Imam on “Human Rights Commission” plots to block Pam Geller’s talk on sharia at Long Island synagogue

First they infiltrate, then they subvert. via Local Imam, Interfaithers: ‘Block Pamela Geller’s L.I. Shul Talk’

Pamela Geller has been speaking out for years about the dangers of the political ideology which drives Muslim societies and cultures and especially Islamic countries, known as Sharia, or Sharia law. The message she delivers and the style in which she does it inspires fierce loyalty and also fierce hatred, with large numbers in each group.

Geller, of course, is the creator, publisher and editor of the popular blog Atlas Shrugs, and is the executive director of  American Freedom Defense Initiative and Stop Islamization of America.  She is also the author of several books, the latest one, “Freedom or Submission: On the Dangers of Islamic Extremism & American Complacency.”

There is currently a desperate battle being fought on Long Island by an imam  – who is also a human rights commissioner of Nassau County – and members of an interfaith group to bar Geller from speaking at a local shul. The group, which includes several local religious leaders, refer to Geller as the equivalent of a Nazi or “an anti-Semite who claimed that Jews were trying to impose kosher laws on the nation.”

The men’s club of the Great Neck Synagogue invited Geller to speak at the shul, which she will do on April 14, at 10:00 a.m.  Her topic is “The Imposition of Sharia in America.” Geller will be introduced at the talk by Greg Buckley, whose son, Lance Cpl. Greg Buckley, Jr., was one of three U.S. Marines killed in a “Green on Blue” insider attack on a military base in the Helmand province, Afghanistan, on Aug 10.

According to Geller’s website, “The Marine Corps presented Geller with the flag flown on September 11, 2011, over Camp Leatherneck, ‘amid the battlefields of Afghanistan during decisive operations against enemy forces in Helmand Province.’”

Despite clear support from U.S. marines, the Long Island interfaith group is nonetheless convinced that Geller should be barred from speaking.

The individuals who organized the wave of protest calls to the synagogue include Tom Goodhue, who is the executive director of the Long Island Council of Churches, Robert Nuxoll, a representative of the Interfaith Alliance of Long Island and a member of The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Shelter Rock as well as Claire DeRouche, also a member of UUCSR.  Both Goodhue and Nuxoll compared Geller to Nazis in their efforts to convince the rabbi of the shul to prevent Geller from speaking.

The central figure in the effort to get the rabbi at the Great Neck Synagogue to bar Geller at the gate is Habeeb U. Ahmed, who is a vice president of the Islamic Center of Long Island.  More disturbingly, Ahmed is a member of the Nassau County Human Rights Commission.

The Jewish Press asked Ahmed on Friday morning why he, as a member of the Human Rights Commission, feels it is appropriate to try to bar someone from speaking.

“Geller goes after Sharia law and it is like asking an anti-Semite to come into a mosque.”  When pressed on whether he plans to attend the talk or just wants to bar Geller from speaking, Ahmed responded: “free speech is not absolute, and Geller’s speech is like yelling fire in a crowded theater – that is not protected.”

Geller, not surprisingly, disagreed. She told The Jewish Press,

What I do is not comparable to yelling fire in a theater – that is the practice of claiming that there is a problem when there is not one.  What I am doing is yelling fire when there is a fire.  Ahmed is trying to convince people that there is no threat from jihadists and Islamic supremacists, which is like telling people in a burning theater that there is no fire, and they should stay in their seats and watch the show.

Ironically, Geller just gave a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference last week, the focus of which was that Americans are losing the right to free speech because too many are afraid to criticize radical Islam, Sharia and jihadism.

However, the rabbi of Great Neck Synagogue, Rabbi Dale Polakoff issued the following statement, which he says is the final word on the matter:

Great Neck Synagogue rejects the categorizing of any religious majority based on the actions of a minority. It does though believe that it is appropriate, and within the tenants of free speech, to speak about the actions of such a minority and to evaluate their impact on the perception of the majority of their co-religionists, and on the community in general. It is within such a framework that the Men’s Club has invited Pamela Geller to speak. She will be joined by Greg Buckley, Sr. father of Marine Corporal Gregory Buckley Jr, who was murdered by Jihadists.

The rabbi also told The Jewish Press that he spoke with a representative of the Anti-Defamation League who said, ‘while we disagree with what Geller says, we have no plans to boycott her talk.’

