Muslims ignore parking laws, block another NYC street for prayers

via Cabbies Flouting Parking Rules for Mosque Prayer Services, Locals Say – New York.


EAST VILLAGE — A popular mosque and Islamic community center is drawing a steady stream of cabs that clog streets and flout parking rules so their drivers can attend prayer services, according to local business owners and residents.

The numerous services each day at the Madina Masjid mosque and Islamic Center of America at the corner of East 11th Street and First Avenue is disrupting area business, with mostly cabbies filling metered spaces and parking in front of fire hydrants, in truck loading zones and in bus lanes, locals said.

Though parking for prayer services has been an issue since the religious institution first opened in 1979, tenants noted, mosque members said that they still haven’t been allocated official parking on the street or avenue, and remind members to follow street rules.

“They can be triple-parked,” said John De Robertis, 34, who is a fourth-generation baker at De Robertis Pasticceria, a 108-year-old East Village bakery.

Not only do the lines of cabs along First Avenue, where the bakery is located, keep customers from parking, he said his own car often gets blocked in.

“If you get stuck, you have to wait 20 to 30 minutes until they finish praying,” said De Robertis, who has learned to plan his deliveries of baking supplies around the mosque’s five daily services.

WTF. Islamization and forced submission to sharia? Forced into dhimmitude.

Carlo Giurdanella, the third-generation owner of Bella Tiles Company, said cabs have been filling his curbside truck loading zone on East 11th Street and parking in his driveway for years.

“It really is an outrageous situation,” he said, adding that his company constantly receives deliveries and has four vehicles that need to travel in and out of the parking lot behind his First Avenue storefront.

Giurdanella was successful in securing a truck-loading zone totaling about four car spaces at his business, but he claims mosque members constantly clog the area and that the NYPD does not enforce the rules by issuing tickets.

Det. Jaime Hernandez, community affairs officer for the Ninth Precinct, said a parking plan is being developed but declined to offer additional details.

In some cases, the parking situation has even turned violent, one merchant claimed. Giurdanella acknowledged he is fighting a pending assault charge from June 2012 for allegedly pushing a doubling-parked cabdriver to the ground when an argument between the two escalated. Giurdanella claims he was attacked and had to defend himself.

His next court appearance is scheduled for April 15.

“The worst is Friday, from 1 to 2 in the afternoon,” he said. “That is their holy day, their day of service.”

Giurdanella said even wrote to top officials in Washington, D.C., including then-President President George W. Bush and then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, detailing the parking issues.

Daniel Nauke, a founding member of the First Avenue and East 11th Street Block Association, questioned why parking has not been allocated specifically for the mosque.

“A holistic plan must be arrived at that serves the entire community on this block, not just one or another interest group on the block,”  said Nauke, an artist who has lived on East 11th Street for 33 years.

He said parking on the block is further complicated by a nearby school and two churches with parking in area. One church, Mary Help of Christians, recently closed but still has signs reserving a handful of parking spaces, Nauke said.

“The DOT [Department of Transportation] has not kept up with how the block has changed,” he added, suggesting a “taxis only” zone be established in front of the mosque.

Special rights, laws even, just for Muslims? Why? Why don’t the Muslims who took over the neighborhood be good neighbors and abide by the laws and respect the area businesses, some who have been there for decades or longer? Religion of peace? Not even close.

Hafiz Chowdhury, a mosque member, said …the tile company does not need all the spots it has reserved, nor does it use the area until 7 p.m. as the parking sign states.

“They also have their own garage. I don’t know how they got all that space,” Chowdhury said. “There is too much space for the trucks.”

A spokesman for the city’s Department of Transportation said the agency is reviewing the issues.

The Muslims sound pretty defiant and could care less about the infidels businesses or laws. The NYPD should be ashamed – but they too have been infiltrated.

There are a a growing number of mosques in NYC where the streets are blocked so Muslims can pray. See one in the video we posted here in 2010 The other mosque at Ground Zero (video). And Muslim call to prayer in NYC (video).

And DNA also posted on another NYC mosque in 2011, Muslim cab drivers ignore parking laws, block NYC streets for prayers.

Cab drivers rushing to services at the Islamic Cultural Center at Riverside Drive and West 72nd Street are double- and triple-parking outside the house of prayer, forcing northbound traffic on the recently-reopened stretch of Riverside Boulevard to veer into the oncoming traffic lane, DNAinfo has learned.

40 thoughts on “Muslims ignore parking laws, block another NYC street for prayers

  1. They are “blocking” your business? Simple, call up a bunch of “tow-truck” drivers and have them “towed!” The car is illegally parked, therefore, it “should” be “TOWED!”

  2. Why are stupid white people using these muslim scum cabs ? Boycott all muslim cabs and shops dont give these Muslim scum your white dollars

  3. Indeed, Bobby, but we the truth is, the tow company or companies that did the towing should be prepared for Muslims curing the anger in their (believers’) hearts: Retribution.

