Washington: Hamas-linked CAIR bullying middle school teacher, defending Hamas, Taliban

The Muslim Mafia thugging again. via Christopher Collins piece, CAIR intimidates teacher, rally planned in her defense: h/t @RobbieSingh2

Mary Janda, a veteran teacher of 21 years at the Concrete Middle School in Concrete, Washington, is under attack by the radical Washington affiliate of Hamas-connected Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), accusing her of racism against Muslims, ACT! For America’s founder and President Brigitte Gabriel reported yesterday.

The alleged incident occurred last October but the radical Islamic group began last month calling for federal investigators to look into the Concrete School District after the allegations that the teacher, Mary Janda, made racist remarks.

And who will be looking into it? Obama’s nominee for Labor Dept. and current DOJ henchmen.

The district called the allegations completely false.

“Her “offense?”, “said Gabriel. “During a class discussion on bullying, she referred to Hamas and the Taliban as examples of organizations that use violence to “bully people. Of course they are.”

One of the students in her class objected and said, “My father is a Muslim and these statements aren’t true.”

Gabriel said, “Hamas is a terrorist organization and the Taliban is who we’re fighting in Afghanistan! The school district investigated the incident and correctly concluded Ms. Janda did nothing wrong. But CAIR-Washington jumped into the fray, alleging “racism,” contacting the media, and even demanding a Justice Department civil rights investigation.”

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“The Muslim father didn’t talk to the teacher to get her side of the story. Had he done so he would have known that Ms. Janda made it clear she wasn’t referring to Muslims or Arabs in general. CAIR-Washington didn’t talk to the teacher, either.”

CAIR has been involved in radical Islamic patterns in the past and in one incident, in 2009, the FBI broke off formal outreach contacts with CAIR, following the Holy Land Foundation trial and rising concerns about the organization’s ties with Hamas which is considered to be a terrorist group by the US government.

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“No, CAIR-Washington saw this as an opportunity to further its faulty, cynical narrative that Muslims across America are regular victims of discrimination and civil rights abuses. CAIR-Washington is now alleging there is a “pattern” of discrimination in the school district, demanding extensive information on curriculum, textbooks, and internal correspondence,” said Gabriel.

“Meanwhile, a veteran teacher with an exemplary record, who stated something that is factual and provable, is under attack – her good name smeared so that CAIR-Washington can advance its political agenda.”

Ms. Janda sent a letter explaining that the allegations are false.

In her letter, she said:

“I explained to her (the student) that I was not talking about Muslims and Arabs in general but groups that chose to impose their will by training people to intimidate and kill other people. This discussion is not about religious beliefs. It is related to a state mandate that public schools teach students about bullying and not allow it.”

“I am surprised and saddened that no one from the (name blackened out) contacted me about (student’s name blackened out) perceptions of the day’s discussion. I would have hoped to have had an opportunity to personally recount the substance of that day’s work and engage in a dialogue to dispel any misinterpretations.”

“Likewise, I am also surprised that the organization (CAIR) filing the complaint did not contact me to hear my account of the class discussion before publicly criticizing me and my employer. I had absolutely no intention or nor did I disparage anyone’s religious beliefs and I regret any lingering misunderstandings.”

Local citizens in Concrete, WA reached out to ACT! For America for their help and they have responded. ACT! For America has connected Ms. Janda to pro Bono legal counsel and and their chapters and members in Washington have organized a local rally in support of Ms. Janda.

The rally will take place on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 7:30 p.m., at a local church in Concrete and Gabriel said that an email about the rally has been sent to all of their members in Washington.

12 thoughts on “Washington: Hamas-linked CAIR bullying middle school teacher, defending Hamas, Taliban

  1. NOTICE: To each and every organization and Patriotic group, Start laying LAW SUITS AGAINST CAIR FOR ANYTHING IN THE BOOK TO FORCE THEM INTO COURT AND KEEP THEM THERTE LIKE THEY ARE DOING TO OUR FOLKS. There using our 1st ammendent rights against us so lets reverse this action and lock them down. Also challange there credentials of CITIZENSHIP AS HOOPER CAME FROM CANADA AND I DONT BELIEVE HIM TO BE A CITIZEN OF THE USA.

  2. A teacher teaching students about bullying and why it is bad. Along comes cair and bullys the teacher and school board. Ironic. Note that cair states that they have no connection with the taliban or Hamas so why would they be worried about it. Oh yeah defend the muslim – terrorist or not.

  3. Sorry Creeping, I would have given this to you earlier but I had no email address to send it to and I tweeted you but then got so busy with planning this event, I didn’t re check my twitter account. We got Mary a pro bono lawyer so I think CAIR will think twice before smearing someone’s name w/o proof next time! EEEE HEEEE!

  4. The church held 130 max… 455 showed up!!! Concrete is ready for CAIR and they aren’t going to take their crap anymore!! And the town has a surprise for them when they show up on Sunday… it was their idea!!

    Creeping – send me an email address to the email and I will send you all the pictures and stuff

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    • More education is needed as to what is reality for those living under the star and cycle. The Voice of the Martyrs, the American Center for Law and Justice are but just a few of the organizations educating those of us who care enough for the people that are being persecuted and lied to. Former Muslims are my greatest inspiration of what one can do when they receive the Truth. Current events and history, is bot beautiful and bloody ugly when unabridged. It can hurts but the reality of our human condition should not be denied, young or old.

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