After $500M to ‘Palestine’, Obama vows $200M to Jordan, $500M to foreign readers (updated)

As air traffic is intentionally made more dangerous, veterans are denied healthcare and White House tours are shut down, the spigots of increasingly worthless fiat money are flowing to our enemies. Taxation for everything but what it was intended for. Plunder plain and simple.

via BBC News – Obama vows extra $200m to Jordan to help Syrian refugees.

US President Barack Obama has pledged to Jordan an additional $200m (£131m) to help deal with the growing number of Syrian refugees in the country.

After talks in Amman, Mr Obama said the funds – if backed by Congress – would help provide more humanitarian aid.

Some 450,000 Syrians have fled to neighbouring Jordan since the unrest began in 2011, putting huge pressure on the Jordanian authorities.

Meanwhile, Jordan’s King Abdullah ruled out closing Jordan’s border with Syria.

President Obama said he would ask Congress to provide additional funds as “budget support” to help the Syrian refugees.

He said this would help improve basic services at refugee camps along the Jordan-Syria border.

The US is already the largest single donor of humanitarian assistance to Syrian refugees.

via Obama Spending $500 Million on Foreign Readers

A $500 million reading-skills project has been unveiled by the Obama Administration. And young readers all around the globe—except United States citizens—will benefit from it.

The Assistance to Basic Education Learn to Read Now, or ABE LEARN, program is seen by the administration as a key step in carrying out the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Education Strategy 2011-2015.

According to a Request for Proposals that Patriot Update located via routine database research, ABE LEARN specifically is aiming to attain Goal One of that plan: Improve the reading skills of 100 million primary grade-school children globally.

The agency said that it “holds itself accountable for results in basic education” globally.

Learning levels also are “alarmingly low” in countries such as Mali, Pakistan and Peru. According to USAID, “more than 70 percent of children in the primary grades” in those nations are unable to read grade-level material.

And so we know where the majority of the stolen tax receipts will end up – Islamic countries.

Earlier this week we told you that Obama handed over $500M to Hamas-run Palestine thanks to the willingness of the most corrupt and inept Congress ever assembled.

Update: And that’s not all: Rep blasts higher ed aid to Pakistan, as military suspends US tuition assistance

“And that’s not all,” Poe said. “Since the sequester, the administration has approved $37 million in foreign aid to Pakistan.”


22 thoughts on “After $500M to ‘Palestine’, Obama vows $200M to Jordan, $500M to foreign readers (updated)

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  2. Why is the West funding anything in the Middle East when the area is awash with oil and gas money. It beggars belief how utterly stupid the West is. When it comes to disasters in other parts of the world, again the majority of funds comes from the pockets of ordinary generous people and western governments and not the Middle East.

    • Not worthless—-TREASONOUS. For g-ds sake, what does it take to impeach the muslim president and imprison his treacherous gang?!! He is already doing what’s currently happening in Cyprus, albeit in a different way–taxing instead of just grabbing money; but worse, the money obama can’t give away fast enough is going to our ENEMIES!!

      I just don’t believe this is happening; gone, long gone are the Americans of 50 yrs ago.

      • Yeah and mine are rolling over in their graves. Wait till he gets Congress to change the law so he can become Americas first dictator I am afraid we are seeing Hitler reborn or the beginnings of the anti christ. God help us. Write to all elected officials and remind them especially Congress that they can be replaced.

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  5. American inner city kids can’t read , they’re just passed from grade to grade until they leave high school. Why does Obama care more about foreign kids. He can’t be so stupid not to realize the money he’s sending for reading will never get there. So basically, he’s just sending our money to foreign dictators. What else is new.

  6. PLUNDER! yes, the word you used is exactly what is happening under Obama. It is a directive from the Quran, to plunder the infidel and their goods, to exact a heavy tax! Americans now know WHY their taxes are soaring, its not for THEIR good but for the good of the Islamic world…notice how ALL the money Obama gives away of YOUR taxes goes to only MUSLIM COUNTRIES?
    If this fact escapes the Politicians and the people of America then they must be brain dead or brainwashed.
    I truly believe Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood operative, planted in the American political scene to bring in the Islamic Caliphate

  7. Really need to look and notice what else is actually going on here. All those refugees, or at least a good majority of them, are those Arabs that Yassir Arafat in the 1960s started calling “Palestinians”.

    No country wanted them, not Syria, not Jordan (which is mostly those Arabs now), not Lebanon, none of them EVEN though that is where most of the Arabs calling themselves “Palestinians” came from in the first place, not originally from Israel.

    First was Syria a few weeks ago. Hundreds of thousands of these Arabs were suddenly refugees and being taken down into Judea and Samaria regions of Israel – THE VERY SAME AREAS that are about to be made into a “Palestinian” State.

    Now watch, all along Israel’s borders as the Muslim countries around it empty their “Palestinian” Arabs into Israel. This is how to populate a brand new country at its formation. Unfortunately it will be nothing more than yet another nest of terrorism like Gaza became after the Jews vacated it for these “Palestinian” Arabs.

    That’s what’s happening, watch it, it’s going really fast now the breaking up of the State of Israel and its destruction.

  8. What about American parents having to buy all their children supplies for school cause American schools have no money.
    I am sorry that we have a president who would rather teach our enemies children to read so they can learn to make bombs. Obama you may not like us as much as your foreign buddies, but I think you need to spend American dollars on American families who must choose to feed their children or buy school supplies.
    You said you were for “change in America”, but I am wondering if “your change” was to make America the weakest, most uneducated country in the world?

    hange” was to make America the poorest, weakest less educated country and made Caliban

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