Geller comments at her blog Atlas Shrugs:

Here is the latest on Habeebgate, the attempt by Habeeb Ahmed of the Nassau County Human Rights Commission to deploy a small coterie of leftists and Islamic supremacists in a covert effort to intimidate the Great Neck synagogue into cancelling my scheduled speech there.

Habeeb Ahmed is reportedly the uncle of Farhat “Daisy” Khan, the wife of the Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf, the unscrupulous Islamic supremacist grifter behind the failed attempt (which we successfully blocked) to plant a 16-story victory mosque at Ground Zero.

The fact that Farhat and Habeeb are blood relatives shows that the Islamic supremacists are a small but powerful group, that makes up in influence what it lacks in real numbers. They act as if they think they’re Don Corleone, maneuvering behind the scenes, pulling the puppet strings of politicians. When the rock on their scheming over the Great Neck synagogue was lifted, we really saw how this machine operates — like the rackets, like the mafia.

Here’s how: notice that they didn’t make a public call to cancel my talk. They didn’t go public because they knew that if they did, we would win. Even if they had succeeded in getting the talk canceled, we would have won in the court of public opinion, just as we did when the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles canceled my talk there last summer.

And so instead of going public, this leftist/Islamic supremacist cabal worked in the shadows. Habeeb and his accomplices ordered their minions to make calls, and to get to the synagogue leaders — all on the QT, with nothing public — just some strongarm calling. They wanted to make the cancellation of my talk happen before anybody knew what hit them. And if they had succeeded, once the cancellation happened and became public, and became the cause of a great controversy and scandal, the synagogue leaders wouldn’t have been able to go back and reverse themselves again to allow my talk, because they would have looked enormously stupid.

This is the difference between them and us. We operate in sunlight, and they operate covertly, under cover of darkness.

And more here including video from the Trento radio show that details the covert plan to shut down Geller.

Note – Muslims are approximately 1% of the U.S. population and are subverting and affecting the lives of Americans on a daily basis. Soon they will be 10%. And very quickly 20%. What then?

23 thoughts on “Imam on “Human Rights Commission” plots to block Pam Geller’s talk on sharia at Long Island synagogue

  1. Why are muslims so afraid of dialog ? If there faith was “real deal” it should be able to handle heathly debate should it not?

    • It is not so much a fear but non-moslems are forbidden to criticize islam. and critical thinking is not allowed in islam. Basically, the whole thing boils down to they cannot justify what their pervert did, what allah is about and what moslems have done for centuries and continue to do so they obfuscate, deflect, lie, omit, and then bash. It works quite well often enough. Basically, it is a ‘rule by thuggery’ eventually.

      • I should add that dawa is a ‘demand’ to follow islam, not a call. And they just wait patiently for the violence to start against those who question, criticize, or even think that another moslem can just pick and chose the verses they want in order to make islam seem nice and cozy and peaceful.

  2. One may think he can convert others. This one is not assimilated enough to understand that this culture have been developed since the beginning of the nation with real leaders and real democracy,i., freedom. The difference between this culture and Muslim countrys’ is that no one go to bed angry in this culture unlike in Muslim countries. When this people will be Americans and serve the country instead of talking foolish about imposing Sharia law which will be impossible because they cannot impose it on Arabic countries except Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. If Sharia Law is so fantastic, why the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, and Lybia are having prolbems? Why they are fighting Asad in vain with no results? Whey this people will wake up and smell the American coffee? I am sure they will find it better than over there. Well, it is wasting time to talk with those people. Just leave it to the law.

    • To ‘Mohamed’ – As usual, your comments are outstanding and so full of wisdom–IN MY HUMBLE OPINION!!! Unfortunately for you, your name and your upbringing will forever link you as being part of the problem, in the eyes of many who hate all muslims! Here’s my take on that–I DON’T HATE MUSLIMS, but I do hate what most muslims stand for!!!!! In other words, I hate the bigotry and abject deception that permeates the vast majority of all muslim cultures and governments!!!

      And I think it is unquestionably true that the vast majority of muslim people throughout the world live in a perpetual state of ‘hatred of the infidel’!!!!! It’s because they are blindly following a vicious bigoted man who by all indications was demon-possessed!!!!!

