Florida: Muslim mom burned daughter for refusing marriage to cousin (video)

More Muslim honor violence in the U.S.

Rare honesty spoken in a news report by someone on a university campus. But did you catch the last part? The mother was released but ordered not to have any contact with the daughter? What judge does that? She’s a teenager who lives in the same home, was verbally and physically abused and the parents arranged for her to marry a cousin. How are they going to avoid contact?

More via CBS4:

HOLLYWOOD – A Hollywood mother is accused of burning her daughter with a hot knife because of an Internet relationship.

Sahar Thabit, 35, faces three counts of child abuse.

According to Hollywood Police, the seventeen year old girl’s mother “put a knife on the stove, heating the metal on the knife and placing it on the child’s arms.”

Police began investigating after a classmate at South Broward High School reported that she saw three burns on her arms.

The family is devout Muslim.

“She was brought to me because her mother and father burned her because she was communicating with a young boy on the Internet,” says Somy Ali who runs South Florida-based ‘No More Tears’.

Somy Ali says she is not sure if the teenager is still communicating with the man over the internet.

“I think she liked communicating with the boy.  He even called her house and tried to ask the father for her hand in marriage but he refused because the girl was promised to marry a cousin.”

16 thoughts on “Florida: Muslim mom burned daughter for refusing marriage to cousin (video)

  1. There is no place in a Christian nation for this savage evil filth.

    The lamestream media refuses to mention these are Muslim savages
    doing this to their children.

  2. They should prosecute the parents for trying to get the girl to marry A COUSIN. Hello. Isn’t that illegal as well?

  3. We need to pass laws (unfortunately, since common sense and understanding is wanting) that prohibit anyone from promoting, urging, or compelling a family member from marrying ANOTHER FAMILY MEMBER.

    We just can’t allow cousins to marry in the US because it is thought culturally acceptable, so people go abroad and do this, and come back to the US, saddling the state and insurance companies with the costs of children born with congenital malformations.

  4. http://www.albawaba.com/editorchoice/tunisia-polygamy-islamist-440281

    The article shows, as does the one at the above link, one more example of what is already in practice anywhere Muslims practice Islam.

    In time, they will simply do as the above article shows the Tunisians doing, which is simply what many Muslims are already doing here and anywhere else they are tailoring their communities for Islamic supremacy. That being, when they determine timing for such is favorable, press for open acceptance of the practicing of all in Kitab Allah and in the traditions of their prophet.

    It is abject foolishness to believe Muslims anywhere that practice the tenets of Islam do not practice the tenets of Islam, openly or covertly, to include delivering the “good news of Allah’s painful punishment” to the collective “guilty,” men, women, and children, oftentimes, picked at random. As stated, they do so both openly and covertly.

    That is basic Islam, and thus in practice wherever believers practice Islam.

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  6. Is it at all possible that muslims can do something nice for a change. Fcking people are worse than the lowest form of life. Their supporters no better.

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  8. Wow, no mention that they’re Muslim… that fact that the mother “only spoke Arabic” is the only clue. And of course, no one else in the family knows anything…

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