    As I have stated before, we have let this go not only unchecked but aided for so long, whenever we take serious measures in our fight against Islam, we will indeed have both hell and the devil to pay.

    We best be ready for just that.


    This, actually, is wonderful promising news.

    You see, on our check list that provides us with benchmarks that note we are winning this yet to be declared war on Islam, this overruling of our laws, this thumbing their noses at us, this “we-answer-to-Allah-only” brazenness, all just indicators, in truth, they are running scared from us.

    See, right here, at the top of the page no less. Right beside box one on our checklist (“How we know we are winning”), it reads, “When cabbies clog streets and flout parking rules, give the old ‘up-yours’ greeting to non-believers who seem possibly, maybe, slightly irritated by the prayers and their cohorts,” that is when we know, we are winning, have these believers running scared.

    Yes, I know, with cursory glance, it may look as though they are praying, but the truth is, if one but looks closer, one can clearly see, in truth, they are actually stampeding like lemmings to our shorelines, just begging Allah to get them the heck out of the US of A, back to a more Islamic friendly nation.

    And down here (on our above mention checklist page). Oh, right about line 9, it reads: “when they take over the truck and bus lanes, mow down the meter post, launch pedestrians skyward–at no charge, mind you, as long as the offender does no damage to the cabby car–to accommodate the waves of believers attending the multiple seemingly endless services per day,” good, good, promising signs. They are just praying for Allah’s safety before they take their plunge into, as we say, the big pond… swim for more pacific Islamic shores.

    Well, I’ll be darn, here is yet another deal on our “How we know we are winning…” checklist. This one, #11, reads, “When one must alter or plan ones schedule to accommodate the practicing Muslims’ scheduled practices,” that too, is when we note, one more box we can check, we have these believers running scared.

    Here’s one more yet. “When one wishing to take the family out to your preferred pizza joint, one must, in doing so, cut a path through the believers; therefore, one must buys, steal, or borrow, preferably a garbage or fire truck, perhaps even an ambulance, or even, God forbid, and INS paddy wagon to do so, there again, just more proof we are winning! Indeed, just indicators, we have Muhammad’s ummah on the run, running scared from our streets, neighborhoods, businesses, and most importantly, from our nation.

    This is wonderful notes of our progress in this yet-to-be declared war against Islam.

    • Indeed, “A.” Down right shocking… is it not?

      What in this world gave them the idea they could, basically, trash our flag and raise Allah’s right under our noses?

        • “Um…what gave them the idea they couldn’t?”

          Indeed. Roger that, my Friend.

          I was playing the part of the fool, thus, talking the talk of the same.

          To the same, was it perchance, the whipping green flag “we” with vigor wave for them?

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    • WHITEMAN are soft touch ass holes ,muslim scum blow the fuck out of us (twin towers) and we let them run our country (obamabinladen ) now muslim pig fuckers do what they like,,time for whites to ARM ruemselfs ready for a crusade holywar ,we should start more wars on Muslim countrys and drop more bombs on Muslim scum men women and children,to wipe Muslim scum from the earth

  6. Simple, call up a bunch of “tow-truck” drivers and have them “towed!

    But then muzzies will cry to the media about the islamaphobia.

  7. Where are the tickets on these windshields? NYC is notorious for giving out parking tickets so why are these cabbies being given a free pass? Could it be that Doomberg is afraid to go up against these peaceful Muslims ? He’d rather go up against law abiding New Yorkers because he knows they’ll take his socialist crap. So basically reward the law breakers and punish the lawful business owners.

  8. It’s all being done on purpose of course.

    They are Muslims and can park anywhere they want. If it irritates the kuffar so much the bettter.

  9. ………Totally incompatible with western civilization. You simply can’t bring 7th century cretins into the 21st century. Natives from the darkest Amazon, yes; natives from New Guinea, yes; muslims–forget it!!

  10. The situation is totally incorrigible! This is a result of allowing these hostile people to gain access to our otherwise peaceful neighborhoods. They profess to be SO PIOUS AND HUMBLE but in reality they prove, time and again, that they are nothing but power hungry MAGGOTS!!!!! I predict, it won’t be long before this will lead to some kind of a show-down AND BLOODSHED!!!!!


  11. Bloomberg bans large soft drinks but allows these savages to violate all traffic laws. WTF is wrong with that SOB? Would be nice to see someone flatten the tires of all those taxis. Bloomberg is a disgrace. We know he sucks muslim ass i the middle east. Just like Obama, Bloomberg is a traitor that should be hanged by his neck then dragged through the streets of NY behind one of those taxis.

  12. Eventually, the whole city will be permanently shut down for this. At what point will Americans deal with this plague?

  13. An easy solution:

    Every day while they pray a group slashes all their tires. A very expensive thing for them and they will get the message very fast.




