New York: Muslims launch group to infiltrate local elections, recruiting from black communities

Their top two issues are preventing the NYPD from surveilling jihadist Muslims and adding Muslim holidays to the school calendar.  via New York’s first Muslim Democratic Club launches, with a focus on local issues | Capital New York. h/t Islamist Watch

The launch of New York City’s first Muslim Democratic Club took place in a lounge on West 38th Street—a common area of a fancy residential builing, with marble floors, leather couches and a glass-enclosed fireplace.

…New York City Comptroller John Liu, one of two mayoral candidates who attended the club’s party.

The other candidate to attend was Sal Albanese, a former Democratic Councilman from Bay Ridge.

Representatives for New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and former comptroller Bill Thompson and Public Advocate Bill de Blasio were also in attendance.

Well-funded and well-connected.

Robert Jackson of Harlem, the only Muslim member on the New York City Council, spoke to the crowd. So did Zead Ramadan, who is also Muslim and is one of the candidates running this year to replace Jackson.

More on CAIR candidate Ramadan here and Jackson here.

Two of the club’s founders who are appearing on New York 1 tonight, respectively, are SouthAsian and Arab: Ali Najmi and Linda Sarsour. The founders of the club have said they’re hoping to recruit members from the black and African Muslim communities also.

Muslims aggressively recruiting, converting black youth in poorest DC neighborhoods as well, despite Islam’s history of genocide and enslaving black Africans.

This seems to be related to the ‘National Muslim Democratic Council’ created by Obama’s Ousted Campaign Coordinator, a group that Frequent Obama WH Visitor Linda Sarsour is also involved. Sarsour is linked to Hamas.

According to an analysis of registered voters’ last names, the club estimated that there are 105,000 registered Muslim voters in New York City, with about 70 percent of those in the Democratic Party. Four of the five neighborhoods with the highest numbers of Muslim voters are in Queens.

When Muslims profile it’s ok.

There are 6,500 Muslim voters in Glen Oaks and Floral Park, in Queens, which is City Council District 23; Jamaica, City Council District 24, has the second most, with “just under 6,500,” according to Najmi. Astoria, which is City Council District 22, was number three on the list.

Bay Ridge was number four on the club’s list and number five was Sunnyside.

Sarsour said, “We’re a domestic policies, local issues, you know our top two issues. Our top two issues are NYPD surveillance of the Muslim community. We want candidates to take that straight on and we also want to talk about Muslim school holidays: access to education and civll right issues. So, those are our main issues.”

(Attorney Nermeen Arastu, a co-author of a report critical of that policy, called Mapping Muslims, which urged imams and Muslim leaders to declare “informants are not tolerated,” was also in attendance last night.)

As we’ve noted before, in New York alone, there are neighborhoods nicknamed ‘Little Pakistan’, ‘Little Palestine’ (Bay Ridge), and ‘Little Kabul’.

13 thoughts on “New York: Muslims launch group to infiltrate local elections, recruiting from black communities

      • Thanks,

        Things just aren’t looking too well for us. We got a convert to Islam and Hamas/Hezbollah sympathiser. Brennan, as CIA director, anti-Israel and pro Palistinian Hagel as SecDef, Hanoi John as SOS, Big Sis and Mueller giving the MB access to TS information. What more could an Isamo/Communist ask for?

        • Not much more! It’s all part of Obama’s plan to impoverish U.S. and use Islam as a tool to DEGRADE U.S.. Don’t forget, we have two lesbians on the U.S.S.C. – Sonia Sotomayor – hates WHITE people and Elena Kagan. Kagan spent her time at Harvard, advocating conferences on how to make our CONSTITUTION more SHARIA compliant. No kidding. I am NOT making this up. Obama uses white faces to appease the majority – and whites are still the majority to do his dirty work. Meanwhile the sheeple snooze through it all.

          BTW did you also know that Obama has REDEFINED what a refugee is? Now we give religious asylum to MUSLIMS from AFRICA because of CHRISTIAN persecution. Again, I’m not kidding you. Is it any wonder that Obama doesn’t want to give the CHRISTIAN homeschooling family from Germany religious asylum HERE? Heck he wants Christians to be eliminated as well as Jews and others that simply disagree with him.

    • YUP! You are right. In prisons Islam is the “religion of color”. So when these monsters get out, they will fall in line and have no scrupples in advocating for Islam. Yes, MLK had close ties to Muslims … oh, people aren’t supposed to know that …..

  1. What do you think has been happeing for the last 4 years? I’m 81 years old and glad that I will not be around to see the pile of fecal matter that Obama is trying to make out of this country. God help us!

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