Muslim gang-rapes across Europe under-reported in press

And the perpetrators are very rarely reported as “Muslims”. via Muslim gang-rapes across Europe under-reported in press.

High profile-gang rapes in India have been in the headlines since December. The phenomenon is growing across Europe too, but tends to be under reported due to the high incidence of Muslim perpetrators which makes it politically incorrect to mention.

In December 2011 a Swedish mother-of-two was subjected to a brutal gang-rape by 12 Afghan immigrants in a refugee camp in Mariannelund. Reports stated “The rape was oral, anal and vaginal sometimes with three rapists inside her at the same time while everybody was cheering and clapping. The gruesome rape marathon lasted for 7 hours. 11 suspect may have been involved taking turns while drinking and getting high on drugs. The asylum seekers were cheering and clapping their hands during the rape marathon while calling the victim “whore” and “slut”.”

According to Vimmerby Tidning “The woman went into shock while the rapes were still underway, and has since been in a heavily traumatised state. She is now subject to nightmares and panic attacks, and lives in a psychiatric clinic. She is bound to a wheelchair due to damages to her abdomen, and suffers from faecal incontinence.”

The main perpetrator Rafi Bahaduri, 25, had already committed four other rapes in Sweden. The case is not unique. There is a growing trend of gang-rapes perpetrated against white women by Muslim rapists.

In the U.K. there has been a steady stream of cases where primarily under- privileged young English girls have been targeted, groomed and raped by gangs of what the British press euphemistically refers to as Asian men. However, the published names of the perpetrators are primarily of Pakistan and Afghanistan origin when the gang rapists appear in court. The Asian gangs do not contain rapists from China, Japan, and the Philippines.

Cases have been reported in Rochdale, Rotherham, Derby, Bradford, Blackpool – the list goes on.An article regarding the phenomenon in Standpoint notes: “According to some of the mothers, a fear of being branded racist makes many of the police and social services reluctant to investigate the crimes as organised and connected. One mother from Rotherham, whose 14-year-old daughter was groomed into prostitution and multiply raped during a 12-month period, told me that almost every man convicted of these crimes in the north of England is from Pakistan but that the authorities insist that it is not relevant.”

More and more cases are reported across Europe. The following is just a very small sample (some figures indicate 5,000 gang-rapes occur in France alone each year.)

In October 2011 a British woman was brutally gang-raped by five Afghan refugees in Banja Koviljaca, Serbia. According to the Austrian Times the men were living in a local refugee centre housing 2,500 illegal immigrants.

In June 2011 a 14-year-old Norwegan girl, Eva Helgetun, committed suicide after being gang-raped by three teenage migrants.

In January 2013 the Local reported a 22-year-old woman was gang-raped by five men in Stockholm, the first of three reported gang-rapes in the city this year. Eight Muslim male teenagers have been arrested on suspicion of aggravated rape in connection with the three incidents.

In March 2013 a British tourist was gang-raped by three Arab men in a Spanish resort.

The Archbishop of Cranmer’s blog spot details a high-profile disturbing case in France where two teengage girls were the prolonged victims of constant gang-rapes by dozens of Muslim teenagers.Cranmer states that all the men involved that were eventually convicted were Muslims which leads him to question:

“Why is the issue of gang-rape committed by young men identified as belonging to a particular minority background consistently suppressed?

Are there reporting restrictions? Infringement of their human rights? A conspiracy of silence?”

The silence across MSM in Europe regarding the growing number of gang-rapes against white women by Muslim men and grooming gangs is indeed deafening.

For a seemingly never ending list of Muslim rape cases check the link on our blogroll – the Rape Jihad.

22 thoughts on “Muslim gang-rapes across Europe under-reported in press

  1. This is the result of the Socialist voter building scheme, which began in Europe and is now in the USA. According to George Soros the Socialists are changing the voter demographics in every country in the world and bringing Muslims, with whom the Socialists share a common hatred of Christians, Jews and the state of Israel, to these countries to build a voter base among them and to include their open anti-Chrisian/Semitic rantings in the face of Christians and Jews in their anti-Christiain/Semitic agenda in their countries and in the world.

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  3. perhaps if your females would not encourage these 7th century barbarians and you remember that you are white men and therefor are capable of great destruction………..since your government is not protecting you, perhaps if you all sent out a few well reinforced patrols into their part of town, they may then understand your concern for your females safety. You all are too civilized in your dealing with these “Colonists” that you have invited into your country, they have no aim to blend in, you know that already.

  4. Those ppl r loco! I wouldnt let them in my country! I can only imagine, as Ive heard, what would b done to the perps, esp from another country, or etnicity, if it were done to their women! They torture for less thsn that! And lets not forget how they disregard women in general! Just sickening! But I fully believe that in the end justice will prevail & theyll get theirs!

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    • Fat chance, it’s all part of the agenda; the ‘academic’ lunatics must be rubbing their hands in glee.

      And those responsible? No, ultimately it isn’t the muslims, it’s OUR OWN PEOPLE, who are enabling all this to happen.

      • The Muslims would be ineffectual if it weren’t for the Socialists in the Democratic Party in the USA and their European Socialist cohorts in NATO unleashing and protecting them in their countries as part of their anti-Christian/Semitic agenda.

  6. when I read about that torture and gang rape in India (medical student) I tried to find the names of the attackers and if they were Muslims- but the media has made sure not to report on it..blackout- dhimmies keeping the secrets for criminals

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