NY: Muslim sentenced to 10 years for plotting to blow up Manhattan synagogues

We filled in the blanks that no media dare print, in red brackets. via Algerian-born Ahmed Ferhani sentenced to 10 years in prison for plotting to blow up synagogues   – NY Daily News

A Queens [Muslim] man was sentenced Friday to 10 years in prison for plotting to “create chaos” by blowing up Manhattan synagogues.

Algerian-born [Muslim] Ahmed Ferhani, the first [Muslim] terrorist convicted on state terror laws passed after 9/11, could have faced 25 years behind bars if convicted on all counts at trial. But he copped a plea last year.

“This [Muslim] defendant walked far across the bridge of and to terrorism,” said Assistant District Attorney. Gary Galperin. “Now the bridge is crossed and now this [Muslim] defendant must stand and watch it burn.”

Ferhani delivered a statement before Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael Obus handed down the decade-long sentence. Wearing glasses perched on the top of his shaved head and clad in a bright orange jumpsuit, he choked up as vowed to redeem himself.

“My goals and dreams have only been postponed temporarily,” the bearded convict told the judge. “I will use this time to strengthen my mind and character. My spirit has not been broken and will never be.”

What exactly are his goals and dreams? Jihad? Killing Jews?

[Muslim] Defense lawyer Lamis Deek, who called her [Muslim] client a victim of entrapment before and after his plea, railed against the police department for “dividing the [Muslim] community” by seeking out and coaxing Muslims into taking part in terrorist plots.

“This was a plot initiated and manufactured by the NYPD,” Deek said.

Since there have been dozens of Muslims and their legal teams attempt the entrapment defense and still a steady stream of Muslims fall for the fake-terror-plot-ploy, we offer this unsolicited advice to all Muslims (convicts/converts included) in the United States: If you think you are being entrapped by the police, do not attempt to fulfill your Islamic dreams of killing American infidels, rather contact a lawyer immediately – preferably not a terrorist-linked lawyer from CAIR. They are not to be trusted. Furthermore, do not claim mental illness AFTER you spend months espousing jihad and plotting murder in the name of Islam and then are taken into custody. 

But it was too late for the troubled [Muslim] defendant, who in December admitted that “By targeting a synagogue … I intended to create chaos and send a message of [Muslim] intimidation and coercion to the Jewish population of New York City, warning them to stop mistreating Muslims.”

Prosecutors asked for 14 years, but the judge stuck to the 10-year sentence and five-year probation period agreed on in December.

“I am certainly hopeful that you will not be a [Muslim] threat to anybody at any time while you are in custody, out of custody and in whatever [Muslim?] country you may be living (after deportation),” Obus said.

Ferhani admitted to buying guns, grenades and ammunition while discussing [Muslim] attacks against synagogues between October 2010 and May 2012 with an undercover cop.

He and his younger alleged [Muslim] accomplice, Mohamed Mamdouh, were arrested after a seven-month investigation, and charges against Mamdouh are still pending.

It’s no surprise Lamis Deek is representing this aspiring terrorist, she is the Jew-hating Muslim lawyer mentioned in numerous previous posts.

8 thoughts on “NY: Muslim sentenced to 10 years for plotting to blow up Manhattan synagogues

  1. Sure some Muslim born folks are not violent jihadists. But guess what liberal press, some are. I am not saying that, the Muslim born radicals are saying that, over and over and over again.

    Should we censor any mention of the religio-political ideology that drives them out of over-sensitivity and PC blindness?

  2. I don’t understand. The muzz in Egypt do what he is talking about. Are they “troubled” too? Or are they just killers?

  3. “Jewish population of New York City, warning them to stop mistreating Muslims.”

    there has not been even ONE incident of NY Jews messing with Muslims
    So what this really is: that Muslims blame ALL Jews for what they have been taught about Israel and Fakestinians, and that it is not only proper but required of them to save “oppressed” Muslims from Israel.(and USA)

    Let’s see how has Israel treated Fakestinians? allows them to Israel hospitals, ships food, water, gasoline and supplies electricity (unpaid for) to Gaza and get rockets and suicide bombers at the checkpoints, and same hospitals that helped them in exchange.

    GAZA – Israel land that Israel forced it’s own citizens to leave for peace that never comes., used as rocket launch pad.

    West Bank more properly called—-> Judea and Samaria- occupied Israel that Fakestinians didn’t want when Jordan had it- and fairly won in war by Israel- where Israel arrests JEWS who are defending themselves and where JEWS gave places like Bethlehem to Muslims so they can keep out Christians from Jesus birthplace. West bank run by PA that Obama pays billions and trains an army of hostiles, where Israel does little against their attacks on Jews.

    Israel arrests JEWS!!! at the temple mount if they dare pray too close to the mosque. While the Fakestinians riot, store rocks to throw at Jews and play soccer on their “holy” site.

    Allows the Arab Israelis to vote, sit ion Knesset while plotting sedition, and escape military service… yeah such cruelty /sarc

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