      I do not believe that you have learned your open-mindedness from other muslims–whether they be imams or family members–but rather, I believe that GOD HIMSELF (not allah) has opened your mind to the concepts of REASONING and COMMON DECENCY (which is essentially the concept of the Golden Rule as taught by Christ Himself)!!!!! May the LORD continue to smile upon you!!!!!

      • I hate all Muslims,,there all scum and liers ,,” taqyyua” LIE TO THE FILTHY KUFFAR ,,,don’t trust any Muslim filthy scum ,don’t let them fool you, you got to get them ALL out ,or like cockroaches they will rebreed and inbreed ,there all dirty parasites

        • Right ‘Anon’, except for the ones who openly admit to the fact that the majority of muslims are, as you say, “dirty parasites”. Mind you, not very many of them will ever admit that fact, but those who do, at least have a “prayer” in my book. They are what I referred to, when I called ‘Mohamed’ a “rare bird”. ‘Mohamed’ is a muslim blogger on this website, but he refuses to defend the actions of his muslim “brethren”. In fact he has had nothing good to say about their hate crimes and total stupidity. To me, that’s someone who deserves my handshake. God only knows whether he is taking his life in his own hands when he openly condemns the crimes of his fellow muslims. We all know, muslims don’t take to constructive criticism very kindly!!!!! The way I see it, ‘Mohamed’ does not have anything to gain by speaking out against the vile actions of his own muslim “brothers”. But that’s exactly what he has done–time and again–whenever I have seen him blogging on this website. I think he deserves at least some credit for that!!!! I would call him ‘one in a million’ or better yet, I would call him a true American who wants to assimilate with our way of life, rather than someone who comes in here like a bull in a china store tearing up everything that we hold precious and valuable as Americans!!! I believe ‘Mohamed’ has seen the LIGHT and I give him credit for that!!!!!

  3. Pamela Geller tells it like it is. You go girl !!! Keep up the good work.

    Oh, and she is a Yankee. Did you hear that Dapreach 1 !!!

    P.S. North,South,East or West we are one Country.

    • Ya know, it’s truly amazing! Where’d you get the idea that I’m the bigot? It’s the guy who you defended (Mista Big Ones from the Bayou) that called us Northerners “YANKEE SCUM”–as if all these damned muzzies would all just go away if the South had just won the war!!!! Duh!!!! Oops! I forgot, it’s all about not making any waves.

      PRAY TELL, Ms/ Mr ‘No Sharia’, how you gonna do that w/o good leaders??? DON’T BLAME ME – I DIDN’T VOTE FOR OBUMMER!!!! But I’ll bet you a truckload that’s exactly who Mista Big Ones voted for!!!!

      Come on, let’s hear it–how ’bout you???? Who’d you vote for?????

      • @ DaPreach 1 I owe you an apology. I did not get your sarcasm that you meant for BayouCoyote. I was taking what you said literally. I did not read what BayouCoyote said till after I answered to your response to him/her. I will have to be more careful when I respond next time.

        Please except my apologies.

        Since you asked, I voted for Ron Paul and when he did not win I voted for the lesser of two evils Romney.

        Are you surprised Dapreach 1 ? I have voted Libertarian in the past. I do not like any of the parties. But the Republicans stand for more of my views but not all for example the pushing of religion trying to make national day of prayer. Government should not be promoting a religious action. I am a definite believer in that congress/government shall make no law establishing religion. History teaches that it is a smart idea to have the establishment clause of the 1st amendment.

        A non – religious, atheist or agnostic can be ethical and good without religion
        & against communism and socialism as well, unlike the stereotype that is given to them because of some of the whack job lefties out there.

        Peace :)

  4. Too many Rabbis, Christian leaders, and others are nothing but useful idiots for islam. they are too afraid to even do a hint of research into what islam is about for fear of offending them and not being able to be a ‘good widdle Christian, or Jew, or etc’. Instead of calling a spade a spade they are ok with making their congregations endangered to the evil of islam by their lack of knowledge and gonads. I do believe St. Paul said something about these types – they should be separated from the Church. yes, a lot of leaders should be separated from their congregates since they endanger other’s souls.

  5. The Socialists in the Democratic Party are conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization and their affiliate terrorist organizations against Jews, the state of Israel and Christians. Their conspiracy is based on their shared hatred towards Jews, the state of Israel and Christians. The Socialists include cults like the Unitarians and Quakers. The Quakers are behind the scheme to take Americans to Israel and have them meet with Muslim terrorists and their supporters, who fill them full of lies. The Quakers then tell their victims that they have heard the truth for themselves and they offer them a propaganda package to take back to the US that includes pictures, which they can use to go and tell other Americans the lies that they heard first hand. I personally met one of their victims.

