Senior sharia law enforcer crashed car while ‘high’ on weed

Reefer madness, too good not to post.


via Sharia law enforcer crashed car while ‘high’ – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

The Aceh Post newspaper is reporting that a senior sharia law enforcer called Zulkarnain, was admitted to hospital after crashing into a tree.

A police officer who arrived at the scene told the paper that he found marijuana in the car.

The head narcotics detective in the area says Zulkarnain’s urine later tested positive for the drug, which is strictly forbidden under sharia law.

There are also reports that Zulkarnain denied the drug use.

What’s the penalty under sharia?

Muslims like them some 420 as we found out from TLC’s “All-American Muslim” weed smokers.


9 thoughts on “Senior sharia law enforcer crashed car while ‘high’ on weed

  1. I am not surprise. I have seen many who are filthy like this one. They can talk about Sharia Law as much as they want but in reality they will have to obey the law more than they show obeying Sharia law that is used to abuse religion for monitary gain just like Muslim Brotherhood. They talk a lot about God but in reality they are oriented toward money and other material life. It will take them a while to be civilized and understand civility. They live with multiple personalities.

    • You’ve said that you are muslim (in a previous blog) and that you’ve read the Bible. I don’t doubt you, but clearly you are a rare bird! I’m afraid that not too many of your fellow muslims would agree with your opinions. As I’ve said before, I applaud your sincerity and perceived honesty!!! It actually occurs to me that Americans would have no problem whatsoever with islam if there were millions of muslims like yourself who condemned the hateful practices of jihad, sharia and the worship of an ancient moon god!!!!! TRUTH BE TOLD–YOU SOUND MORE LIKE A CHRISTIAN THAN A MUSLIM–BUT THAT’S WHAT CHRISTIANITY IS ALL ABOUT–“LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS CHRIST HAS LOVED YOU”!!!!! And that’s partially why many Americans believe in tolerance ad nauseum!!!!! They’ve confused being loving and kind with kowtowing and bowing down to satan worshippers!!!!

      Question: What mention of ‘love for God’ is found in islam?????
      Answer: None! Islam is all about subjugation and indoctrination! There’s no mention whatsoever in islam (nor in the koran) about LOVING ONE ANOTHER!!!!! THAT’S WHY I’M A CHRISTIAN!!!!!

      • I thank you for being open to reason. However, if you read the Bible very carefully, you will find that the Lord mentioned “faith” as a basic need for any “faithful” who is the basic of those who want to have the honor to go to heaven. Now, if one reads the Koran carefully, you will see that the word “faith” is the basic need for anyone who want to have the honor to go to heaven. It is a fact that it was mentioned in the Koran hundreds of times that “God defends the faithful” and it never mentioned once that “God defends the Muslims”. Hate is a mistake that anyone can commit. This can happen with any
        religious person. Let;s just say that the best thing in the West is the separation between religion and state. That is what attracted me to the West. Actually, I lived so far in this country for over 40 years which is almost half of my age. Let’s just live as Americans away from any extremist. As God loves us, we should love each other.

        • I agree with dapreach that you are indeed a rare muslim, Mohammed, but surely you understand that the actions of many of your people–I’ll repeat that–MANY OF YOUR PEOPLE, make it very difficult for ANY non muslim to love muslims. BTW, it seems you and I are about the same age.

          • About “your people” concept. There is no such concept at all. The heavenly laws and the mandane laws in the West differentiate betweeen individuals and do not judge them collectively. This is not in other counntries such as Muslim countries. In the West, one can come a religious group and will be judged by his/her acts ONLY.

            Also, the laws do not judge us by our acts alone and the intention (meditation on the act) changes the degree of the act from just an error to a crime.

            In this case, any one from any religion can live without bearing the consequences other’s act. This is what made the West advances and the rest do not. As a matter of fact, people come to the West looking for justice in life unlike the rest of the world. Israel has a lot in common with the West in this area even for Jews who came from the East. Now, Israel advances and supported by some from undeveloped countries. This is why the concept of capitalism gives a chance to everyone individually.

  2. I don’t think sharia laws figured for pot heads – only alcoholics. oops – their allah-thing, once again, is not all knowing!!

  3. YOU DON”T GET IT! This a “do as I say not as I do” pack of satanic lies from the pits of hell. Call it what it is. Armageddon in waiting.

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