Muslim caught plagiarizing, legal jihad against Univ of Nebraska Law ensues

Rules for Muslims, and rules for everyone else. via University of Nebraska College of Law Sued by Former Student – JD Journal | JD Journal. h/t halalporkshop

The University of Nebraska’s law school has been sued by a man from Omaha who was kicked out of the school months prior to graduation. The man, Layth Mohammad Al-Turk, claims that he was discriminated against due to his Arabic heritage and Muslim beliefs, according to The Independent.

The lawsuit was filed Tuesday in the federal court of Nebraska. It names the University of Nebraska College of Law, multiple school officials, the University of Nebraska, and the school’s Board of Regents as the defendants.

According to the lawsuit, Al-Turk’s problems began in his third year. He ran into computer problems that prevented him from turning in a rough draft of a paper due October 22 for a comparative law class. He met with professor Brian Lepard, who told him to turn the paper in when he was able to do so. He turned in the draft days after the deadline after he used notes and source materials to re-create it.

Lepard determined that Al-Turk plagiarized the paper and reported to the school that he violated the honor code. John Lenich was assigned to the case. Al-Turk worked to come to a settlement, but the honor committee removed him from school in February. He was due to graduate in August.

Lepard and Al-Turk met on November 2 to discuss the notion that Al-Turk did not attribute portions of his rough draft. According to Lepard and other officials, Al-Turk admitted to fabricating the story about his computer and that he did plagiarize his work. Al-Turk denies this in the lawsuit. He claims he tried to settle the issue with Lenich in order to stay in school. He said he would submit a written reprimand and to sanctions, which the lawsuit says are “commensurate with what the (college) had imposed previously for code violations involving plagiarism.”

The attorney for Al-Turk, Robert Mooney, said that he is asking for immediate injunctive relief so Al-Turk can return to the law school and complete the course work required for graduation. A hearing is scheduled for next week.

17 thoughts on “Muslim caught plagiarizing, legal jihad against Univ of Nebraska Law ensues

  1. Throw this lying SCUM out along with all the other lying SCUM MUZZIES turning America into a Middle East ghetto.

    Deport ALL worshipers of Islam NOW!

  2. Such grizzly treatment of girls, women as a whole, should be accorded a visible penalty: simply remove the thumbs of any found complicit in such barbarism, even if it means physicians or family members. That might send a clear symboll. Similarly, entry into North America of anyone so disfigured might be denied.

    Women in Islam, and other religions, need to be treated well, fairly. THey do represent half of humanity. Time to take a stand for them.

  3. It seems valid for Moslems to lie to others, so let him bear the brunt of his actions. Cheeting,, lying or plagerising. He should be turfed out. and not be reinstated. If he is in the US on a Student visa, return him to country of origin without delay. .

  4. ” plagiarizing?” WOW! By a “law” student! AND he wants to graduate? What kind of Law School is this? IF they even entertain the idea of allowing him back into the school…OMG!

    Then we definitely live in a “police State!”

    “Plagiarism” isn’t allowed in ANY school…not even “elementary!”

  5. Leave it to a Muslim or African American to sue for discrimination when it has nothing to do with his claim. Tell him no one falls for that anymore. What a pathetic excuse for a cheating pos.

    • Well, no one with any SENSE falls for that anymore, but if the judge is a liberal sycophant…who knows. Is there any other “religion” anywhere that encourages its adherents to lie? (Religion in quotes because Islam is closer to being a political cult than it is a true religion.)

  6. I bet CAIR will have an attorney position for him even though he is thrown out of law school. Ask AFLC about CAIR’s fake lawyers.

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  8. this jerk cheated; ok to kick him out per rules; muzzies always use our freedoms against us; where is the freedom in their countries.

    he is a fool and should be shipped back to wherever he came from

    islam is a lie in every aspect

    cair is a terrorist group full of liars which is ok with islam beliefs;
    lying is all they know how to do to get their way

  9. I’m just wondering why a pack of lawyers is kicking out another lawyer for cheating? That’s hilarious. All Al-Turk had to do was wait til he was out of school and then he could cheat all he wants in his lawyer practice, just like the rest of the lawyers.
    So yep on grounds of plain stupidity, he should get the boot.

  10. These utterly vile sleazebags will use the “racism” and “Islamophobia” victimhood excuse for ANY criminal activity.

    Non-Muslims will tire of this “boy crying wolf” game, but by that time these demented creeps will have their own judges in place, so they’ll still get off.

  11. That uppity Law school should realize that muslims are SPECIAL! and as such they deserve SPECIAL privileges , not available to the common kuffar..

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