  6. Yea for Pamela Geller, she has more courage than many men. Why is it ok for muzzies to make all the fuss and demands about their so-called rights but when a young man refuses to stomp on paper with Jesus written on it; they all go crazy. Assimilate is not in their DNA.

    I have yet to see one iota of anything good come from islam. They butcher young girls and Egypt even has doctors cutting off female parts.

    For every female mutilated, the male should have the ‘tumescent’ tissue cut from his penis; thus disabling him to have an orgasm. Then maybe they would get the hint about mutilation.

    I am so damn tired of muzzies pushing their agenda on the rest of us who cannot stand them; it seems we’ve forgotten 9/11 and how Saudia Arabia and others raised these miscreants.

    The MB helped Hitler destroy the Jewish people with the Holocaust. Why isn’t that on the front pages?

    Our government has gone nuts; especially re-electing obamahole.

    He will do all in his power to try to cram the islam agenda down our throats; it is like he wants to hand the keys to our country to the idiots.

    Every country that has a majority of muslims have nothing but trouble. Look at Nigeria, the islam miscreants destroying lives daily of people unlike them; the Catholics, Christians, Jews are tired of it. Time to stand up to them with whatever it takes to get their attention the quickest.

    The only way to fight fire is with fire; stop kowtowing and thinking islam will EVER be tolerant of other faiths; not in the koran; the book of pedophiles and idiots.

    • Hey, ‘Anonymous’ – Do ya have to make so much sense????? Everybody knows how peaceful and loving the majority of muslims are!!! I mean, what’s a little blood-shedding among BLOOD BROTHERS???? Or is that BLOODY BROTHERS???? Or BLOOD-THIRSTY BROTHERS???? Or as our English brethren might suggest–It’s all just a BIG BLOODY MESS!!!!!

    • The source of the problem is not the Muslims but rather it is the Socialists in the Democratic Party, which if dealt with would remove the phony power that the Muslims would like you to think they have. The Socailists in the Democratic Party are the number one problem in the world that if eradicated would return the world to a path of peace. The Socialists are working according to the activities of Satan and in fact are actually the anti-Christians that the Antichrist will lead on their crusade against Christians and then the Jews after the Antichrist breaks the peace treaty he will make with many nations regarding Israel when he first arise.

  7. Politically correct is a general phrase coined to hide that the Socialists in the Democratic Party are warning you not to tread on anyone in their decadent voter base….and in the case of the Muslims it means don’t tread on my coconspirators the Muslim terrorists and their supporters. They had to make up the term to hide what their actions tell you they are saying.

  8. A muslim is blocking someone from talking to Jews? How many levels is that wrong on? The Jews should know better, after Auschwitz.

    • The Muslim have never had to infiltrate the USA. During the Afghan Soviet War the USA helped recruit Muslims in the USA that they though would be of benefit to the Muslim militia that was fighting against the USSR in Afghanistan. They allowed Saudi Arabia to build masques in the USA and encouraged them to raise raise money and recruit fellow Muslims to join the Muslim militia. If any infiltration took place the Saudi’s are guilty because after the humiliating loss in the 1967 Six Day War, the Saudis began building masques all over the world in order to indoctrinate Muslims to hate the Jews so that they could build a big enough army to respond to the military defeats the Muslim suffered at the hands of the Israelis.While this was going on secular Americans were being socially engineered to hate Jews, the State of Israel and Christians through the propaganda machine that the Socialists in the Democratic Party implemented in the public schools, colleges, museums, parks and their Socialists media outlets.When the propaganda began to take effect on enough secular Americans the Socialists began bringing Muslim terrorists and their supporters to the USA to build a voter base among them so that they could obtain enough votes to take control of the USA government and fully implement a anti-Christian Socialist government in the USA. The Muslims are nothing with out the backing they receive from the Socialists in the Democratic Party. Remove the Socialists and the Muslims would be easy to subdue.

  9. what COUNTY needs a “Human Rights Commission” anyway?? WTF is that for EXCEPT to be used by Muslim & lefty troublemakers to make accusations on JEWS? Are human rights being violated in Long Island?? by whom??

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