  14. Muslims are like that everywhere. In Australia my car was parked in my university parking lot, there was a building used by muslims nearby for prayers. I came out to find a guy parking blocking me in, I told him he’d need to get out of the way as I was leaving but he was welcome to have my parking spot if he’d wait a minute. His answer? hostility. Words to the effect of “If it wasn’t my holy month I would fuck you up”. He backed off and moved his shit and I got in my car, but by this time the other muslims had finished praying and came out, saw the last moments of a white man arguing with a mid-eastern looking guy and immediately started attacking my car as I was trying to drive away. I’ve heard they are the same in Asia where they will park everywhere and anyone who complains will be mobbed, either physically or verbally. I don’t think there will be any peace in any western country while these enemies, and believe me they view us as enemies, are living and plotting amongst us.

    • Your’re lucky you survived that attack in one piece–OR DID YOU???? What damage did they do to your car? AMERICA WAKE UP!!!!!

  15. There is a mosque in Queens, New York, South Ozone Park at 125th Street between 135th Ave & 149th Ave. They only understand utter rough rotten force. Nasty hostility and aggression. They view all non-muslim as confused lost trash and dogs to be killed or “reverted” as its put. All of the people who are put into public office avoid them and waiter to this mass of scum. I must restrain any actions only because the law protects these facist theocratic bunch not because of religious reasons but they fear them. The government and laws are against all of those people who are of European back ground. Our elected public officials allow it out of fear and being cowards. This is an allowed and engineered invasion not at all like earlier immigrants from the turn of the previous century because this lot means to convert or kill us all or take everything we own. Being nice to them is looked upon as weakness to these savage, racist, bigots who don’t even have a God. Be Warned America the day will come.

    • you are telling the truth. Europe is being hijacked by them and they have ZERO interest in integrating. They come to take over and all our PC brigade enable them to do so. The left – and this is the real irony – defend these scumbags who treat women like crap (wonder how they reconcile that!). Problem is the left make incorrect assumptions because they regard these two things as axiomatically true: 1) All
      “minorities” are inherently discriminated against and are “good”; 2) Whites are automatically “bad” and need to atone for past sins. Thus, they enable Islamo-fascism to flourish. Wake up, West, wake up!!

  16. You have to fight the state because the state protects the Muslims. The state allows them in the country United States allowed in the country the state accommodate them. they hate whites they hate Jews they hate Christians they want to kill us or revert us. in Sweden Muslims make up 6 percent of the population of course the percent of the crime rape one out of every 5 Swedish women. This is what it will come to you because Americans are like Europeans stupid, passive, soft. Muslims will be 50 percent of the world population in 20 years. They mean to kill us all. That was Mohammed last command. I have a mosque on my block in Queens. I am very hard, rough and very hostal with all of them. Hopefully I’ll encounter a militant one and we can go at it for keeps (R.I.P). America your made up of punks, cowards and fags for fessing up.

  17. A great example of what is actually going on.
    In Sweden
    6% of the population are muslim.
    70% of the crimes are committed by muslims.
    1 out of 4 native European Swedish women are raped by muslim.
    Where are the real men in Sweden?
    Why does the Swedish government allow these criminal religious terror acts to take place?
    The muslims look at the Swedish as weak passive little fags that they can take and do anything they want.
    Why is it that every muslim that encounters me avoids me or doesn’t look at me in the eye? To avoid the ulitimate and final religious experience. These people, these wild animals, these mass “constitutional cult” members deserve the most horrific violence, but that will never happen here because our government of the USA wants to keep the peace not to protect America natives but to keep the commerce flowing by allowing them in and pushing you out. They are a new set of mules and cattle to push and pull they’re money cart while disintegrating and fracturing the American fabric which a small group of left wing Bolshevik types and right wing corporate fascist types want to perpetually execute to our demise. I I’m afraid that within the tolerances of stupidity Americans will revert to Islam and because it is actually a constitutional cult you don’t revert you take an oath unlike Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and the 3000 other religions on the planet whom they are constantly chasing down and butchering. I also love the fact that the great pedophile Catholic Church is selling all the churches to mosques to become Muslim havens or centers beconause the Catholic church owes billions of dollars and in settling cases for collared pedophiles molesting and raping children. They are also very concealed in the beginning before they buy up the neighborhood they called in Muslim churches the reason why is because Americans are too stupid to know what the mosque. The muslims are always trying to convert me or marry me and revert me because I look like one of them but I am not one them I am of European stock and my culture has been fighting this scum for more then 2,000 years before they ever muslim. I’m done here. No one listens. We’re doomed.

  18. This is a trick no one belongs to this part of area they just want to show they want to build more Mosques in the business area muslims come from far to take part in this prayer its all pre arranged.just to show they have not enough time you se someone blocking your way without permission from the police just walk into the crowd Can you imagine some places like HAMTRAMCK, MICH.they yell on loud speakers to come for prayers 6 times a day starting from early in the morning disturbing everyone and let them know its illegal to do like this.What about nonmuslims are they doing anything like this Hindus .Bhudists no

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