female genital mutilation, aka, female circumcision was Sunnah of the Prophet, thus, the norm in Medinah and thus Sunnah of the Ummah of the Arabian “Prophet.”

    One of the stated provisions is in the hadith that relays how a dispute was settled that cropped up amongst the Muhajirs (Emigrants) and the Ansars (Helpers) after the death of their prophet, with respect to intimate contact with one’s wife and what “line” therein mandate the participants performance of ghusl (obligatory ceremonial bathing).

    In that hadith, Abu Musa, wishing to settle the dispute in the manner Muslims are commanded to settle disputes—take it to the Prophet, in his absence, look to his Shariah, his Sunnah—took the initiative to take the question to Aisha, Mother of the Faithful, and find from her, Sunnah of the prophet.

    Thus hadith tells, Abu Musa, once granted an audience with Aisha, told her , “O Mother of the Faithful, I want to ask you a matter on which I feel shy.” To which Aisha then replied, soothing his shyness, “ Don’t feel shy … for I am too your mother.”

    At that, he posed the question he’d come with, which upon hearing it, Aisha answered in this unique way, “You have come across one well informed!”

    Indeed, first hand report she had to give from the practice, tradition of the prophet in the in focus scenario.

    She then provided, “The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: ‘When anyone sits amidst four parts (of the woman) and the circumicised [sic] parts touch each other a bath becomes obligatory.”

    (Sahih Muslim, By Imam Muslim, Rendered in English by ‘Abdul Hamid Siddiqi, Islamic Book Service, Fourth Edition, 2005, Vol. I, Book of Menstruation, p.243, 244, #349)

    Yes, I know, as is so often the case in hadith, the sentence begs for further clarification … then again, perhaps not. Nonetheless, just in case more clarity is needed hadith provides it.

    Thus, serving that end, in another hadith, this one coming from the Book of Purification, we have Abu Hurairah narrating that “the Prophet said: ‘If he (the man) settles between her four limbs, and the circumcised part touches the circumcised part, Ghusl has become obligatory.”

    (Sunan Abu Dawud, Compiled by: Imam Hafiz Abu Dawud Sulaiman ibn Ash ‘ath, Ahadith edited and referenced by: Hafiz Abu Tahir Zubair ‘Ali Za’i, Translated by: Nasiruddin al-Khattab (Canada), Final Review by: Abu Khaliyl (USA); First Edition, Darussalam, 2008; Vol. 1, Book of Purification, p. 141, # 216.)

    Echoing the above, this hadith from yet another source:

    Aishah narrated: “When the circumcised meets the circumcised [then indeed] Ghusl is required. Myself and Allah’s Messenger did that, so we performed Ghusl.”

    (Jami At-Tirmidhi, Compiled by: Imam Hafiz Abu ‘Eisa Mohammad Ibn ‘Eisa At-
    Tirmidhi, Translated by: Abu Khaliyl (USA), Ahadith edited and referenced by” Hafiz Abu Tahir Zubair ‘Ali Za’i, Final Review by: Islamic Research Section, Darussalam, First Edition, 2007; Vol. 1, p.133. # 108.)

    It is clear from the last cited hadith, the one whom the “Messenger of Allah” ranked amongst the three women that had attained perfection, the one of whom the “Prophet” asserted, “by Allah, the Divine Revelation never came to me while I was under the blanket of any woman amongst you except her,” Aishah Mother of the Faithful was circumcised.

    (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Translated by: Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan, Darussalam, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 1997, Vol. 5, p.p. 74, 75, 77; #3769 #3775.)

    In the Jami-at-Tirmidhi cited above, footnotes that follow that hadith, assert, “There are narrations on this topic from Abu Harairah, Abdullah bin ‘Amr, and Rafi ‘ bin Khadij.”

    Hadith that follows it, adds this to that:

    Abu ‘Eisa said, “The Hadith of Aishah is a Hasan Sahih Hadith (Approved Sound Hadith) .” He said: This Hadith from Aishah, from the Prophet: “When the circumcised meets the circumsiced [then indeed] Ghusl is required” has been related via more than one route.

    It is the saying of most of the people among the Companions of the Prophet. Among them: Abu Bakr, ‘Umar, Uthman, ‘Ali, ‘Aishah—and the Fugaha’ among the Tabi ‘in and those after them, like: Sufyan Ath-Thawri, Ash-Shafi ‘I, Ahmad, and Ishaq. They say: When the two circumcised organs meet, Ghusl is required. (At-Tirmidi, ibid, #109.)

    For that reason, we have the follow narrative on the “Messenger of Allah” providing guidance on female circumcision: “a woman used to circumcise females in Al-Mednah, and the Prophet said to her, ‘Do not go to extremes in cutting, for that is better for the woman and more liked by the husband.’” (Dawud, V. 5. P. 486-7, #5271.)

    More one can add to this, but to be brief here, anyone who states female genital mutilation has nothing to do with Islam is simply a liar or one grossly uninformed on the topic and thus one that has no business whatsoever commenting on the topic as though he/she is one informed on the subject.

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  15. Well if they want to mutilate women this way then lets MUTILATE THE MALES of the womans family by CUTTING OFF HIS PENIS so he no longer can impregnate females! THUS stopping the groth of ISLAM!

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